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A list of seasons 1 through 10 of HTF fanon episodes.


Season 1

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Trippypeep "What Up My Peeps!?" Starring:Trippy, Lumpy, Boris
Appearances: Handy
Everyone except Boris 1
Lumpy and Trippy investigate a murder.
Wake up and smell the coffee "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee" Starring:Superspeed, O'Clock
Featuring:Kaleidoscope, Braze, Giyga, Shivers, Peppery
Appearances:Shuffles, Trippy
Everyone 2

What harm could a little coffee do?

Ice Cream You Scream "Ice Cream, You Scream" Starring:Ale, Trippy, Lumpy
Featuring:Superspeed, Russell
Appearances:Cuddles, Sniffles, Clumsy,Toothy, Giggles, Petunia
Clumsy, Lumpy, Giggles, Petunia, Cuddles,Toothy,Sniffles, Trippy 3

Something goes awry at the ice cream shop, but for once it's not brain freeze!

Scene 4 "Want some rip with that?" Starring:Rip, Torn
Rip (debatable), Torn 4

Rip and Torn get threatened by a taco.

Mountain "Mountain of Trouble" Starring:Howdy
Howdy 5

Howdy takes a hike... to doom!

Chickinegg "Puff Up, Little Chick" Starring:Puffy
Puffy 6

Puffy witnesses birth - and death - and at the museum.

Trash day "Trash Day" Starring:Fungus
Featuring:Lumpy, Trippy, Petunia
Appearances:The Mole, Giggles
Trippy, Petunia, several fish, Fungus 7

Fungus tries to dispose of his trash, but gets too down in the dumps!

Ale kill trip "If Ya' Can't Beat Em', Kill Em'" Starring:Ale, Trippy
Featuring:Mime, Lily, Ribbons ,Rosy
Everyone except Ale 8

Another friendly day at the park...until Ale shows up.

Boo boosaff "Your happy your ugly" Starring:Rip, Torn
Featuring:Superspeed, Trippy, Kaleidoscope, Cheeks, Bonecrusher, Pia, Ale
Cheeks, Kaleidoscope, Bonecrusher, Pia, Trippy, Superspeed (debatable) 9

Will Torn get his birthday wish?

Hippy Killed "Shake your Hips" Starring:Hippy
Featuring:Cro-Marmot, Flaky, Flippy, a generic tree friend
Cro-Marmot 10

Hippy makes a clumsy mistake.

Lunch money "Gimmy my Lunch Money" Starring:Pierce, Sniffles
Featuring:The Mole, Nutty, Russell, Torn, Rip
Appearances:Lammy, Mr. Pickles, Bubbles, Superspeed
Pierce, Sniffles 11

The nerd gets payback on the bully.

Boney "I Have A Boney Feeling" Starring:Ale
Featuring:Sir Gron, Puffy, Cuddles, Superspeed, Cub
Puffy, Cuddles, Superspeed, Cub 12

No bones about it. Ale is definitely going to cause strife.

Choke Cub
"Cars and People don't mix" Starring:Superspeed,Pop,Cub,Lumpy, Peppery
Everyone except Pop and Cub 13

Pop not paying attention to the road causes trouble for the HTFs.

Don't axe me a question
"Don't axe me a question!" Starring:Superspeed,Robo Star
Superspeed 14

Superspeed and Robo Star go lumber jacking.

Season 2

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Death Trap "Warning" Starring:Superspeed,Trippy,Robo Star
Featuring:Britton, Howdy, Platypus aliens
Appearances: Cuddles, Lumpy
Everyone except Lumpy 1
Superspeed, Robo Star, and Trippy go on a road trip that turns horribly wrong.
Untitled "Ooga Booga!" Starring:Sniffles, Cro-Marmot
Nutty, Peppery, Sniffles, Lumpy (debatable) 2

Cro-Marmot thaws out of his ice and wreaks prehistoric havoc.

Dolphin "The Night of the Dolphin" Starring:Russell, Lumpy
Appearances:Cuddles, Mime, Flaky,Toothy, Handy, Britton, Superspeed, Trippy, Howdy, Fungus
Everyone except Lumpy and Russell 3

A night at the marine park goes awry when a dolphin loses its mind.

Brain Dead "Brain Dead" Starring:Lumpy
Featuring:Sniffles,Cuddles,Petunia, Fungus
Appearances:Howdy,Britton,Mime Nutty,Trippy,RoboStar,Flaky,Torn,Handy
Cuddles,Petunia,Howdy (debatable), Fungus, Flaky, Robo star,Torn (debatable), Sniffles, Lumpy 4

Lumpy tries to be smarter, but somehow gets dumber.

Truffles' Revenge "Truffles' Revenge" Starring:Truffles, Lammy, Mr. Pickles
Featuring:Lumpy, Cuddles, Giggles, Sniffles, Flaky, Nutty, Mime, Toothy, Trippy, Howdy, Peppery, Clumsy
Appearances:Flippy, Handy
Everyone except Flippy and Mr. Pickles 5

Truffles gets revenge on the HTFs for choosing Lammy as the new character instead of him.

Hippy Problems "Nail White Part 1" Starring:Hippy, A generic tree friend
Featuring:Flippy, Lumpy, Fungus, Trippy
Appearances:Rip, Torn
Hippy (later revived) 6

Find out who killed Hippy.

"Nail White Part 2" Starring:Lumpy, Ale
Appearances:Flippy, Fungus, Trippy
Everyone 7

Was Ale really the murderer?

Pranks for the Memories "Pranks for the Memories" Starring:Pranky
Featuring:Flaky, Pierce, Handy, Hippy
Appearances:Lumpy, Sniffles, Robo Star, Sir Gron
Pranky, Flaky (debatable) 8

Pranky foolery ensues on April Fools Day!

History be Known "A History Be Known" Starring:Sir Gron
Featuring:Superspeed, Trippy, Fungus
Appearances:Puffy, Mime, Robo Star
Puffy, Trippy, Superspeed 9

Gron just wants to know who he really is.

Headshot 50 "Bully Out" Starring:Puffy
Featuring:Pierce, Robo Star
Appearances: none
Robo Star, Pierce 10

Puffy fights back after being wedgied by Pierce.

The Small Game "The Small Game" Starring:Superspeed
Appearances:Robo Star,
Everyone 11

Superspeed, Trippy and Robo Star play baseball, only to meet a sad fate.

Jealousy dance "Trouble Double Crosser" Starring:Crafty,Cuddles,Giggles
Featuring:Disco Bear,Lumpy
Appearances:Nutty, Petunia, Handy,
Toothy, Jussy, Howdy, Shuffles, Rip, Pia, Lammy, Truffles, Flippy, Ale, Cro-Marmot
Everyone except Crafty, Lumpy, Nutty, and Cro-Marmot (debatable for Flippy and Ale) 12

What happens when deadly jealousy takes over the Romance Dance?

Season 3

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
AWANB "All Work and No Belay " Starring:Cuddles,Toothy,Handy,Lumpy
Everyone (debatable for Lumpy, Scales, and Leo) 1

A mountain-climbing trip takes a turn for the worst.

Tools for Fools "Tools for Fools " Starring:Handy,Lumpy
Featuring:Flaky,Cuddles,Flippy, Sniffles
Appearances: none
Everyone 2

Can Lumpy and Handy repair a building with cracks?

Fish Upon a Star "When You Fish Upon A Star" Starring:Russell, Cuddles, Toothy
Featuring:Pop, Flaky, Handy, Lumpy, Giggles, The Mole
Appearances: none
Everyone except The Mole 3

The hazards of fishing and scuba diving at the same time.

Splendid Space Adventure "Splendid's Space Adventure" Starring:Splendid, Platypus Aliens
Appearances:Cuddles,Giggles,Flaky, Pop,Cub, Sniffles,Fungus,Generic Tree Friends
Special Guest: Buzz Lightyear
Everyone except Splendid, Sniffles, and special guest 4

Can Splendid thwart the platypus aliens' plot and save the earth?

Sleep explosion "Sleep Walking on Sunshine" Starring:Elliott
Featuring:Lumpy, Lifty & Shifty, Britton, Peppery, Robo Star
Appearances:Trippy, Cuddles, Nippy, Howdy, Generic tree friends
Lifty,Shifty,Trippy, Britton,Peppery, Robo Star, a generic tree friend 5

Elliott sleep walks leading to other's deaths.

Stairs "Stop Stair-ing" Starring:Pop, Cub
Featuring:Hippy, Handy, Robo Star, Howdy, Pranky, Sniffles
Appearances:Lumpy, Russell
Howdy, Pranky, Sniffles 6

Can Pop get Cub unstuck from the stair railings?

Jackandthrillsadventure "Jack and Thrill's Adventure" Starring:Superspeed
Featuring:Meaty, Buddy
Appearances:Petunia, Mime
Everyone 7

Incompetent driving gets the HTFs driven through hell.

Muddles "Desert Dessert" Starring:Flippy, Muddles
Giggles, Felin, Muddles  8

A trip to the beach takes a turn and leaves the gang in the desert.

All Hail the Idol "All Hail The Idol" Starring:The Cursed Idol
Featuring:Meaty, Splendid, Pop, Cub, Flaky, Buddy
Everyone but the cursed idol 9

The Cursed Idol returns to kill the ones who love it!

Superspeed "Dopework" Starring:Superspeed
Featuring:Rose, Trippy, Robo Star, Lumpy, Mom and Baby
Appearances:Giggles,Cuddles,Flippy, Ale
Trippy, Robo Star, Cuddles, Giggles, Superspeed 10

Superspeed learns the consequences of not doing his homework.

Nachocheese "Not Yo' Cheese" Starring:Cheesy
Featuring:The Mole
Appearances:Pierce,Ava,Aqua, Robo Star, Hippy, Flaky
Cheesy 11

Cheesy forgets to blow on the cheese and experiences some cheesy troubles.

"Spiked your computer" Starring:Superspeed, Trippy, Robo Star
Appearances:Giggles,Cuddles,Lumpy,Rose, Disco Bear, Britton, Spite, Peppery,Mom and Baby
Everyone except Mom 12

The gang faces a computer problem that's worse than a virus.

Cro-Marmot Death "Remains of the Flippy Part 1 " Starring:Flippy
Featuring:Flaky,Lumpy,Cro-Marmot, Lammy, Mr. Pickles, Lifty & Shifty,
Appearances:Pop, Cub, Sniffles
Flaky, Cro-Marmot, Lumpy, Mr. Pickles, Lammy Lifty, Shifty 13

Flippy goes nuts in the Season 3 finale!

Season 4

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Lumpy hands "Remains of the Flippy Part 2" Starring:Flippy
Pop, Cub, Sniffles, Giggles 1

Part 2 of when Flippy goes crazy over quills-GRENADE!

Sugar Sugar vs. Meat Starring:Nutty
Featuring: Rest of the cast
Everyone except Lumpy, Cro-Marmot,Buddy,Flippy, and Splendid 2

It's war between sugar and meat when Meaty and Nutty meet!

Lumpy death in christmas episode Lumpy Claus Is Coming To Town! Starring:Lumpy
Featuring:Lifty & Shifty
Lumpy 3

Watch Lumpy be Santa as he goes down the chimneys!

Four the Record
Four the Record Starring:Splendid
Splendid (debatable), Flippy (debatable) 4

Watch Flippy sell fudges only to flip-out!

Litters Litters of Love Starring:Meaty
Everyone 5

Watch it as Meaty goes from planting to going high for sugar!

Faruplie Far Up Lie Starring:Splendid
Appearances:Nutty, Hippy, Generic Tree Friends
Splendid 6

Can Splendid face his fear of heights?

Hide N Go Shreek You're Ripping Me Apart Starring:Rip, Trippy, Ava
Everyone except Rip 7

Rip causes havoc with a bomb.

Next-box 360 Starring:Nippy, Hippy, Meaty, Buddy
Buddy, Kooka, Hippy 8

Video games are bad for you...especially if you're playing with Nippy.

Three legged Three Feet and Rising Starring:Cuddles, Nutty
Featuring:Lifty & Shifty, Russell, The Mole
Appearances:Lumpy, Lammy, Mr. Pickels, Toothy, Cro-Marmot
Toothy, Russell, Mole, Lifty, Shifty 9
Winning a three-legged race, not easy. Winning a three-legged race with Nutty as your partner, even more not easy.
Hippy Driving Stay A-Drive Starring:Hippy, Fuzzy
Featuring:Lifty & Shifty, Flippy, Disco Bear, Toothy
Everyone except Flippy and Lumpy 10

A good chance of robbing goes bad, and so does 2 boys dating.

CENDINGc39 Torn and Rip's Revenge Starring:Torn, Rip
Featuring:Flippy, Ale, Crafty, Fungus, Toothy, Giggles, Pia
Everyone except Torn, Rip, and Hippy 11

Torn and Rip get payback on the HTFs.

Hippy Costume Mall-oween Starring:Hippy
Featuring:Lumpy, Flippy, Splendid, Torn
Appearances:Nutty, Meaty
Everyone except Splendid 12

Hippy tries to look for the perfect Halloween costume. But can he do it before all terror breaks loose?

Splendid kill Flippy Welcome To My Knife Starring:Splendid, Flippy
Featuring:Hippy, every other main canon character except Cro-Marmot and Mr. Pickels
Everyone except Lumpy, Toothy, Mime, and Splendid 13

After a flip-out on fireworks, a fight between Flippy and Splendid is started. Who will win?

A Bad Workout Fire, Fire, Pants on Fire Part 1 Starring:Fireball, Hippy None 14

Fireball goes crazy when trying to get Hippy some fire in the season 4 finale!

Season 5

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Bad Case of Fire Fire, Fire, Pants on Fire Part 2 Starring:Fireball, Hippy
Featuring:The Mole, Nutty, Flaky
Everyone 1

Fireball continues to attack Hippy, only to start a fire. But thanks to Nutty's incompetence, it goes horribly wrong.

The big play Play, what's going on? Starring:Hippy, Rocky, Whiskers, Lessy, Lumpoo
Featuring:Nutty, Flippy, Trippy, Spoke, Fuzzy, Meaty, Raky, Buddy, Nippy, Fireball, Splendid
Guest Starring:Mario and Mushroom
Everyone 2

A big play turns wrong when Nutty and Meaty mistake the wrong things.

Blood ruby Jewels for Fools Starring:Liftelle, Shiftette, Lifty, Shifty
Featuring:The Mole, Lumpy
Appearances Crafty, Giggles, Petunia, Puffy, Guddles
Lifty, Shifty, Liftelle, Shiftette 3

Liftelle & Shiftette and Lifty & Shifty compete to rob jewels in a store.

Rabbit meat Breaking the Rabbit Starring:Lary, Mary, Cuddles
Featuring:Lifty, Shifty, Pop, Cub, Lammy, Mr. Pickels, Lumpy, Toothy
Appearances:Generic Tree Friends
Everyone 4

Cuddles is exposed to rabbit meat, and now Lary and Mary must make sure they don't eat it!

Escalator Escalator Haters Starring:Lifty and Shifty, Handy
Featuring:Petunia,Lumpy,Mime, The Mole, Flaky
Appearances:Guddles, Howdy, Lessy, Trippy, Britton, Nippy, Fuzzy, Fungus

Mime,Britton, Nippy, Fuzzy,Fungus,Lumpy, Shifty, Lifty (debatably Trippy and The Mole)


Can Lifty and Shifty make it to the top of the elevator without getting sucked in?

Cloudaround Don't cloud around people Starring:Cloudy
Featuring:Meaty, Trippy, Giggles, Petunia, Puffy
Appearances:Cro-Marmot, Handy
Everyone except Petunia and Trippy 6

A day at the park goes bad for Cloudy and friends.

Snowmore Snow More Starring:Snowy, Pop
Featuring:Petunia, Handy, Lumpy, Flaky, CuddlesAppearances:Cub

Snowy (twice), Handy, Cuddles, Pop, Cub


Snowy comes to a campfire that soon goes cold... and red.

Mints to Mints to Joy Starring:Minty
Featuring:Hippy, Nutty, Rotty, Lurky
Appearances:The Cursed Idol
Everyone except Rotty 8

A good chance of raking goes bad to get stabbed in the stomach!

Resurrectthedead Resurrect The Dead! Starring:Superspeed, Trippy, Robo Star
Superspeed (before episode),Trippy,Robo Star(debatable) 9

Robo Star and Trippy must revive Superspeed! Will they succeed?

The Coin Starring:Superspeed, Lumpy
Featuring:Rose, Pop, Cub, Spook, Giggles, Cuddles
Everyone except Lumpy, Pop, and cub 10

Superspeed finds a coin, but it may not be such a lucky penny.

Howdy RV We are the Camp-ions Starring:Howdy
Featuring:Trippy, Superspeed, Hippy, Nippy, Fungus,Flaky
Everyone except Lumpy and Nippy 11

Howdy brings his friends on a camping trip, but has not anticipated some dents in his plans.

Morguethanmeetstheeyes Morgue Than Meets the Eyes Starring:Flaky
Featuring:Buck and Chuck, Lumpy, Giggles, Mime, Toothy
Appearances:Pop, Cub, The Mole, Sniffles
Lumpy, Buck, Chuck, Toothy, The Mole, Giggles, Mime, Flaky 12

Flaky should have been put on anesthesia, because her trip at the hospital will be painful!

FishingUwell Fishing You Well Starring:Buck, Chuck Buck 13

While Buck fishes, the water soon goes red with blood when Chuck messes with his items.

Byesleepy-red Bye, Sleepy-red! Starring:Elliott, Hippy
Featuring:Lifty & Shifty, Lumpy, Sniffles, Mime
Appearances:Pop, Cub
Everyone except Lumpy 14

Thanks to Lumpy, a big tree rolls through town to get people down and red and dead!

Bug Off (Happy tree friends fan animation)

Bug Off (Happy tree friends fan animation)

Bug Off Starring:Petunia, Flaky
Petunia 15

Can Petunia get rid of a pesky bug, or will she turn the small problem into a larger one?

Season 6

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Planting to Granting Starring:Lifty, Shifty
Lifty and Shifty 1

Lifty and Shifty steal eggs from Flippy-and one of the eggs is filled with something that will turn the other eggs red!

Daredevil Speak of the Daredevil Starring:Gutsy
Featuring:Snowy, Ava, Lessy, Rocky, Buddy, Lary & Mary, Peppery
Appearances:Cro-Marmot, The Cursed Idol, Elliott
Everyone (debatable for Cro-Marmot) 2

Gutsy takes his snowboard out to the snow to create an avalanche, but little does he know that his snowboard is about to go red with blood!

Ice scream Ice Screams Starring:Spot, Waddles
Appearances:Pop, Cub, Nutty
Spot 3

Spot is about to learn why slaves are illegal in our times.

The Samurai is Mightier then the Bully Starring:Takeda Nokashi, Pierce
Pierce 4

Pierce learns a lesson on respecting the dead.

Down 'N' Dirty Starring:Fungus
Appearances:Superspeed, Robo Star, Petunia
Superspeed,Robo Star, Fungus 5

What happens when Fungus gets a trash bag?

Ello Spippy Starring:Spot, Hippy, Waddles
Featuring:The Mole, Sniffles
A cat, Hippy, Spot, Waddles 6

Waddles shoots the wrong people with his combine-a-tron, and is about to learn that a bear and a seal never mix!

Treasure of Mold Starring:Moldy, Lifty, Shifty
Featuring:Hippy, Lumpy, Spot, Spoke, Splendid
Everyone except Hippy 7

Lifty and Shifty steal a moldy treasure, and Moldy is up to turn it red!

Autopsy Autopsy Turvy: The actual episode

Featuring:Cro-Marmot, Lumpoo, Gutsy, Trippy, Robo Star
Appearances:Flippy,Sir Gron,Lifty & Shifty

Robo Star, Superspeed,Trippy,Cuddles, Toothy,Gutsy,Lifty & Shifty (debatable)


Ever thought about how Autopsy Turvy would have turned out if it were longer?

Time truck Out of Sight, Out of Time Starring:Sniffles, Pranky
Featuring:Hippy, Meaty (prehistoric and normal), Nutty (prehistoric), Cro-Marmot (prehistoric), Pierce
Hippy,Pranky, Sniffles 9

Pranky messes up Sniffles' monster truck and they are forced through time!

A Hippy Situation Starring:Hippy, Lumpy
Featuring:Torn, Sniffles, Nutty, Rip
Sniffles, Nutty (debatable), Hippy, Lumpy 10

Hippy and Lumpy are bored and have nothing to do. Should they go to the famous ice cream parlor?

Wise Noises Starring:Mia, Toothy
Featuring:Hippy, Flippy, Ale, Nippy
Toothy, Hippy 11

When Flippy, Ale, and Nippy are in an argument, Hippy is up to run into a pool of blood!

Trippy and Hippy Don't Be Trippy, Hippy Starring:Hippy, Trippy
Featuring:Hoppy, Flippy, Howdy
Appearances:Giggles, Petunia, Lumpy (all in Hippy's imagination)
Hoppy, Trippy, Hippy 12

Hippy begins hallucinating in a trek in the desert.

Skeleton Bones Away Starring:Sir Gron, Sniffles
Appearing:Twilight Sparkle
Sniffles 13

Sniffles helps Sir Gron into trying to turn him alive again! Will he succeed?

Cuisinelesson Cuisine Lesson Starring:Lemy, Ray, Mime, Toothy, Nutty Everyone (debatable for Nutty) 14

Toothy breaks a cup into small shards, and accidentally uses a whole bag of them to make a meal!

Dog Darn It Dog Darn It! Starring:Snowie, Rip
Featuring:Torn, Lumpy, Nutty, Pierce
Appearances:Russell, Rocky, Hippy
Pierce, Nutty, Lumpy 15

Rip adopts Snowie the puppy and trains her, but can he train her to stay away from trouble?

Playing possum Playing Possum Starring:Billy, Willy, and Milly
Appearances:The Mole
Billy, Milly, Willy 16

Billy plays dead, but soon that leads him to the real thing.

Pranky & Hoppy Last Laugh Starring:Pranky, Hoppy
Appearances:Lifty, Shifty, The Mole, Lumpy, Cheesy, Flippy
Pranky, Lifty & Shifty (debatable) 17

Who will laugh last upon surviving the prank war?

Surfsoars Surfsoars Starring:Sniffles
Featuring:Cro-Marmot, Lumpy, Mime, Nutty
Appearances:Hippy, The Mole, Generic Tree Friends
Sniffles, Nutty 18

Sniffles gains an interest in surfboarding, and his trick is about to go horribly wrong!

I have no title for this by happytreefriendsffan-d4yur2u A Glance on No Candy Starring:Nutty, Cuddles
Appearances:The Mole
Everyone except The Mole 19

Nutty gives up candy.

Season 7

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Sunny What's in a Name? Starring:Cloudy
Appearances:Lumpy, Handy, The Mole
Handy, Cloudy 1

After a tragic accident, Cloudy decides to change her name and identity.

Trap Why Bones Trick Pranks Starring:Hoppy,Pranky,Sir Gron
Featuring:Nutty, Lumpy, Puffy, Sniffles
Appearances:Robo Star, Ant
Nutty,Lumpy, Puffy,Pranky, Hoppy, Sniffles 2

Pranky and Hoppy get annoyed as Sir Gron never falls for their pranks or deactivate them.

The Right Side Of The Tracks Starring:Ale,Pia
Featuring:Trippy,Sir Gron, Ziggles, Hippy, Superspeed, Torn,Sapphire,Ava,Fireball,Lessy
Everyone except Ale, Sir Gron, Sapphire, and Ava 3

Things go wrong at the train station when Ale flips out.

Shattered Shattered Tears Starring:Chopstix and The Dragon
Appearances:Trippy, Britton, Sniffles
Trippy, Britton 4

Things don't go well when The Dragon keeps breaking Chopstix's vases.

Tornado Wild West Side Starring:Howdy
Featuring:Trippy, Superspeed, Xinx, Flicky
Appearances:Cheesy, Buddy, Puffy, Gutsy, Spot, Waddles, Spoke, Peppery, Nippy
Everyone except Howdy and Xinx 5

Howdy tries to help others, with unsuccessful results.

Court Court Odour Starring:Fungus
Appearances:Torn, Guddles, Pop, Cub, Petunia, The Mole, The Cursed Idol
Giggles, Cub, Petunia, Fungus 6

The law finally catches up to Fungus and he gets sentenced to cleaning up the park.

Birthday Pranks Starring:Pranky, Hippy, Nippy
Featuring:Trippy, Minty
Pranky 7

Pranky pranks Hippy-on his birthday. Can he survive Nippy's flip-out?

Bounce Let's Bounce Starring:Jumpers
Featuring:Cloudy, Shivers, Peppery,Gutsy,Lifty and Shifty
Appearances:Handy,Cro-Marmot,Generic Tree Friends
Everyone 8

Jumpers makes trouble with her new pogo stick.

Weaking Weakness Weak-ing Weakness Starring:Splendid, Pop, Cub
Appearances:Lumpy, Howdy (on a painting)Giggles
Cub, Pop, Splendid 9

Cub messes with Splendid's weakness.

Spiderbot Sooner or Laser Starring:Splendid, Devious
Appearances:Flaky, Puffy, Pia, Britton, Generic Tree Friends
Everyone except Splendid and Flaky 10

Devious the super villain gerbil wreaks havoc across HTF Town.

Idol for Minutes Starring:Hippy, The Cursed Idol
Featuring:Splendid, Trippy, Minty
Everyone 11

The cursed idol returns once again to curse everyone who encounters it.

More than a Peel-ing Starring:Pranky, Phineas and Ferb
Featuring:Hippy, Nippy, Giggles, Lumpy
Appearances:Generic Tree Band
Everyone except Pranky and Lumpy 12

To celebrate the season finale, guest stars have appeared! Pranky pranks Phineas and Ferb's invention with banana peels.

Season 8

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Last crusade One Last Crusade Starring:Sir Gron, Devious
Appearances:Trippy, Superspeed, Spite,Pranky,Fungus
Everyone except (Debatably) Fungus 1

Will the undead crusader save tree town and reclaim his soul?

Plane No Dogs Allowed Starring:Rip, Snowie
Appearances:Hippy,Guddles,Lamana, Cheesy, Takeda Nokashi, Joey
Nutty, Joey 2

Rip tries to get Snowie on a plane with him.

Lemur tribe Stran-dead Starring:Lumpy, Lemur Tribe
Numerous lemurs 3

Lumpy becomes adored by a tribe of lemurs, but soon finds out the reason.

Disco rug A Hunting We Won't Go Starring:Billy, Willy, and Milly
Featuring:Mime,Disco Bear
Appearances:Giggles, Petunia, Truffles
Mime, a duck, Disco Bear, Billy 4

Willy and Billy go out hunting and soon become the hunted.

Angel on the Bay Starring:Bonny
Featuring:Toothy, Hippy, Flippy, Pierce
Appearances:Sir Gron, Generic Tree Friends
Everyone except Bonny and (debatably) Sir Gron 5

Bonny tries to save kill the world.

Bombs in Town Starring:Robo Star,Elliott
Appearing:Gutsy, Fungus, Trippy, Pierce, Superspeed, Pranky, Ale, Hippy, Lumpy, Puffy, Spite, Hoppy, Fuddles, Crafty, Bulky, Devious, Ava, Takeda Nokashi (only on poster)
Everyone except Robo Star 6

Will Robo Star and Elliot defuse the bombs in tree town, or just destroy it on accident?

Thaw I Thaw That Coming Starring:Grunts
Featuring:Hippy, Puffy, Lumpy, Trippy, Gutsy, Lifty, Shifty
Appearances:Russell, Spot, Waddles, Cuddles, Giggles, Rip, Torn, The Mole, Generic Tree Friends
Cuddles, Giggles, Rip, Torn, Trippy, Gutsy, Lifty, Shifty, generic tree friends (debatably Lumpy, Puffy, and Hippy) 7

Grunts thaws out of his ice block and misunderstands the newer times.

Shop 'Till You Drop Starring:The Mole
Featuring:Handy, Splendid
The Mole, Handy 8

Large mishaps are coming and going for Handy and The Mole in the mall.

I'll Ski Your Cousin Later Starring:Sporty
Featuring:Giggles, Flaky, Toothy, Lumpy, Sniffles, Gutsy
Appearances:Russell, Hippy, Meaty, Nutty, Trippy, Nippy, Pop, Cub, Generic Tree Friends
Giggles, Flaky, Toothy, Gutsy (debatable), Sporty 9

Sporty disguises himself to get into a new sport.

Voodoo Your Buisness Voodoo Your Buisness Starring:Torn, Hippy
Featuring:Trippy, Billy, Willy, Milly, Lary, Mary
Appearances: Sniffles, The Cursed Idol
Hippy, Lary, Mary (debatable for Billy, Willy, and Milly) 10

Torn finds a new way to kill people without them knowing-with voodoo dolls.

Graffing the Walls Starring:Grafitiy, Superspeed
Featuring:Sir Gron, Ale
Appearances: none
Superspeed,Grafitiy 10

Meet Grafitity, the mischevious rabbit who sprays graffiti walls as she tries to escape Officer Superspeed.

I Pet You Can Do This! Part 1 Starring:Hippy, Honey, Rip, Snowie
Featuring:Cloudy, Meaty, ToothyAppearances:Giggles, Mittens/Honey, Sniffles, Russell
Toothy 11

Hippy's new pet, Honey, falls in love with Snowie at first sight. But after seeing a dead Toothy, Snowie runs away and gets lost from Rip! Can Rip and Hippy get Snowie back?

I Pet You Can Do This! Part 2 Starring:Hippy, Rip
Featuring:Honey, Mime, Trippy, Fungus, Snowie, Whistle
Appearances:Cloudy, Toothy(already dead), Lumpy, Generic Tree Friends
Cloudy, Mime, Rip, Toothy, Trippy 12

Mime causes a stampede of pets in Happy Tree Town and finishes off some HTFs!

Soon to be dead Twinkle Twinkle Little Scar Starring:Trippy, Hippy
Featuring:Superspeed, Ziggles
Appearances:Minttles, Devious
Trippy, Superspeed (debabable), Hippy (debatable) 13

Fun on the trampoline turns red!

I Know You Are, But What Am Eye? Starring:Hippy, Trippy, Robo Star, Torn
Appearances:Kaleidoscope, Takeda Nokashi (on a box)
Hippy, Robo Star, Trippy 14

A trip in the movie theater is bound to end up horribly...especially if a horror film is involved!

The Viking and The Samurai Starring:Grunts the Gruesome, Takeda Nokashi, Al Capone
Featuring:Lumpy, Cheesy, Robo Star
Hippy, Cheesy, Al Capone, Robo Star 15

Takeda Nokashi and Grunts see each other and start a fight in the Season 8 finale!

Season 9

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Hospital bed Better Early Than Ever Starring:Hippy
Featuring:Rest of 35 most used cast (see here)
Appearances:Hippy's Mom (heard off-screen)
Everyone except Waddles, Spoke, Hippy (debatably) and Hippy's mom 1

Hippy tries to get to his assembly on time-and be the first one there!

[[File:|100px]] The Hoover Dam Starring:Superspeed, Spook, Rose
Featuring:Toothy, Cuddles, Lumpy,Robo Star,Trippy, Mom and Baby
Everyone except Lumpy and Mom 2

Trouble spews at the dam thanks to stupid tourists and bad managers.

Mystery caper Mystery Caper

Featuring:Lammy, Mr.Pickles,Toothy,Nutty,Mime, Lifty,Shifty,Flaky
Appearances:Lumpy, Handy, Truffles, Rip, Snowie

Toothy, Nutty,Mime, Lifty,Shifty, Flaky,Lammy, Sniffles 3

Can Sniffles find the murderer before he becomes the next thing on the chopping block?

Crafty art An Art Craft-y to See

Starring:Crafty, Hippy
Featuring:Lumpy, Sniffles, Cub, Lurky
Appearances:Pop, Whistle

Lurky, Lumpy, Cub (debatable for Pop and Sniffles) 4

Crafty gains an interest in art, leading to some creative consequences.

Cat Snatch Cat Snatch

Starring:Emily & Kit-Kat
Featuring:Flippy, Giggles, Cuddles
Appearances:Flaky, The Mole

Everyone except Flippy and The Mole 5

Emily's troubles run her over only after Kit-Kat gets run over!

Mom and Baby 4 Theaters...

Starring:Mom and Baby
Featuring:Lumpy, Rip, Torn, Superspeed, Trippy, Robo Star, Buck and Chuck
Appearances:Generic Tree Friends

Everyone except Mom 6

Trouble ensues at a movie theater, and not on the screen!

Mole & weed hacker Buried Pleasure

Starring:Russell, The Mole
Featuring:Sniffles, Lifty and Shifty
Appearances:Hippy, Petunia, Cub, Gutsy, Lumpy, Crafty, Trippy, Britton, Pierce

Everyone except Petunia,Lumpy, The Mole, and Hippy 7
The Mole mistakes a weed whacker for a metal detector, and unleashes terror. Meanwhile, Russell goes on a goose chase for buried treasure.
Death by ladder Puffing Paint

Starring:Puffy, Minttles, Pierce
Featuring:Trippy, Robo Star, Superspeed Grunts the Gruesome
Appearances:Generic Tree Friends

Everyone except Grunts 8

Puffy and his friends do a little home improvement, but the day becomes a nightmare when Pierce shows up.

Sharpen the Claws Sharpen the Claws

Starring:Emily & Kit-Kat, Lammy
Appearances:Cameos by Giggles and Petunia

Lammy, Emily 9

An argument turns nasty as the girls read magazines.

Dragons Fight at the Museum

Starring:Chopstix and The Dragon
Appearances:Lumpy, Trippy, Superspeed, Ava, Pia, Rip, Torn

Everyone except The Dragon (debatable for Lumpy,Ava,Rip and Chopstix) 10

The Dragon releases more minions from a cursed bottle, spewing trouble for Chopstix.

Flashy Dashy

Starring:Emily, Petunia
Featuring:Lifty & Shifty, Nutty, Lammy

Lammy, Lifty, Shifty, Nutty 11

Emily and Petunia race to a magazine shoot to return two dresses on time.

Broken bottle Bottling it Up Inside

Starring:Flippy, Ale
Featuring:Lumpoo, Fungus, Billy

Billy, Lumpoo, Ale 12
Flippy unleashes mayhem when he watches Ale flip out over a glass bottle. Can anyone save the day?
Mobbing the House Starring:Ant Family, Baby Face Quito
Appearances:Sniffles, Robo Star
Everyone except Robo Star 13

Baby Face Quito makes a surprise visit to the Ant Family's house and proceeds to mob the place. Will the ants survive? Will Sniffles get his first taste of victory? And more importantly, who will die?

Bobsled Move it or Luge it! Starring:Gutsy, Rocky, O'Clock
Featuring:Pranky, Flaky, Cuddles
Appearances:Hippy, Britton, Lumpy, Generic Tree Friends

Flaky,Pranky,Rocky, Cuddles (debatable), O'Clock


A bobsled race goes down the mountain and into the unseen abyss of doom.

Frisbee Frisbee Yourself

Starring:Rip, Snowie
Featuring:Hippy, Giggles, Sniffles, Howdy, Lumpy
Appearances:Handy, Generic Tree Friends

Hippy,Handy, Giggles (debatable), Lumpy, Snowie, Rip


Snowie tries to catch a deadly frisbee which surprisingly does not have a razor blade.

Bandits I've Gotta Bandit to You

Starring:Howdy, Lifty & Shifty
Appearances:Cloudy, Pierce, Pop, Cub, Hippy, Generic Tree Friends, Billy, Willy, Milly

Hippy,Generic Tree Friends, Lifty, Shifty, Howdy, Pierce 16

Can Howdy catch the bandits and return the stolen sacks of loot?

The Last Straw

Starring:Handy, Mom and Baby

Handy, Baby 17

The last straw can be the most dangerous, especially if you're drinking!

Spa I Spa it First

Starring:Crafty, Lessy, Disco Bear
Featuring:The Mole, Elliott, Lammy, Mr. Pickles
Appearances:Giggles, Petunia, Ava

Lessy, Crafty 18

Crafty causes the spa some stress, and it obviously doesn't want that.

Trix are for Kids

Starring:Trixie, Flippy
Featuring:Emily & Kit-Kat, Cuddles, Giggles, Pranky, Crafty, Buddy, Pierce, Toothy
Appearances:Generic Tree Friends

Everyone except Trixie and Flippy 19

Trixie's magic turns tragic for the rest of the gang.

A Bird of Animals Starring:Hatchy
Featuring:Pop, Cub, Lifty & Shifty
Appearances:Whistle, Lumpy, Nutty
Cub, Hatchy, Lifty, Shifty (debatable for Nutty and Pop). 20

Hatchy comes into life and shortly exits as well.

Season 10

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Experimentickle Starring:Meaty, Britton, Pierce
Featuring:Ginger, Lucky, BB
None 1

Rough play kicks into a death-less yet still deadly episode.

Princess play Playing Princess Starring:Fuddles
Featuring:Puffy, Trippy, Guddles, Pierce, Grunts the Gruesome
Guddles, Pierce, Puffy 2

Things get mid-evil when Fuddles plays a damsel in distress.

Yanko machine The Yanko Machine Starring:Cavity
Featuring:Nutty, Toothy
Cavity 3

Cavity realizes the dentist is not as scary as she thought...but worse!

Hang on Starring:Robo Star
Featuring: none
None 4

Robo Star gets brutally injured in a pole accident, will he get out?

3 Kids And A Bully Starring:Trippy,Superspeed,Robo Star,Pierce
Featuring: none
Appearances:Lumpoo (only mentioned)
Pierce 5

Trippy,Superspeed and Robo Star are tired of being bullied by Pierce, its time they get true revenge.

Unsporty sporty No Sports No Service Starring:Sporty
Featuring: none
Appearances:Cuddles, Toothy, Giggles, Petunia, Flaky, Handy, Generic Tree Friends
Hoppy, Gutsy 6

Sporty finds out that broken bones, a dumb doctor's orders, and weight gain are not enough to keep him from his true passion.

Cat-astrophe Starring:Beth S. Alt, Melody Melancholy, Mittens/Honey Melody, Beth 7

Basically, curiosity kills the cats.

Paris, Trance Starring:Cavity, Lumpy, Nutty
Appearances:Pranky, Toothy, Cuddles, Giggles, Emily & Kit-Kat
Everyone except Kit-Kat(debatable), Lumpy, and Trixie 8

The HTF gang is prepared for a vacation in Paris. But what happens there stays there.

Hotel Hotel Me About It Starring:Wooly
Featuring:Toothy, Flaky, Lifty, Shifty, Hippy
Appearances:Cuddles, Giggles, Petunia, Lumpy
Everyone except Wooly 9

Wooly's first visit to a hotel goes into hot water due to his inability to understand anyone.

Freefall Fates Around the World Starring:Wooly, Cloudy, Fruity, Hatchy, Toothy, Giggles, Petunia, Flaky, Fungus, Sporty, Puffy, Emily & Kit-Kat, O'Clock

Everyone except Lumpy


Going all over the world is painful when someone screws up!

Have You Any Wool? Starring:Wooly
Featuring:Superspeed, O'Clock
Everyone 11

What starts off as a friendly game of tag turns into a bloody mess.

Mini Mimi Starring:Mimi
Featuring:Sniffles, Pop, Cub, Lumpy
Mimi 12

Mimi get shrunken to the size of a flea! Wandering around Pop and Cub's house, getting swallowed by Flaky and getting crushed by Lumpy's weights are the "big" problems Mimi could face.

Motorcycle ride What's the Motor? Starring:Gutsy
Appearances:Hippy, Lumpy, Fungus, Flaky
Hippy (debatable), Fungus, Flaky, Gutsy 13

Gutsy plans to ride his motorcycle off a cliff to the other side, but his plans keep getting ruined by chance.

Dumb teacher Driving Problems Starring:Wooly
Featuring:Elliott, Superspeed, Sir Gron, Fatty, Puffy, Pranky, Nippy
Appearances: Generic tree friend,Robo Star
Everyone except Robo Star, Sir Gron and Nippy 14

Wooly makes bad grades and bad mishaps when he passes everyone's tests.

Candypanda Love at First Bite Starring:Meaty
Appearances:Nutty, The Mole, Sniffles, Generic Tree Friends
Meaty, Nutty (debatable) 15

Love and certain doom are in the air after Meaty falls in love with sweets.

Wrestlers Fight Night Starring:Flippy, Lumpy
Featuring:Puffy, Lifty, Shifty
Appearances:Mime, Sniffles, Cuddles, Giggles, Petunia, Hippy, Robo Star, Handy, Generic Tree Friends
Lifty, Shifty (debatable for Lumpy, Sniffles, and Puffy) 16

Lumpy trains Flippy for the wrestling championship after Puffy takes a blow.

The Date Starring:Superspeed, Rose
Featuring:Spook, Pop, Cub, Trippy, Lumpy
Appearances:a generic tree friend
Everyone except Pop and Cub 17

Superspeed and Rose's date gets burnt down by some mishaps.

After bath Too Bath, Too Sad Starring:Fungus
Featuring:Petunia, Lumpy, The Mole
Lumpy, Fungus, Petunia 18

Tired of the horrible odor, Petunia and the gang resort to giving Fungus a bath. But their plans end up in hot water.

Alone in the woods Carnage Country

Starring:Superspeed, Billy, Willy, and Milly
Appearances:a generic tree friend, Mime, Howdy

Everyone 19

Superspeed goes for a camping trip in the countryside. Unfortunately, he enters into the territory of three certain hillbilly opossums.

Brain Freezy

Featuring:Wooly, Fuddles, Mimi
Appearances:Truffles, Lifty & Shifty

Wooly, Fuddles, Mimi, Freezy 20

Freezy sells ICEEs after Lifty and Shifty run off with all the flavors.

Character Pop-ups

Remember to not put canon characters' pop-ups on here.

Season 1

  • Trippy licks ice cream
  • Boris adjusts his glasses
  • Superspeed waves.
  • O'Clock looks madly at the viewers.
  • Ale throws a bomb from hand to hand.
  • Rip happily looks at the viewers.
  • Torn waves at the viewers.
  • Howdy lifts his cowboy hat up and swings it around like a cowboy.
  • Puffy looks shyly at the ground.
  • Fungus eats a slice of pizza.
  • Hippy waves at the viewers.
  • Pierce makes a fist at the viewers.
  • Peppery looks at the viewers.
  • Robo Star happily waves his arms in the air.

Click on a picture to view its animation.

Season 2

  • Superspeed stands in a blue background.
  • Trippy happily waves his arms out as he looks at the viewers.
  • Robo Star is waving in a background full of grey metal things.
  • Truffles (as he never had one) looks mad at the viewers with a dark background.
  • Hippy waves at the sky.
  • Ale looks evily.
  • Pranky holds a bananna peel, smiles happily, with a background of laughter smilies.
  • Sir Gron is banging on his helmet, with a white background (presumably clouds).
  • Puffy stands nervously with a blue background.
  • Crafty stands with her claws out, in a dark blue sky with stars (if one looks closely, one of the stars is shaped like a heart instead).

Season 3-5

These intros were used in Season 3, 4, and 5.

P is for the Platypus Aliens - Platypi are plotting evil with pails of lasers and phones!

  • Elliott sleeps on his bed, with several springs sticking out.

E is for Elliott - Enter the world of eggs and sleeping to make echos and ever-lasting blinks!

  • Superspeed is next to a cliff, looking to the right, about to fall off.

S is for Superspeed - Super sore sayings can lead to sad mishaps and sips of bad drinks and soles of shoes!

  • Cheesy has a fat belly (from eating a lot of cheese) and has a background of numerous pieces of cheese, while he is amazed.

C is for Cheesy - Eating cheese is chores for chumps and cake tastes like the core of the Earth!

  • Trippy eats ice cream and is about to walk in an ice cream store.

T is for Trippy - Trip over tour signs for tips on how to take ice cream from ten talking tacks!

  • Robo Star is about to fall asleep on the grass.

R is for Robo Star - No need to rake the rotten leaves, more like run onto the grass and rap to sleep!

  • Meaty stands happily in a background full of meat trees.

M is for Meaty - Munching meat and veggies makes metabolism mingle!

  • Buddy stands with her cat holding a bag of seeds in her garden.

B is for Buddy - She'll want to be your buddy when you ring bells and bake bacon for buckteeth to stay!

  • Rip rips a piece of paper, staring at it, sitting at his workdesk.

R is for Rip - Raking is bad and rocks are good, but rolling is fun and so is renting movies!

  • Ava chats on the phone and sits at her computer.

A is for Ava - She is aching for fake ants and all are acting as if they are at the ant convention!

  • Nippy stands playing a video game.

N is for Nippy - No nodding for nets, naps are better and so are nipples and nerds!

  • Hippy stands in a meadow, with a hat falling off him and a background of a hill of ham sandwiches.

H is for Hippy - His hips bump his hat off to the hills of ham sandwiches!

  • Sir Gron stands in the past with dinosaurs (with a noticable Cro-Marmot in the background).

G is for Sir Gron - Get gaps of gems and goals to come from the past and girls will surround!

T is for Takeda Nokashi - Take a tour on the trip of telling tales of ten more math tests!

  • Bulky stands angrily, ready to beat someone up, and he is waiting.

B is for Bulky - A bully of bending and breaking backs can cause boredom and bakery to start!

  • Pierce gets ready to beat someone up.

P is for Pierce - Pens are good to protest slapping and palms are also good to pet some puppies!

  • Fuzzy rests on the ground.

F is for Fuzzy - Friends are fun to play with and faking to make forts is bad!

  • Torn watches a movie at a movie theater.

T is for Torn - A movie takes place at tempos and traces to draw up tents!

  • Fireball stands watching a burning building.

F is for Fireball - Fire is good font and faking is a fake!

L is for Liftelle, S is for Shiftette - No need to be thrifty, just take what's nifty and be out in fifty!

L is for Lary, M is for Mary - Take a level at lakes and lawns; Make mints and mean to go to the mall!

  • Cloudy lays on a cloud happily.

C is for Cloudy - Take your day on a cloud and eat cakes for cents only!

  • Snowy stands next to a campfire, melting a bit.

S is for Snowy - For sakes and steak, have snow and stay out for sales of coats!

  • Minty eats mint ice cream at an ice cream shop.

M is for Minty - Mints and mocking are good traits!

  • Howdy waves his rope in the air, standing in the desert.

H is for Howdy - Have a cowboy hat and a hair cover so you can hit the desert with a horse!

B is for Buck, C is for Chuck - Bake cookies and break cents!

Season 6

Starting with episode Planting to Granting. It shows a character(s) doing something along with their personality with a quick quote.

  • Gutsy gets ready to do a skateboard ramp.

"Oh Yeah!"

"I wanna make a snow angel!"

  • Ava makes a kiss in the air.

"I love hearts!"

  • Lessy stands confused in science.

"What am I doing here again?"

  • Rocky is collecting rocks.

"This one looks edible!"

  • Buddy watches her plant grow.

"This apple tree will make a billion!"

"This goat meat tastes good!"

"I'm not going to eat pepperoni because my name is Peppery! Ugh!"

  • Spot stands at the ice cream parlor.

"I love customers!"

  • Waddles stands angrilly in his workshop.

"If only I had a day off!"

"I could of sworn I was a crusader, not a meadow lover..."

"Now to beat up some nerds!"

  • Fungus eats a moldy piece of pizza and points to two trash cans.

"Someone tell me...should I sleep in that trash can or that one?"

"Can anyone hear me through my incredibly large scarf?"

"I can't wait for my friends to come by!"

"I love moldy food."

"I need help! Someone get a superhero!"

"Need a superhero? Just scream, and I'll be near faster than you can yell 'HELP!'"

  • Torn sits in a car, waving at the viewers.

"This is gonna be a good road trip!"

  • Rip happily eats a taco.

"Needs more sauce..."

Season 7-10

Starting with What's in a Name?, characters are shown with video clips of themselves in other internet shorts playing above them. If it is their debut episode, there is no videoclip (but this changes in their next starring role).

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