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Season 121

  1. Unveiled Mystery Part 2: Season premiere.
  2. Abra-Kadabra!: Abra reunites with a long-lost sibling responsible for an incident of her past.
  3. Better Power: Beautifast and Blinkie determine who is the better hero.
  4. Super Servant: After accidentally injuring Splendid, Leslie steps up her hero game.
  5. White as a Ghost!: Branchy's sister comes back as a ghost.
  6. The Costume Ball: Petunia goes to a costume party.
  7. No More Deaf: Abra gets a new pair of ears.
  8. Poof of Purchase: After she and Trixie accidentally switch wands, Abra brings a rabbit doll to life and thrusts herself into the challenges of parenthood.
  9. Glass Eyed and Beaver Tailed: Toothy gets an eye upgrade, that belonged to someone else.
  10. From Musk to Paws: Solaris messes with Paws.
  11. Riddles in Trouble Rouble: The investigator duo are on the case.
  12. Act of Devil: The sequel to Riddles in Trouble Rouble.
  13. Inn of Imagination: Draco takes in numerous "imaginary" friends when their owners die. What he didn't think about was The Dragon coming to spill imaginary blood!
  14. A-hee-ahee Ha-hee!: What does the fox say?
  15. Look But Don't Touch: Brian causes an epidemic of horrible rashes by going on a touching spree.
  16. Solaris Eclipsed: Solaris begins acting different... in a good way.
  17. Mother of Magic: Abra introduces Poof to the family.
  18. Tricks Up My Sleeve: Kadabra spruces up his magic tricks with the help of Solaris, but she ends up stealing the show.
  19. The Garden of Raymond: A magic accident with Cascade turns her into an even bigger plant than before.
  20. Be a Fan: Petunia is a big fan of Beautifast. When she gets her photograph with her, Beautifast ends up twisting her ankle and Petunia has to take over on stopping a giant squid attack.
  21. Squirreling Away: An odd red squirrel steals Nutty's sweet treats.
  22. Face the Wrath: Havoc ensues with Solaris and Beautifast.
  23. Tops of The Flops: Floppy (CCF) picks a fight with two aliens (Paws and Sunset).
  24. Greasy Spoon: What happens when an amateur chef and a greasy gopher make food together?
  25. A Tea Bash: Suey, yet another character prone to flip outs, is introduced in this episode.
  26. Mink the Mighty: Phobia learns a lesson in scaring when he meets Marley, a mink with no fear.
  27. A New Kind of Odd: Oddity wraps herself in a cocoon and emerges anew.
  28. Global Wanting: Ice Pack works with fellow environmentalists to stop global warming once and for all.
  29. Slend a Hand: Slender Loris finds out he's both a meme and a laughingstock when he haunts a movie theatre.
  30. That Wily Canine!: Spindly attempts to catch Flighty using increasingly complicated traps.

Season 122

  1. Sniped Away: Abra gives Poof a haircut.
  2. Unfair Weather Friends: Petunia's picnic with friends is ruined by a windy day.
  3. A Fishy Disaster: Scrunchy debuts in this episode.
  4. The Run Fun: Tufty tries to run away from fat guys.
  5. Better Hot Than Ever: Toothy becomes a fire-breathing beaver.
  6. The Love of Poison: A tale of Snow White, starring Snowdrop and featuring Underwear.
  7. Got Any Grapes?: Quacko loses his temper over getting yelled at for asking for grapes at a lemonade stand.
  8. Gypsy for You: Cranky is not really "cranky" for once thanks to a certain beautiful gypsy.
  9. Loves Me, Kills Me Not: Freckle the purring cat and Minty fight over Pastel.
  10. Aquactic Fear: Quacko suddenly develops a fear of water after encountering the giant squid.
  11. If You're Happy and You Know It, Slap Your Foes: What will happen if an entertainer keeps not getting the satisfying reaction that he wants?
  12. A Witchy Way: Underwear mistakes his costumed friends for real witches.
  13. Cheeky Business: Nutty and Hucky disguise themselves as chipmunks to infiltrate Giggles' birthday party.
  14. Icy Wolf, Hidden Dragon: Bjorn tries to learn martial arts, which isn't so easy when half your body is frozen solid.
  15. Fly Like the Wind: This episode introduces Windly, the girl with cape.
  16. Out of the Hat: Two magicians perform for the audience, with their hat tricks being the highlight.
  17. Sting Operation: Buzzles prepares himself for a fight against Beehive.
  18. Steamed Punks: An ancestor of Sniffles comes to modern day.
  19. Too Dirty Today: A certain member of royalty tries to learn how to operate things at the laundromat.
  20. A Whole Lot of Latte: Poor Joe ends up having to deal with Suey's flip-outs.
  21. I Spy A Spy: Alex embarks on a mission to rescue friends from a burning bank.
  22. Artist's Block: Alex is kidnapped by Lustly after he denies her request for a painting of them together.
  23. Mittens and Kittens: Mittens buys birthday cake, but the Dark Kittens try to steal it.
  24. The Train to Doom: Baumey is distracted by a phone call and causes a fatal collision in the subway.
  25. Bobcat Blues: Tufty goes to the bakery to buy a cake. A sequel to Mittens and Kittens.
  26. Bitter Pill To Swallow: Basically Every Litter Bit Hurts but with extra steps.
  27. Cousin's Play: Mimi sees her cousin, Pumpernickel, again.
  28. The Duck and the Fish: Quacko has a rough time trying to catch fish.
  29. Not the Right to Steal a Flower: Tionna has her flower stolen.
  30. Ex, Y, and Z: Axel and Masky run into an old friend.
  31. Magic Matter: Pumpernickel accidentally turns Aqua into a baby!
  32. Pond of Love: Squirt and Snowflake go on a date for the first time.
  33. A Walk in the Park: Squirt and Snowflake go on a date again, this time in the park.

Season 123

  1. Good morning, Love!: Lovely takes a morning stroll.
  2. Bad Luck!: Masky is cursed with bad luck!
  3. You Are My Biggest Idol: Puffy finds a new toy.
  4. Just to Slug You Steered: Cuddles finds an aqua wand that can be used to restore lost body parts.
  5. Keep It Cool: Sandy relaxes on the beach while Snowy tries to escape the heat.
  6. Two Chaos Fever: A walk in the woods turns horrific for poor Flaky.
  7. Spring Cold: Bleedy gets a nose bleed.
  8. Rollin' Along: This episode introduces Eyeball, the otter with a fake eyeball that often pops out.
  9. Dinner With the Merfoxes: Coral invites a friend over to dine with her family, but shocking truths begin to emerge from the depths.
  10. Related Time Stinks:
  11. Not Going Nuts:

Character pop-ups

The pop-up style is retained from the previous season range.

"S is for Showers - Having some showers is seldom shameful."

  • Snooty is comfortably sitting on a cushion as she watches Cranky lazily operating a cement mixer.

"S is for Snooty, C is for Cranky - Someone's duty should be super safe! Cool critters can't crack under pressure while crankin'!"


Season 121

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