Great at dancing, but hates other's hands.

Gender: Female
Interest(s): Bottles
Ores (especially golds)
Ice creams
Species: Bear
Color: Navy Blue

Relatives: Her family (killed)
Age: 19
Size: Medium-small, but slightly bigger than Emojie)
Friends/Allies: Lumpy
Her fans
Enemies/Rivals: Everyone's hands
Love Interest(s): Huggly
Kill Count: 4 (5 if including the debatable kills)
Deaths: 5 (3 from Irregular Episodes) 3 Episodes
First Appearance: Ballerina Bonanza
First Victim: Lumpy Ballerina Bonanza
First Death: Ballerina Bonanza


Lillie is a character from Happy Tree Friends Fanon.

Character Bio

Lillie is a navy blue bear with a sky blue skirt and shoes. She is very sensitive to her surroundings, but she decides to play as a ballerina, and doesn't like being touched. Lillie is quite sassy, but has a soft side, and she will do anything to get ice cream.

She goes crazy if she gets touched, and attempts to murder who ever touches her. She doesn't like peoples germs, and fingerprints, so she would prefer to touch blood than someone's skin. She hates games where she/he need to hold someone's hand, which makes her dangerous. She even killed her own family from them touching her in one picture incident.

Rumor has it that she hated getting touched because she got horribly sick by a very sick person touching her, luckily she recovered, and got traumatized by the accident. But even though she hates getting touched, she is a great dancer. She plays as a ballerina/dancer in a lot of places, making her somewhat famous. When she goes crazy, her eyes turn red and Lillie's skirt turns from a round shape to a spiky shape. Her injuries are mostly based on ripping her hands or arms off by someone or something.



  1. Ballerina Bonanza
  2. Ice Cream, Ice Scheme
  3. Lillie's Balance Smoochie*
  4. Closet Kringle*
  5. The Ocean Ballet




  1. Crack-A-Gear

* = Irregular Episode



  1. Ballerina Bonanza - Gets electrocuted by a headlight
  2. Lillie's Balance Smoochie #1 - Organs spill out by Top.
  3. Lillie's Balance Smoochie #2 - Springs hit eyes and possibly brain.
  4. Lillie's Balance Smoochie #3 - Boards chop brain in three.
  5. Crack-A-Gear - Dies in a Helicopter Explosion.


  1. Prior to the series - Got very sick by another sick Person, and recovered.
  2. Ballerina Bonanza - Headlight slices her arms off of her.
  3. Ice Cream, Ice Scheme - Slapped by Nutty.
  4. Ice Cream, Ice Scheme - Hand gets sliced by ice cream machine.
  5. Lillie's Balance Smoochie #1 - A top punctures Lillie's foot.
  6. Lillie's Balance Smoochie #2 - Head banged multiple times by Springs.
  7. Lillie's Balance Smoochie #3 - Head bangs hard on ceiling, then eyeball gets stuck.
  8. Closet Kringle - Arms sliced off by Robette.

Kill Count

  • 1 - Lumpy: (Ballerina Bonanza)
  • 1 - Nutty: (Ice Cream, Ice Scheme (Debatable)
  • 1 - Lifty: (Ice Cream, Ice Scheme)
  • 1 - Shifty: (Ice Cream, Ice Scheme)
  • 1 - Swindler: (Ice Cream, Ice Scheme (along with Flaky))


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