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Seasons 51-60 of Happy Tree Friends Fanon.


Season 51

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Old or new Old or New (Part 1) Starring:Truffles, Froggy, Jackson, White, Cyclops, Larp
Featuring:Boris, Nippy, Rocky, Buddy, Chippy, The Zebra, Dodo
Appearances:Lammy, Mr. Pickels, Foxy, Aurora, Silhouette, Mask, Movy, Tech, Josh, Superspeed, Robo Star, Trippy, Tarsy, FlakyLumpy
Superspeed, Trippy, Robo Star, Tarsy, Lumpy, GTFs 1

The town is in danger and those who don't appear much, and the cameos, are begged to come out of hiding and join the team and help them save the town from an unknown villain.

Doom robot Old or New (Part 2) Starring:Truffles, Froggy, Jackson, White, Cyclops, Larp
Featuring:Boris, Nippy, Rocky, Buddy, Chippy, The Zebra, Dodo
Appearances:Lammy, Mr. Pickels, Foxy, Aurora, Silhouette, Mask, Movy, Tech, Ironside, Rose, Spook, Sales, Patchy, Hidey, Octavina, Dane, Platypus Aliens
Everyone except Jackson, Dodo, Ironside, Spook, Rose, and platypus aliens 2
The unknown characters find out that their personality, traits, etc. are the real things that will help them stop the evil from taking over their town.
S51 French Revolution Starring:Pierre, Cocktail
Appearances:Bisque, Pipsqueak, Icy, Eggy, Freezer, Arcticus
Everyone but Pierre 3
French spies reunite to infiltrate a foe.
S51 4 Small Fry Starring:Cocktail, Jerky
Appearances:PierceHoppy, Naz, Atlas, Party Freak
Jerky, Cocktail 4
Jerky invites someone over for dinner. The main course...Shrimp cocktail!
Sushi showdown Sushi Showdown Starring:Squeeze, Baka
Featuring:Munches, Tokio, Mole
Appearances:Gilly, Generic Tree Friends
Baka, Squeeze, Munches 5
Baka and Squeeze face off at a sushi joint.
S51 3 Tarsy of the Jungle Starring:Tarsy, Bongo
Featuring:Bravy, Feary, Todd
Wilson, Tarsy, Todd (debatable) 6
Tarsy gets lost on a safari and literally goes wild. Meanwhile, Todd helps Bravy and Feary find their friend.
Swap Cast Aside Starring:Nurse and Cast
Lumpy, Sickly 7
Cast makes a full recovery, but Nurse ends up injured on the job. Now these two perform in each others' shoes.
Forklift An Uplifting Story Starring:Pow Pow
Featuring:Hoppy, Trippy, Superspeed, Berg
Appearances:Handy, Flash, Chompy, Jazz
Hoppy, Superspeed, Berg, Flash, Chompy, Pow Pow 8
Pow Pow finds a new way to lift things without the use of muscles.
Father hero Father Hero Figure Starring:Splendid, Spoke
Featuring:Lifty & Shifty
Appearances:Devious, Petunia, Lumpy, Generic Tree Friends
Petunia, Devious, GTFs, Lifty, Shifty 9
Truths behind Splendid and Spoke.
Feline hands Feline Hands Starring:Tarsy, Taily
Appearances:Tycoon, Sniffles, Mole
Taily, Tarsy 10
Tarsy lost his hands after an accident.
Sweet Friends Sweet Friends Starring:Soda and Candy, Nutty
Everyone except Meaty 11
Nutty and Candy becomes friends.
Tarsymomdad A Baby Clash Starring:Tarsy, Giggles, Flippy
Appearances:Gizzy, Taily, Kendall, Tarsy's parents.
Flippy 12
Giggles gets pregnant from Tarsy! But Flippy don't like this...
Broken comp Web Crisis Starring:Goosta
Dell, Mimi, Goosta 13
Goosta break his computer and Kendall only can fixed it in one week! Can he survive one week without the internet?
Space od 2014: A Space Odyssey Starring:Frilly
Featuring:Ace, Sniffles, Josh
Appearances: Doppler, Sparky, Todd, Tarsy
Sniffles, Ace, Josh, Tarsy, Todd, Frilly 14
After a crash of a space rocket, Frilly is trapped on an alien planet. Will he get back to Earth?
Scratching surface Scratching the Surface Starring:Josh, Flaky
Featuring:Giggles, Lammy, Mr. Pickels, Petunia
Everyone but Josh 15
Josh applies art to simple home improvement. But what happens if he goes too far?
Take bow Take a Bow Starring:Cuddles, Lifty, Shifty
Appearances:The Mole, Nutty, Pop, Cub
The Mole, Nutty, Pop, Cub, Lifty, Shifty 16
When Lifty and Shifty Steal Giggles' bow, Cuddles get's his chance to show her his heroism.
New dope A New Dope Starring:Darkalina
Featuring:Devious, Splendid, Sniffles
Appearances:Squidwrot, Tarsy, Feary
Sniffles, Tarsy, Feary, Devious 17
New villainess Darkalina is determined to be accepted into Devious' legion of evil.
Cryin laughin For Cryin' and Laughin' Out Loud! Starring:Puffy, Chuckles
Appearances:Snooty, Buck and Chuck, Twinkie, Snorkels, Mole, Cuddles, Sniffles
Chuck, Buck, a whale, Cuddles, Chuckles 18
Irritated by Puffy's crying and Chuckles' laughter, Cranky decides to bet on both of them that they will never go a day without crying or laughing.
Cass poachers Cass of the Poachers Starring:

Poachy, The Cassowary
Featuring: Loony, Stone, Sluggy
Appearances: Ariel, Splendid (in a comic book)

Ariel, Loony, Stone, Poachy 19

Poachy learns poaching a cassowary isn't easy as it sounds.

Ski ya later Ski Ya Later, Alligator! Starring:

Featuring:Cuddles, Toothy, Timber, Berg, Spicy
Appearances:Slalom, The Mole

Cuddles, Toothy, Berg, Spicy, Timber, Blizzard 20
Blizzard is determined to win gold in the Winter Olympic Games.
Waist down From the Waist Down Starring:Lab Rat, Lumpy
Featuring:Pop, Cub, Coral the Merfox
Lab Rat 21
The upper half of a moose leaves a mad scientist with many possibilities.
Arrogate Arro-Gate Starring:

Featuring:Smooth, Naples, Josh, Snooty, Drake, Showy
Appearances: Lumpy, Commy

Cole, Lumpy, Commy 22
Cole becomes stuck up, literally, as an accident caused him to spend his work day in his wooden fence, thanks to the help of Lumpy's glue. Can the alliance free him of his wooden physical impediment?
Rock hop Mission ImPenguinable Starring:

Icy, Eggy, Freezer and Arcticus, Waddles, Hopper
Featuring: Spot
Appearances: Flippers, Moppy, Tusky

Moppy, Freezer, Arcticus, Spot, Waddles 23
The Penguins and Waddles attempt to hijack a ship to sail to Spot's base on the edge of Antarctica.
Shaved Under the Fur Starring:Devious, Petunia
Featuring: Icy, Eggy, Freezer and Arcticus, Giggles, Baldy, Disco Bear
Appearances: Poachy, Josh, Splendid, Binky
Disco Bear, Devious, Petunia,Poachy (debatable) 24
Petunia loses her one piece fur coat to Devious, leaving her in the bald nude with only a towel. However, the Penguins can help out in this "hairy" situation.
Swordfish Waterworld Starring:Kendall, Tarsy
Featuring:Feary, Disco Bear, Lammy
Appearances:Mr. Pickels
Feary, Disco Bear, Lammy, Tarsy 25
Tarsy make water skiing, and he is lug by Kendall. But things will not happen as expected...
Costume1 There is no Object-tion with the HTFs Starring:Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, Sniffles, Baseball, Suitcase
Featuring:Jerky, Pierce, Cro-Marmot, Fungus, Samantha, Toothy, Soap, Ice Cube
Appearances:Donut, Gelatin, Chocolatey, MePhone 4, Big Orange Chicken, Yin-Yang, Poachy, The Mole
Jerky, Fungus, MS, Gelatin, Donut, Chocolatey, Poachy, Suitcase, Pierce, GTFs 26
HTFs meet Inanimate Insany and BFDI characters in this season finale.

Season 52

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Box king King of the Round Starring:Feary
Featuring:Bravy, Lumpy, Perry
Appearances:Boxer, Winner and Loser, Generic Tree Friends
Lumpy, Perry 1
Feary becomes a boxing king in the Season 52 premiere.
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Dead as a Doorknob Starring:Decay, Sal
Featuring:Sly, Flippy, Abscess, Xiggles
Everyone but Decay and Sly (Debatable for Sal) 2
Decay gets a job as a nurse, much to Sal's dismay.
Light dark Black Out! Starring:Torchy, Frowy
Featuring:Disco Bear, Kendall, Toad, MoleToxicity
Disco Bear, Kendall, Toxicity, Frowy,Torchy 3
Torchy heads to the power plant to restore light onto the city. But a darkness-loving turtle seeks different intentions.
Munkeyz Monkey Business Starring:Eeno, Akno, and Arno, Hand, Foot, and Tail
Akno, Tail, Eeno, Foot 4
A trio of monkeys meets another trio of monkeys.
Gloomio Gloomio and Juliet Starring:Drama, Gloomy
Featuring:Todd, Lumpy, Buck and Chuck, Shepard
Todd, Drama, Gloomy, Shepard 5
Gloomy and Drama are cast in a classic Shakespearean play, where they will reveal feelings to each other (among other things).
Gluttony, Deadly Sin Starring:Gluttony
Appearances:TrippySleepyWeevil and KneevilSeth
Bun, Trippy 6
An episode which it features Gluttony the beaver. But her name comes from a Deadly Sin of the same name. But let's find out if she's very gluttony!
That's O-fence-ive That's O-fence-ive Starring:Clesta, Sal, Silver
Featuring: Deathy, Poisons, Shieldy, Crazy (Wolf)
Appearances: Fish Stick, Meka Shiya, Octavina, Halo, Siggles, Elfy, Fiona, Xana
Deathy, Silver, Shieldy 7
Clesta accidentally crashes into a fence and Sal tries to help her.
Tree Ticks Starring:Aye-Aye
Featuring:Sickly, Frogwild,Bun
Appearances:Clesta, Tulip, Toad, Prosthetics, Croaky, Laurie, Buck and Chuck
Toad, Sickly, Numerous Frogwilds, Croaky (debatable), Laurie (death not shown), a Frogwild, Chuck, another Frogwild, Bun, Prosthetics 8
Aye-Aye tries to get food.
Electri-frying Electri-Frying Starring: Peppy, Maple
Appearances:Generic Tree Friends
Peppy, Maple (debatable) 9
Maple and Peppy decide to go for a walk, but they should have checked the weather report.
Off grid Off the Grid Starring:Stone
Everyone 10
Stone switches to wind-powered living when his solar power goes out.
Putting the pain in painting Putting The 'Pain' In Painting Starring: Wally
Featuring: N/A
Appearances: Maple (as a painting)
Wally 11
Wally needs some inspiration for his newest painting.
Peek Wingless Victory

Starring: Clesta,

Featuring: Lifty & Shifty, Roughly, Wally,PoachySunny and Guardy
Appearances: TBA

Poachy, Moochy, Roughly 12
Clesta's wings are stolen and she trys to get them back by the biggest thiefs in Happy Tree Town
You sow what i mean You Sow What I Mean? Starring: Peppy, Pancake
Featuring: N/A
Appearances: Maple, Cast
Maple, Cast, Pancake 13
When Pancake is injured, should Peppy really be trusted in helping her?
Knocked Sockets Off Starring:Nutty, Raymond
Featuring:Belle, Random
Appearances:Lifty, Shifty, Goosta, Puffy, Petunia, Giggles, Generic Tree Friends
Petunia, Giggles, Belle, Raymond, Nutty 14
Nutty's attempt at doing the "sugar nostril" challenge leaves him and Raymond in an ugly situation.
Confusing duo Return to Gender Starring:Lash, Giboy
Featuring:SethBaldyDisco Bear  
Baldy (also debatably Seth, Giggles and Petunia) 15
Lash and Giboy become friends, oblivious to each others' genders...and the stories that may arise from this...
Cryptic picnic Cryptic Picnic Starring: Tuna, Patchy, Hidey
Featuring: Peppy, Maple, Roughly, Pancake
Appearances: Ness
Maple, Roughly, Hidey, Pancake (debatably), Tuna 16
Tuna joins in on a community picnic, but something seems off.
Pinkie eating Shrimps for Tips Starring:Pinkie
Featuring:Lumpy, Indy, Superspeed, Softy, Mussell
Appearances:Daredevil, Gutsy, Flippy, Cocktail, Takeda Nokashi
Everyone except Gutsy and Flippy 17
Pinkie the white flamingo unknowingly eats something she's allergic to.
Babysitting Woes Starring:DealerCub
Appearances:Cream, Rose, Moder
Dealer, Cub, Pop 18
Pop pays Dealer to babysit Cub, only for Dealer to try and find some valuable items to steal, can Cub save the day?
In blind In a Blind Starring:Echo
Appearances:Cole, Mole
Peaky, Cole, Echo 19
Echo ends up lost in a cave.
The Junk in My Trunk Starring:Eli
Featuring:Howdy, Perry, Rush
Howdy, a horse, Rush, Eli 20
Eli gets ready for a vacation, or tries to at least.
Lotsofnuttys No Time For Snacks Starring:Nutty
Appearances:Cro-Marmot, Squabbles
Squabbles, numerous Nuttys 21
Nutty "borrows" Chrono's watch to go back in time for ice cream, gradually ripping apart the space time fabric. 

Season 53

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
MoewithVisitorabduct Abducted Starring:Moe, Visitor
Featuring:Flippy, Buggy
Appearances:Rookie, Lei, GTFs
Everyone except Visitor  1
The classic tale of a cow getting abducted, save for several extreme twists, is the season 53 premiere.
Flying beaver Miles Taily Power Starring:Taily
Featuring:Soda and Candy, Laurie, Gutsy, Mole
Everyone except Splendid (debatable for Mole) 2
After a strange accident, Taily gets the ability of flight.
Script Script to Pieces Starring:Illogical
Featuring:Booky, Speaky, Flippy, Fungus, Doppler
Appearances:Booko, Lumpy, Leif
Everyone except Booko and Lumpy 3
Illogical finds the script to the latest episode and uses it to cheat death.
Ant train Anteater in Training Starring:Sniffles
Featuring: Prehistoric Sniffles (spirit)
Appearances:The Ants, Licky
The Ants 4
Sniffles goes to South America to learn how to hunt ants.
Lost parts Lost Parts Starring:Stacy, Handy, Hornless
Featuring:Lab RatStubbs
Appearances:Poachy, Russell, Nuppet
Stubbs, Lab Rat, Poachy (all revived) 5
Lab Rat creates a monster made of other characters' body parts.
Daylight Daylight Starring:Daydream
Brushy, Cryptie 6
Daydream becomes a vampire, and later a werewolf.
Game sp the Bully Games Starring:PierceJerkyPuffy
Appearances:BulkyMeanieNaz, Doppler, Sniffles, Josh, Cliste, Torchy, Generic Tree Friends
Doppler,Sniffles, Josh, Pierce, Jerky, Puffy 7
Two jerks get down n' dirty in this annual event. Meanwhile, one unlikely competitor plans to win for the sake of his fellow wimps.
Chompy teeth You Can't Handle the Tooth Starring:Chompy
Featuring:Toothy, Gnu, Nutty
Gnu, Nutty, Toothy 8
The story of how Chompy lost his teeth.
Air con Air Con-temptible Starring:Cuddles
Featuring:Handy, Cro-Marmot
Appearances:Swindler, Trippy
Trippy, Handy 9
Cuddles tries to get rid of his new air conditioner for one reason: It sucks in others and kills them.
Hearts beaks Broken Hearts and Chipped Beaks Starring:Pointy, Ava
Appearances:Cuddles, Germy, Nurse, Sir Gron
Cuddles, Pointy, Ava 10
Pointy starts to have feelings for Ava.
On my tail On My Tail Starring:Petunia
Featuring: Stacy, Josh, Nurse and Cast, Handy
Nurse, Cast 11
Petunia loses her tail and becomes nearly identical to Stacy, confusing Josh.
Dev snif The Name's Bond Starring:Devious
Featuring: Sniffles, Josh, Tech, Sciencie
Appearances:Test Dumby
Devious (debatably Sniffles, Josh, Sciencie and Tech) 12
Devious and Sniffles bond over their interest in science, leaving other lab partners in the dark. But what happens if Devious uses Sniffles' technology for villainy?
Robo Splendo 2000 Starring: Splendid,  Devious
Featuring: Kivila, Lumpy
Appearances: Cream and Queen, Handy, Pranky, Cro-Marmot, Cuddles, Giggles, Magic, Laurie, Sanity, Psycho, Flippy
Laurie, Handy, Sanity, Psycho, Flippy, Cream, Queen, Kivila, Devious 13
Devious creates a robotic Splendid to frame the real Splendid for crimes it causes.
Televised Televised Starring: TeeVee and Compie
Featuring: Dell, Mimi, Lumpy
Dell, Mimi, Teevee, Compie 14
TeeVee and Compie know that is not fun to be electronics, especially when you have gadget geeks around.
Gumageddon Gumageddon Starring: Nutty
Featuring: Sniffles
Appearances:Stamp, Kicks, Cuddles
Stamp, Nutty, Sniffles 15
Nutty grows a gumball using Sniffles' growth potion. But what happens if the gumball gets too large?!
No longer bully No Longer a Bully Starring: Naz
Featuring: Jerky, Pierce
Appearances: Pop, Cub, Handy, Lumpy
Pierce, Jerky 16
Naz switches to the neutral side when she is fed up with Jerky yelling at babies and children and is teased for crying by Pierce. 
I Need Power Starring: Spanky
Featuring:Flippy, Lumpy, Mole
Appearances:Handy, Tempty, Cream and Queen, Generic Tree Friends, Laurie, Boomer
Several GTFs, Cream, Mole, Queen, Lumpy 17
Spanky tries to get his workers to work but they refuse.
Stain Stain with Me Starring:Stacy, Nutty
Stacy, Nutty 18
After Stacy is humiliated by a stain from Nutty's chocolate, she plans payback in the form of wet paint.
Yu 2 Stoopid! Starring:Cliste


Everyone except Prongs and Doc 19
Cliste suffers a brain injury, and as a result, her IQ drops below the line.
Blind love Love Is Blind Starring:WinoraThe Mole
Featuring:Cream and Queen
Appearances:Doc, Tempty, Disco Bear, Laurie
Tempty, Laurie, Cream, Winora, Queen 20
Winora is set up on a blind date, with a blind man.
Take Out Starring:Cream and Queen, Lifty and Shifty
Featuring: Hatchy, Trippy, Tyke, Old Hag, Winora, Coney,
Appearances: Chopstix,Needle and Thread, Bun, Generic Tree Friends, Frogwild, Flippy
Tyke, Old Hag, Winora, Lifty, Shifty, GTF's 21
A hungry duo steals Chinese food from another hungry duo.
Decaydeath Tale Starring:Decay
Appearances:Generic Tree Friends
Decay 22
Explaining how Decay died in the Season 53 finale.

Season 54

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Toy to the World Starring:Buck and Chuck, The Toy Robot
Featuring:Giggles, Softy, Bro and Tyke, Lumpy, Clockwork, Sniffles
Appearances:Truffles, Plucky
Sniffles, Tyke, Giggles, Plucky, Softy, Clockwork, the robot 1
Buck and Chuck face off a killer toy once more.
Cirque Cirque de Fail Starring: Balloony, Lumpy
Featuring: Twinkie, Mime, Juggles
Appearances:Generic Tree Friends, Laurie, Cream and Queen, Disco Bear, Billinginger and Furboo
GTFs, Mime, Juggles, Cream, several monkeys, Twinkie 2
The circus goes horribly wrong when a rogue balloon destroys the acts.
Film me the details Film Me The Details Starring:Ultimate Fun Billy, Lammy, Mr. Pickels
Appearances:Eggistashe,Tarantula, Dad, and Girl, Laurie, Bun, Sluggy, Kiarama, Cream and Queen
Kiarama, Laurie, Sluggy, Mr. Pickels 3
Ultimate Fun Billy accidently gets footage of Mr. Pickels being alive. Can Mr. Pickels stop UFB from uploading it to Youtube?
Alright He's All Right Starring:Berg
Featuring:Germy, Doppler
Appearances:Leif, Giggles, Pop, Cub, Mick and Mack
Giggles, Cub, Leif, Doppler (revived) 4
Berg loses his entire left half from an accident.
Loitering Illegal Eagle Starring:Smith
Featuring:Otus, The Owlets
Appearances:Savaughn, Richie, Crafty, Cuddles
Cuddles, Smith 5
Smith is arrested for loitering but refuses to leave his post.
Tea 4 two Tea for Two Starring:Tyke, Maddie
Tyke, Maddie 6
Tyke is caught in a tea party with a bratty pipsqueak, and his big brother can't do anything to help.
Cream's eyes Eyes on the Tries Starring:Cream
Appearances:Chokillate, Laurie, Queen, The Mole
Everyone except Chokillate 7
Cream tries eye surgery to get normal HTF eyes, but he doesn't know how to use them.
Powerful stition Super-Stition Starring:Stition

Featuring:Splendid, Devious
Appearances: Cream and Queen, Caddy, Balloony, Mime, Suntherstorm, Laurie, Stubborn, Sensitive, Sarcastic, Hello, Duh

Cream, Suntherstorm, Stubborn, Mime, Balloony, Caddy, Duh, Sensitive, Stition, Devious 8
After an accident, Stition gets superpowers involving luck.
Miss me Did You Miss Me? Starring: Trippy, Cloudy
Featuring: Josh, Monae, Cornelius
Appearances: Tussles, Gothy, Flaky, Pierce, Lumpy
Everyone except Lumpy 9
Trippy and Cloudy's archery competition has more than one point.
Slug loon A New Leech Starring: Sluggy
Featuring: Loony, Pinkie, Big Ear

Appearances: Bun, Kay and Sir

Pinkie, Loony, Sir 10
Sluggy tries to find a special friend, but has a hard time doing so.
Goodmourning Good Mourning Starring: Queen, Laurie
Featuring: Clesta, Robo Star, Lumpy, Rocket, Flippy, Hello and Goodbye, Taco, Baby Mouse, Stition, Crabby, Old Hag, Pancake, Boomer
Appearances: Cream, Generic Tree Friends
Cream, GTFs, Lumpy, Rocket, Taco, Baby Mouse, Old Hag, Goodbye 11
At Cream's Funeral, a zombie apocalypse turns everything around.
Whos the flarest Who's The Flarest Of Them All? Starring: Queenie
Featuring:  Peppy, Roughly
Appearances: Ness (Betapekoyama), Bouncy
Bouncy, Roughly 12
A self-centered bee realizes the risks one must take for style.
Pregancy quartet Yeah Babies! Starring: Clesta, Robo Star, Cream, Laurie
Featuring: Doctor, Cloudy
Appearances: Sniffles, Jennifer, Bree, Spoiley, Whippy, Laura, Kramer,Sola,Robo Claire, James, Crystal, Neeky, Billinginger, Syringa, Psychic, Soldier, Queen, Nettle, Crabby, Old Hag, Pop, Cub, Raymond, Maple, Wally, Oak, Flirty, Butters, Lumpy, Kid
Sniffles 13
Double the Labor! Clesta and Laurie expect babies. How will their husbands react?
Leash Turning Over A New Leash Starring: Raymond, Abby, Baldwin
Featuring: Nutty, Sickly, Flaky
Appearances: Cro-Marmot, Flirty, Butters
Nutty, Sickly, Flaky, Abby, Baldwin, Raymond 14
Raymond decides to walk two dogs for the price of many deaths.
Duet yourself Duet Yourself Starring: Peppy
Featuring: Queenie, Lumpy, Ness (Betapekoyama)
Appearances: Pancake, Tuna
Queenie, Pancake, Lumpy 15
Peppy decides to join a singing contest, ignoring the fact that she's hopeless at it.
Fishy fumbles Fishy Fumbles Starring: Russell, Lifty and Shifty
Featuring: Marlin, Daddy Long Legs
Appearances: Neeky, Freaky and Wiggles, Cream and Queen, Tangles, Whiskers (pet), Shrimpy
a fly, Daddy O, Neeky, Tangles, Whiskers (debatable), Cream, Queen, Shrimpy, Lifty, Shifty 16
Russell runs out of fish food, and has to chase a duo of thieves just to get some.
Disco mer Aqua Disco Starring:Disco Bear, Coral the Merfox


Disco Bear 17
A surgical mishap gets Disco Bear sleeping with the fishes. Or trying to, anyways.
Gull Gull-ible Starring:Russell
Featuring:Cygnus and CygnetAno, Handy

Appearances:PaddlesJosh, Squawkie

Josh, Cygnet, Ano, Handy, Cygnus, Russell 18
Russell helps an injured seagull.
A Blind Mole's Bluff Starring:Cole
Featuring:The Mole, Kay and Sir Commy, Tricks and Tracks
Sir, Tricks, Tracks, Celeste, Cole 19
Cole is assigned by Commy to look after The Mole for the day.
Recipe for Disaster Starring:Devious
Featuring:Sweet, Creepy and Crawly, Pinkie, Bun
Appearances:Slow-Mo, Splendid, Kivila
Everyone except Splendid, Creepy, Crawly, and Slow-Mo 20
Devious undergoes his most elaborate plan yet: stealing a recipe from a bakery.
Poplar Contrary to Poplar Belief Starring: Maple, Oak
Featuring: Stition, Roughly, Mother and Sister
Appearances: Wally
Roughly, Sister 21
Maple and Oak go on a mother-daughter bonding trip.
Needled Needled Starring: Josh, The Mole
Featuring: Plushy, Nubby, Mick and Mack, Oxygen
Appearances: Puffy, Nutty, Lumpy Stephano
Nutty, Plushy, Nubby, Mick and Mack, Oxygen, Josh 22
Josh's needle phobia gets the best of him when he gets a syringe lodged in his arm.
Maddie's Happy Meal Starring: Maddie, Cole
Featuring: Squabbles, Commy
Appearances: Perry, Clesta, Raymond, Froggy, Nutty, Ruddles
Maddie, Cole, Squabbles, Commy 23
Maddie wants a happy meal, but it is her last.
Sue You! Sue You! Starring: Clesta
Featuring: Cranky and CharityCrabby, Old HagShrimpy's ParentsPeppyBoomerLaurieLumpy Appearances: Crystal (Shadow887)Robo Claire and JamesSolaJennifer and BreeBrucePancakeRobo StarShrimpy
Lumpy, Crabby, Shrimpy's Parents, Old Hag, Shrimpy, and Cranky 24
Clesta gets sued for bad weather, what could go wrong in the season 54 finale?

Season 55

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Shake Yo' Groove Thang!

Starring:Disco Bear Flaky
Featuring:Flippy Toad
Appearances:Numerous girls

Disco Bear, Flippy 1
Disco Bear is doing too many "moves" of his, but later gets intent surgery in the season 55 premiere.
Cone sp3 Snow Cone Starring:Coney
Featuring:Cro-Marmot, Nutty
Appearances:Tarsy, HatchyIcee
Nutty, Coney 2
What starts out as a hot day for Coney soon turns cool... but just how cool can it get before it becomes too much?
5 Year Millienium of Fanon! Starring:Toad, Josh Toothy Cuddles
Featuring: Every character of Happy Tree Friends Fanon in overall
Appearances:Slender Tree Friend
Toad, Hippy, Racist, Shepard, Handy 3
This is gonna be one hell of a party, with Manager as Josh, DJ as Toad, and Guards as Toothy and Cuddles.
Legacy Todd's Legacy Starring:Todd
Appearances:LumpyPetunia, Cuddles, Toothy, McPipes, Flippy, Generic Tree Friends
Todd 4
Todd has big plans for his funeral.
Gal pals Gal Pals Starring:Josh
none 5
Giggles and Stacy start hanging out together, but Josh feels left out.
Disco girl Disco Girl Starring:Disco Bear
Featuring:Fairymunk, Buckley
Appearances:Giggles, Petunia, Cuddles, HandySniffles
Everyone 6
Disco Bear is magically turned into a girl to be taught a lesson about his flirting.
Virus A Case of the Virus Starring:TeeVee and Compie
Teevee 9
Compie is sick with a bad virus...which is getting worse and worse.
CoralLegs Pulling Your Leg Starring:Coral the Merfox
Featuring:Disco BearLumpyRussell
Appearances:JockRacer, ToothyTokio
Toothy, Disco Bear 7
Coral gets legs, but realizes they aren't all they're cracked up be.
Down the hatch Down The Hatch Starring:Pesty, Teacup
Appearances: Queen
Teacup, Pesty 8
Pesty gets swallowed by Giggles, and chases Teacup through her body.
Lifeguard bear Mouth to Mouth Starring: Disco Bear
Featuring:Bravy, Lumpy, Squabbles, Lammy, Mr. Pickels
Appearances:Petunia, Gloomy
Squabbles, Disco Bear, Bravy 9
Disco Bear experiences mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and gets a couple of ideas.
Tail end Tail End of Trouble Starring: Feary, Flippy
Featuring:Lumpy, The Mole
Appearances:Giggles, Tarsy, Kendall, Laurie, Nutty, Sniffles
Giggles,Tarsy, Kendall, Nutty, Sniffles, Flippy, Feary 10
Feary's gassy tail proves as a dangerous weapon for Flippy.
Soil and trouble Soil and Trouble Starring: Queen
Featuring: Splendid
Appearances: Devious, Baby Mouse, Jenna and Chloe, Immature, Pranky, Cream, Splendont, Splendaint, Laurie
Everyone except Splendont, Splendaint, and Splendaint's Three Kids. 11
Queen tries to grow a flower, but it turns into a monster.
Cape fear Cape Fear Starring:Gutsy
Appearances:FlyhighSplendidGeneric Tree Friends
Everyone 12
Gutsy finds a cape and adds it to his daredevil outfit. Something he'll soon regret.
Switch glitch Switch Glitch Starring:Cream, Laurie
Featuring:Sniffles, Bun
Appearances:Pop, Cub, Weevil and Kneevil, Neeky
Cub, Weevil, Kneevil, Neeky, Bun, Laurie, Cream 13
Cream and Laurie accidently switch species.
Howdy soda Shaky Breaky Heart Starring:HowdyNutty
Everyone 14
You know what happens when you shake a can of soda. But what if an earthquake does the shaking?
Creamed corn Creamed Corn Starring:Cream, Famine
Featuring:Cheesy, Lumpy
Appearances: Laurie, Boomer, Josh, Baby Mouse, Meaty, Giggles, Mole, Bean Jr., Petunia, Crasher, Generic Tree Friends
Baby Mouse, Cheesy, GTFs, Famine 15
Famine eats Cream's prized corn, causing him to "flip out".
Dead funny Dead Funny Starring:Gloomy
Featuring:Pranky, Mimi
Everyone except Gloomy (debatable for Mole) 16
Pranky and Mimi trick Gloomy into thinking he died after his latest failed suicide attempt.
Episode of krazy Objections and Magic Starring:Amadeus, Rosenberg
Featuring:Luka, Pakk, Hauptmann, Valkyrie
Appearances:Punk, GTF's
Everyone except Punk 17
Rosenberg's objections to Pakk's plans spreads madness at the L.F.M conference room in the season 55 finale.

Season 56

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Odd kind An Odd Kind of Kind Starring:Oddity
Featuring:Sniffles, Buck and Chuck, Figaro
Appearances:Toothy, Poachy
Buck, Chuck, Figaro, Oddity's clone 1
In the Season 56 premiere, Oddity tries to fit in and later discovers what she's made of (literally).
Dog park Walk in the Dog Park Starring:Dr. Pet
Featuring:Whistle, Crazy, Handy, Goof and Crabby, Giggles
Appearances:Truffles, Squabbles, Cuddles, Bro and Tyke, Mime, Toothy

Everyone but Dr. Pet and Whistle (Debatable for Truffles, Bro, Tyke, Squabbles and Cuddles)

Dr. Pet faces danger at the dog park.
Egg Sitting Starring:Bastion, Indy
Featuring:Beef, Cud
Appearances:CryptiePlucky, Chestnut
Cud, Beef, Plucky, Chestnut 3
Bastion leave Indy in charge of watching his pet egg.
Princess and the Pee Starring:Princess
Featuring:Mime, Todd, Parri, Cuddles, Handy
Everyone but Rammsey 4
Its potty panic when Princess needs to pee in public.
Crusg Running Read Starring:Booky
Featuring:Arac, Tarant, Libra
Appearances:Booko, The Mole
Everyone but Arac 5
A scary book gets Booky spooked.
Take note Take Note Starring:Figaro, Croaky
Appearances:Cuddles, Mime
Everyone except Mime 6
Croaky and Figaro compete to see who can hit a higher note.
I Got my Eye on You Starring:Devious, Russell
Featuring:Cream and Queen, Sniffles, Lumpy, Mole
Appearances:Cuddles, Toothy, Generic Tree Friends
Cream, Queen, Mole, Cuddles, Toothy, Devious (debatable) 7
Devious and Russell get bionic eyes and experience double vision at the same.
Flippytrouble Flippy in Trouble Starring:Flippy
Featuring:Pranky, Foxy, Figgy, Lifty & Shifty, Aurora
Appearances:The Mole, Squabbles, Generic Tree Friends
Pranky, Shifty, Lifty, Squabbles, a GTF 8
Flippy gets a debt. He must try hard to pay it off or else his home and his furniture get repossessed.
Kitchenjosh Something's in the Kitchen with Josh Starring:Josh
Featuring:Stacy, Lumpy
Lumpy, Cocktail 9
What's cooking with Josh? You'll find out when he makes meals in the kitchen for his upcoming date with Stacy.
Blindside-0 Blind-Side Starring:Sniffles
Featuring:Lumpy, Rush
Appearances:Toothy, Lifty & Shifty, Savaughn, Otus
Toothy, Lifty, Shifty, Sniffles, Rush 10
Sniffles breaks his glasses. He then tries to find replacements or invent his own pair.
Splendidnt Splendidn't Do Well Starring:Splendid
Featuring:Splendont, Lumpy, Stretchy
Appearances:Trippy, Robo Star, Cursed Idol
Trippy, Robo Star, Splendont 11
Splendid gets an electric shock, which strips him of all his superpowers. Now he must either defeat his nemesis as a normal citizen or try to get his superpowers back.
Dangerousnone The Dangerous None? Starring: The Dangerous Six
Featuring:Capture, Zap, Dealer
Appearances:Cole, Groundie, Commy, Handy, Disco Bear
Cole (debatable), Groundie (debatable), Disco Bear, Dealer 12
Someone spreads a scandal, which causes the Dangerous Six to break up!
Tooned-0 All Tooned Up Starring:Josh
Featuring:Fanny, Devious
Appearances: Sniffles, Lumpy, Cro-Marmot (unfrozen)
Devious 13
Josh takes Fanny on a wild ride through the history of animation, but a certain villain is out there to make it worse for them.
Ofather O Father, Where Art Thou? Starring: Josh, Giggles, Josh's dad
Appearances:John, Sniffles, Lumpy, Patriot, Giggles' Mom
Sniffles, Lumpy, Patriot 14
Josh and Giggles, with the help of their cousin, try to find out who their father is.
Tearpres Tear Pressure Starring:Icy, Eggy, Freezer and Arcticus
Featuring:Devious, Giggles, Petunia
Appearances:Splendid, Lifty & Shifty, Nutty, Puffy, Pierce, Josh, Russell, Generic Tree Friends
Devious, Giggles, Petunia, GTFs, Icy, Eggy, Freezer, Arcticus 15
After bursting to tears over his recent failure, Devious invents a machine that makes every HTF in the town to cry and wail. The Penguins are on a mission to turn off the tears, before and when the town is flooded. Meanwhile, Giggles and Petunia (also weeping) try to calm everyone down.
Stutters and Shudders Starring:Cole
Featuring: Josh, Swindler, Cuddles
Appearances:Ariel, First, Splendid (comic book)
Josh, Swindler, Cuddles 16
Wanting to talk like a normal HTF, Cole buys a voice correctional device from Swindler. M-m-m-m-must w-w-w-w-watch-h-h.
Giantskunk Big Deal! Starring:Petunia
Featuring:Sniffles, Fungus, Handy, Hippy
Appearances:Generic Tree Friends
Everyone 17
Petunia seeks for a new cleanser that Sniffles invented for her, but her necklace accidentally switches on one of Sniffles' recent inventions, causing her to become giant!
Tracks Making Tracks Starring:Lumpy
Lumpy 18
Lumpy gets into bits of problems when setting up his model train track.
Prankbroughttoyou This Prank is Brought to You By... Starring: Pranky
Featuring:Hoppy, Tycoon, Mole
Mole, Pranky 19
Pranky buys and owns a prank store. He also takes a shot at advertising the latest pranks.
Achoochoo Atch-Choo Choo! Starring:Cole
Featuring:Josh, Croakus, Rails, Lumpy
Appearances:Truffles, The Zebra
Josh, Cole, Rails (debatable), Croakus 20
Croakus brings life to a steam train and Cole tries to prevent the living locomotive from derailing. Welp, we're going off the rails with this one!
Voodoo Hairdo Starring:Giggles, Petunia, Lumpy
Appearances:Lammy, Flaky, Hawkeye, Sniffles, Buddy, Generic Tree Friends
Giggles, Petunia 21
Giggles and Petunia's girls' night out is interrupted when Lumpy fails an attempt to give them a hairdo, so Lumpy tries an over-complicated method of giving them their perfect hairdo: voodoo.
Ice cream queen Ice Cream, You Queen Starring:Cream and Queen, Devious
Featuring:Nutty, Icee, Ice Cream, Sniffles
Appearances:Splendid, Cro-Marmot
Ice Cream, Icee, Devious 22
Cream gets turned into ice cream by Devious, and Queen must change him back into a rabbit before ice cream fanatics eat him, or worse, he melts.
Out wool Out of the Wool Starring:Needle and Thread
Featuring:Cub, Sniffles, Petunia
Appearances:Cro-Marmot, Lumpy
Petunia, Sniffles, Thread, Needle 23
Here's why a sheep should never streak in the nude.
Buildcon Building Confidence Starring:Rush
Featuring:Lumpy, Ava, Flaky, Handy, Mime
Mime, Handy, Tycoon 24
Can Rush finish his job in time?
Whatsupdog What's Up, Dog? Starring:Crazy, Whistle

Featuring:Shelly, Arietta and Melody, Sniffles
Appearances:The Mole, Josh, Stacy, Genesis, Beauty, Lilly, JoyLumpy, Generic Tree Friends

Lilly,Beauty, Whistle's family, a generic tree friend  25
Crazy and his family welcome the newest member of their family: Whistle!
Take cut Take Your Cut Starring:Buck and Chuck
Appearances:The rest of BuckandChuck's characters
Slop, Rojr, Rocky, Bal, Dawn, Dusk, Jacky, Eli, Fyre, Clam, Pride, Envy, Eno, Arno, Akno, Pouches, Laika, Spetz, Cash, Stashe, Chime, Clockwork, Egghead, Trike, Jack, Plucky, Racer, Mask, Waltz, Happy, Hedge, Hound, Hagg, Nubby, DJ, Arac, Burnett 26
Half of BuckandChuck's characters get cut down.
Light as weather Light as a Weather Starring:Doppler, Figgy
Featuring:Foxy, Bun, Gloomy
Appearances:Tempty, Marvin, Celeste, Josh, Gem and Ini, Pop and Cub
Foxy,Tempty, Cub, Figgy, Doppler 27
Doppler is the only hope of saving Happy Tree Town from a meteorite shower in the season 56 finale.

Season 57

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Jack lantern Jack's No Lantern Starring:Jack
Featuring:Burnt, Pouches, Fyre, Todd, Mole
Appearances:Lumpy, Otus
Burnt,Pouches, Fyre, Todd, Jack (head only) 1
Jack goes on a Halloween rampage as his body tries to look for its lost head.
Inseparable 2 Inseparable Starring:Buckley, Kendall
Appearances:Jazz, Floral and Fawn, Toothy, Cub, Savaughn
Cub, Floral 2
When Buckley and Kendall get their antlers stuck together, one of them will learn a lesson about personal space. The other goes completely out of her mind.
Retail The Re-tail Store Starring: Swindler, Baka
Featuring: Stacy, Handy
Appearances: FuzzyScorpMole
Handy, Stacy, Swindler 3
Baka's used-up tails provide a new business venture for Swindler.
Snowproblem Snow Money, Snow Problems Starring: Icy, Eggy, Freezer and Arcticus, Flaky
Featuring: Timber, Slushy, Burr
Timber, Arcticus, Burr, Slushy 4
Flaky gets snowed in and the Penguins try to dig her out.
Centermine Journey to the Center of the Mine Starring: Cole, Groundie
Appearances:Mole, Mole people, Todd
Mole, numerous mole peple, Goundie, Cole 5
Cole and Groundie get stuck in the deepest vicinity of the coal mine after a freak explosion.
Pine Pine with Me Starring: Pine Scent
Featuring: Lumpy, Lifty & Shifty
Appearances:Toad, Petunia
Lifty, Shifty 6
Pine Scent makes her own perf through the aroma of pine needles.
Teluscope-0 Tel-us-cope About it Starring: Pranky
Featuring:Scoopy, Celeste, Russell
None 7
Kendall is haunted by a ghost since she don't answer to The Guest's mail.
Shopdrop You Shop, You Drop Starring:Todd
Featuring:LumpyBuddy, Cub, Pop
Appearances:HippyCuddlesToothy,  GigglesHatchySnifflesGeneric Tree Friends
Hatchy, Hippy, GTFs, Todd 8
Photoshopping becomes a problem for Todd.
Safesorry Better Safe and Sorry Starring: Plushy
Featuring:Buck and Chuck
Appearances:Needle and Thread, Flaky, Marlin, Frilly, Snooty and Cranky
Everyone 9
Plushy makes a safety video featuring Buck and Chuck.
Giftityourall Gift it Your All Starring: Lumpy
Featuring:Nutty, Taily, Kendall, Prongs, Mole, Eli
Kendall, Eli, Nutty, Taily, Prongs, Lumpy 10
Lumpy holds a white elephant gift exchange with presents he "found" in Pocket's yard. But he doesn't know what's in them.
Northernlights Northern Frights Starring: Aurora, Daydream
Featuring:Josh, Stacy, Celeste
Appearances:Santa Claus
Josh, Stacy, Celeste, Daydream 11
Aurora hopes to see the Northern Lights, but Daydream's imagination gets in the way of that.
Mousetrapped Mouse Trapped Starring: Josh, Sorcery
Featuring: Posy and Negy, Hiss, Cheesy
Everyone 12
Josh has a nice day out with some friends, until an evil wizard shrinks them to the size of mice to be his dinner.
Raymondvsnutty Raymond Vs Nutty Starring Raymond, Nutty none 13
A fight begins when Nutty takes Raymond's lollipop.
Incrediblebulk The Incredible Bulk Starring Jerky
FeaturingSwindler, Jock, Hoppy
AppearancesPow Pow
Everyone except Pow Pow 14
Jerky decides to change his life by purchasing weights from Swindler. However, the weights turn Jerky into a 'hulking' monstrosity.
Backtoback Back to Back Starring Flippy, Cuddles
FeaturingTrixie, Kendall, Tarsy
AppearancesGiggles, Sniffles, Flaky
Tarsy, Kendall, Cuddles 15
A curse gets Flippy and Cuddles stuck together!
Armwrestling Armed and Dangerous Starring Hoppy
Featuring Pierce, Lumpy, Snappy, Russell
AppearancesBulky, Peppery, Pow Pow, Handy
None 16
Hoppy wants to be the best at arm wrestling.
Babyboom Baby Boom Starring The Mole
Featuring Sniffles, Robo Star, Pop, Cub
Appearances Elliott, Pudgy, Petunia
Cub, Sniffles, Robo Star 17
The Mole treats an atomic bomb as his baby, unaware that it could detonate any minute!
Princess frog The Frog Princess Starring: PrincessTrixie
Featuring:Croakus, Prince
Appearances:FungusDisco BearParriCass
Prince, Trixie, Princess 18
A wizard turns Princess into a frog, so she must seek true love's first kiss in order to return to normal. And must seek it before sunset or it's permanent.
Fawn2 Dear Deer Children Starring: Stone
Poachy 19
Stone goes to great lengths to find a new home for two orphaned fawns after their parents are shot by a hunter.
Talktothehand Talk to the Hand Starring:Nuppet and Quist
Featuring:Coney, Tarsy, Jerky
Appearances:Mime, Naz
Coney, Jerky 20
Quist finds a puppet which, unbeknownst to her, has a mind of its own.
Seawhatidid Sea What I Did There? Starring: Josh, John
Featuring: Stacy, Snorkels, Giggles, Petunia, Flaky, Flippers, Icy, Eggy, Freezer and Arcticus
Appearances: Russell, Marlin
Giggles, several sharks, Snorkels, Stacy, Petunia, Icy, Eggy, Freezer, Arcticus, John 21
John goes deep-sea diving with his siblings and friends. But will an above-water war cause a tremendous commotion in the ocean?
Lostandfawn-0 Lost and Fawn Starring Floral and Fawn
Featuring Boz, Blizzard
Appearances Mole
Blizzard, Boz 22
When Floral loses the flower on her head, Fawn helps her look for it by retracing steps.
Antinhead2 All in Your Head StarringSniffles, Ant Family
AppearancesJosh, Stacy Flippy
Sniffles 23
The Ants get eaten and wind up in Sniffles' brain. Now they'll give him far worse than a headache.
Woodpecked Woodpecked Husband StarringPecky, Peckins
Featuring Peckia, Trippy, Stone, Handy, Hatchy, Lumpy
Appearances Mole
Trippy, Handy, Stone, Hatchy 24
In the season finale, Peckia lays an egg and Pecky must keep an eye on it.

Season 58

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Bigdill No Big Dill Starring:Lumpy, Lammy, Mr. Pickels
Appearances:Seth, Truffles
Jerky, Lumpy 1
Lumpy wants to help Lammy after thinking he ate Mr. Pickles.
Warlockwitch Warlock and Witch Starring:Sorcery, Hagg
Featuring:Chroma, Wrinkles
Appearances:Lumpy, Mole, Josh, Stacy, Pecky, Peckia, Foxy
Sorcery, Wrinkles, Chroma (debatable) 2
Sorcery develops a crush on Hagg, leading to an engagement. But Chroma sees the sorcerer's true intentions and must put a stop to the wedding.
Simply Smashing! Starring:Sniffles
Featuring:The Ants
Appearances:Eejit, Cuddles, Toothy
Sniffles 3
Sniffles becomes more obsessed with video games than ant hunting. Apparently neither are good for you.
Bedwinners Starring:Lumpy
Featuring:Cuddles, Kendall
Appearances:Sniffles, Taily
Kendall, Cuddles, Lumpy 4
Lumpy starts a job selling beds.
Peckedout All Pecked Out Starring:Pecky, Peckins
Appearances:Sniffles, Toothy, Punchy, Wooly, Generic Tree Friends
Everyone but Handy and Wooly 5
Pecky tries help his son peck through wood. Handy's jackhammer might come in handy.
Glory Hounds Starring:Stephano
Fairymunk, Stephano 6
Stepheno gets his most precious trophy stolen by a dog.
Nip In the Bud Starring:Yuleg
Featuring: None
Appearances: None
Yuleg 7
Yuleg finds his roots in his garden.
Test Screaming Starring:Cream and Queen, Sniffles
Featuring: Tarant, Deathy, Gloomy, Lifty and Shifty, Lime, Dandy, Tempty, Pop, Cub
Appearances: Pranky
Deathy, Lifty, Shifty, Dandy, Cub, Tempty, Queen, Tarant 8
Cream has finished a movie about a tarantula, and he uses Sniffles' invention to project the movie. The tarantula pops off the screen and targets the audience.
Savebacon Save your Bacon Starring Jerky
FeaturingPuffy, Hedge, Wrinkles, Handy, Lifty & Shifty
AppearancesNaz, John
Hedge, Handy, Lifty, Shifty, Puffy 9
In order to make more friends, Jerky tries to be a nice guy... for once.
Curseyou Curse You! Starring: Cuddles, Giggles, Josh
Featuring: Lumpy, Toothy, Pierce, Nuppet and Quist
Appearances: Stacy, Disco Bear, Generic Tree Friends
Everyone but Nuppet (debatable for Lumpy, Josh and Stacy) 10
Cuddles, Giggles and Josh learn a new word from Lumpy which is *truck horn*. Oh sorry! I should watch my mouth.
PENGUINOTRON 2000 Starring: Icy, Eggy, Freezer, Arcticus, Mole
Featuring: Devious
Appearances: Spot, Waddles, The Whale, Munchkin, Cuddles, Biohazard, Todd, Josh, Bun, Copper, Lumpy, Grinny, Cream
Spot,Biohazard, Devious, Eggy, Arcticus,Freezer, Cuddles, Josh, Todd, Grinny, Bun, Munchkin, Lumpy, Icy 11
The penguins build a combat robot to be used in emergencies. However, a certain blind stranger accidentally turns it into a lean, mean, town destroying machine!
Stretchdifferences Stretch your Differences Starring: Sniffles
Featuring: Honey, Hippy, Nutty
Appearances: The Ants, Food Fight
Nutty, Sniffles 12
After a day of experiments, Sniffles eats bubblegum. But a chemical reaction inside his bloodstream causes him to be stretchy and sticky. Sniffles attempts to use his new body form to his advantage, until another chemical reaction causes him to grow super tall.
Feeling Stingy StarringSorcery, Josh
AppearancesQuacks, Handy, Trixie
Devious, Handy, Quacks, Sorcery 13
Sorcery discovers that Josh is afraid of wasps. He decides to use his black magic to disguise as a giant wasp to torment him further.
Thick as Thieves Starring: Lifty and Shifty
Featuring: SplendidDevious
Appearances: CockyCuddles, Josh, Mole, Tromp, Swindler, Cream and Queen, Chicko and Cagey, Sorcery
Cream, Josh, Cuddles, Mole, Cocky, Lifty, Shifty, Chicko, Cagey, Swindler, Splendid 14
After a failure, Lifty and Shifty decide to give up being thieves. But does this still mean Splendid has one less villain to deal with?
Coopdtat Coop D'Etat Starring Nugget, Roaster
FeaturingLumpy, Stone, Flaky Seth
AppearancesBro and Tyke, Kendall, Generic Tree Friends
Flaky, Seth, Bro, Tyke, Nugget 15
Nugget becomes the new leader of the chickens of the town and leads them on a crusade against fast food restaurants.
Mindless Violence Starring Nutty
Featuring Sorcery
AppearancesLumpy, Splendid, Lifty & Shifty, Cocky, Crafty, Fonko, Petunia, Josh, Creamy
Splendid, Lumpy, Crafty, Cocky, Petunia, Nutty 16
Fed up of not having an agile body, Sorcery tricks Nutty into giving up his own brain. Therefore allowing Sorcery to control Nutty's body, for evil!
Car-tificial Intelligence Starring Pop and Cub
Featuring Tech, Giggles, Toothy, Petunia, Nugget, Boof
AppearancesJosh, Cream, Neeky
several chickens, Boof, Toothy (debatable), Pop, Cub 17
Pop wants a cool car, so he asks Tech to upgrade it into a new talking model known as C.A.R. Little did Toothy know, C.A.R. is evil and is trying to take Pop away from Cub by trying to kill him. Now it is up to Toothy and his pals to save both Pop and Cub from the wrath of C.A.R.
Rockrages Rock of Rages Starring: Pierce
Featuring: Pow Pow, Cuddles, Cardboard, Crazy
Appearances:Savaughn, Giggles, Petunia, Tangles, Rock, Tarant, Generic Tree Friends
Pow Pow, Cuddles, Pierce 18
Upon release from the town jail, Pierce decides to give up his bully-like ways (permanently) for his dream career: being a rock star.
Screenshot2 Cheese-A-Me-City StarringCheesy, Nutty
FeaturingCardboard, Thirsty
AppearancesTarsy, Rigg
Cheesy, Nutty, Cardboard, Thirsty 19
Going into Cheese City is funner but it's about time for death!
You're Toast Starring Bun
Featuring TBA
AppearancesQuacks, Clesta, Lightning
Quacks, Bun, Lightning 20
Bun wants his toaster fixed. But one thing for certain, he is impatient!
Common Zen-se Starring Pointy
Featuring Takeda Nokashi, Pinkie
AppearancesBaka, Josh, Toothy, Cuddles, Japan, Pierce, Pop and Cub
Cuddles, Pierce, Pointy, Pinkie, Josh 21
Pointy goes to a pagoda to seek his inner peace.
Oranges Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Pirate? Starring Russell, Lifty and Shifty
AppearancesNeptune, Quacks, Scurvy, Ahoy, Clam, Chicko
Quacks, Neptune, Ahoy, Chicko, Lifty, Shifty, Russell 22
Lifty and Shifty steal the citrus fruits of the town, thus covering the town with scurvy! Can swashbuckler Russell save the day?

Season 59

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Screenshot1 Tail-Tired! Starring:Taily, Sniffles
Appearances:Lumpy, Petunia, Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, Hippy, Superspeed, Robo Star
Cuddles,Giggles, Toothy, Hippy, Taily 1

Taily gets an tired tail. What will he do about it?

Hookinbrain Digging for Gold Starring:Russell, Lumpy
Appearances: Petunia, Giggles, Cub
Russell, Lumpy 2

If you're a hook-handed pirate, picking your nose isn't just's deadly!

Hanginggutsy All Terrain Terror Starring:Gutsy
Appearances:Igloo and Puffoo, Cacti, Hagg
Gutsy 3

Gutsy performs new stunts on his all-terrain vehicle.

Lick lick Lickin' the Garbage Starring:Licky, Fungus
Appearances:Lumpy, Petunia
Licky, Fungus 4

Licky licks the garbage in the garbage dump making Licky thinks it tastes good. After he puts the garbage into his mouth, he starting having troubles. So Fungus goes to help only to make it worser than ever!

Gloomy Science Starring:Gloomy, Cream
Featuring:SnifflesQueen, Clesta, Robo Star, Middle & Nighty, Devious, Tempty, Disco Bear
Sniffles, Robo Star, Middle, Nighty, Devious, Disco Bear, Queen, Cream, Gloomy 5

Gloomy tries to look for something to help kill himself in Sniffles' lab, but Cream grabs it first. They both fight over the item, and unknowingly kills more than just themselves.

Scream and Queen Starring:Cream and Queen
Featuring:Sniffles, Feary, Cuddles, Flaky, Pranky
Appearances:Russell, Cloudy
Everyone but Russell and Cloudy 6
A bravery experiment that was supposed to affect Feary makes Cream and Queen scaredy cats.
Toothy's Roadtrip Starring:Toothy, Swindler
Featuring:Pop, Party Freak, Flaky, Bun, Raymond, Queen, Sickly, Nutty
Everyone 7

The gang goes a road trip in Toothy's new RV.

Scarsofattraction Scars of Attraction Starring:Disco Bear,
Featuring:Lessy, Lumpy, Blizzard, Brushy, Kendall, Russell
Appearances:Kicks, Jock, Giggles
Disco Bear 8

Disco Bear injures himself at every opportunity after Blizzard's scar becomes a chick magnet.

Toilet and Trouble Starring:Cream and Queen
Featuring:Tycoon, Bilbil, Goldie, Tiff, Tokio, Japan, Bun, Josh
Bun, Goldie, Bilbi 9
Cream becomes a plumber after he gets fired from his high-paying job. Queen quits because she just follows him.
Bloodsyrup What a Sap Starring:Nutty
Featuring:Hippy, Mole
Appearances:Pecky, Handy, Meaty
Hippy, Nutty 10
When Nutty runs out of maple syrup, he must search for more.
Strand Ahoy Starring:Russell
Featuring:Quacks, Scurvy, Ahoy, Moppy, Tusky
Appearances:The Whale
Moppy, Quacks, Ahoy, various animals and sharks 11
Russell and other sailors end up stranded on an island.
Hasta Fuego Starring:Sorcery
Featuring:Lumpy, Pride
Appearances:Cream and Queen, Toothy, Bun, Cuddles, Swindler
Swindler, Bun, Cream, Queen, Sorcery 12
Sorcery casts a spell so any liars' pants catch fire randomly. Now we know what the phrase "Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire" means.
Hard Boiled Eggy Starring:Icy, Eggy, Freezer and Arcticus
Appearances:The Whale, Water
Everyone except Icy, Eggy, Freezer and Arcticus 13
Eggy is fed up of being treated as the 'childish' member of the penguins, so he goes solo to build up his bravery and strength. But does he know what he is doing?
Icy Cold Starring:Icy, Eggy, Freezer and Arcticus
Featuring:Spot, Waddles
Eggy, Freezer, Hopper, Spot 14
Arcticus' latest invention malfunctions, causing Icy to think that his friends are his enemies and his enemies are his friends!
Bye-ence Starring:Sniffles
Appearances:Test Dumby, Giggles, Petunia, Burnt, The Ants
Test Dumby, Burnt, Giggles, Petunia, Sciencie, Sniffles 15
Sniffles gives up science after a series of failed inventions and failed experiments. But will he throw his scientific mind away for good?
Whaletail Whale of a Tail Starring:Giggles, The Whale
Featuring:Scurvy, Handy
Appearances:Lumpy, Germy, Ahoy, Russell
Everyone except the Whale 16
When the Whale loses his tail flippers and ends up beached, Giggles and Handy must rescue him.
Youcantcatsme You Can't Cats Me Starring:Hippy, Honey
Featuring:Stone, Lumpy, Mole
Appearances:Emily & Kit-Kat, Whiskers
Lumpy, Mole, Hippy, Stone 17
Honey gets stuck in a tree and Hippy must get him down.
Puppetkiss Puppet in the Middle Starring:Double A, Nuppet and Quist
Appearances:Toothy, Flaky, Mole
Toothy, AA 18
AA actually wins a girl over. But now he must prevent her puppet from ruining their date.
Oh My Rod! Starring:Jane and Zack Zack, Jane 19
Jane tries to make a prank to Zack with the classic money-in-the-rod prank.
Cock of the Walk Starring: Cocky, Prongs
Featuring: Lumpy, Copper
Appearances: Bun, John, Cuddles, The Mole, Laurie, Josh
John, Cuddles, The Mole, Cocky, Prongs 20
Cocky takes complete control of Happy Tree Town, and Prongs is the only one able to stop him!
Quacks the Pillager Starring: Quacks, Russell
Featuring: Scurvy
Appearances: Foxy, Figgy, Josh, Nutty, Ahoy
Foxy, Figgy, Nutty, Ahoy, Scurvy, Quacks, Russell 21
Quacks joins Scurvy's crew of ne'er do well pirates.
Skunked Starring: Rammy and Laymond, Hissy the Skunk
Featuring: Raymond, Cub, Poachy, Stone
Appearances: Petunia, Vanilla, Abby, Random, Baldwin
Hissy, Poachy 22
Rammy and Laymond find themselves in a Smelly Situation when they find a pet skunk.
Cracker Land Part 1 Starring:Cuddles, Toothy, Raymond, Squabbles, Tarsy, Taily, Pockets
Featuring:Swannie, Jerky
Swannie, Jerky 23

Characters flock for Cracker Land, but encounter trouble on the way.

Season 60

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Cracker Land Part 2 Starring:Cuddles, Toothy, Sickly, Raymond, Squabbles, Tarsy, Taily, Pockets
Appearances: Vanilla, Party Freak, Wolfle, Chaffy, Bun, Berg, Flippy, Snowie, Double A, Josh, Brushy, Pinkie, Lumpy, Splendid
Everyone 1

At the Season 60 Premiere, The gang arive at Cracker Land but aren't too happy about it.

Mall to Stall Starring:Catbat, Tiff, Goldie
Featuring:Bif, Bilbil and the Sextuplets, Cream and Queen
Appearances:Lumpy, Vanilla
Vanilla, Goldie 2

Catbat and his friends win a shopping spree at the Tree Town Mall: 5 minutes, whatever you put in your cart is free. Some characters' choices are not so surprising.

Mussels and Bisects Starring:The Whale, Mussel
Featuring:Russell, Stone
Appearances:Lumpy, Quacks, Boz, Water
Various sea creatures, Quacks, Stone, Russell 3

Mussel and The Whale attack whalers and clam fishers on the coast of Happy Tree Town.

Swing Fly Swing Fly Starring:Lime, Dandy
Featuring:Handy, Trippy, Superspeed, Robo Star, Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy
Appearances:Generic Tree Friends
Everyone 4

Lime and Dandy want to play on the playground swings, but Dandy is too strong and causes the swing to spin.

Discoball moon Disco Night Starring:Daydream, Disco Bear
Appearances:Platypus Aliens, Cuddles, Giggles, Party Freak, Generic Tree Friends
Everyone (only in a dream) 5

What tricks will Daydream's mind play on him when Disco Bear gets involved?

Birthday Party Freak Birthday Party Freak Starring:Party Freak, Munches
Featuring:Lumpy, Cuddles, Giggles, Puffy, Trippy
Appearances:Nutty, Russell, Superspeed, Stacy, Josh
Everyone 6

It's Party Freak's birthday but things turn out wrong sooner.

Capture86 Kick News Starring:Reachy, Dazzle
Appearances:Cuddles, Handy, Toothy, Mime, Cooly, Lifty, Shifty, Flippy, Devious
Dazzle 7

Reachy and Dazzle are attempting to deliver the news about the soccer team.

Let's Get Away Let's Get Away Starring:Bun, Lime, Lifty & Shifty
Appearances:Todd, Lumpy, Licky, Smarty, Brushy
Lime, Lifty, Shifty 8

Bun wants revenge on Lifty & Shifty, so Lime issues a substitute glove.

Poultrygeist The Poultry-geist Starring:Nugget, Cryptie
Featuring:Boz, Brushy, Roaster, Fatty
Appearances: Lumpy
Everyone except Lumpy 9

After Nugget dies in an accident, his spirit returns to look for a new head by decapitating others. Only one ghost-hunting mole can stop him...we hope.

Stake on the Barbie StarringBun

FeaturingGiggles, Lumpy
AppearancesHippy, Cuddles, Seth, Kay and Sir

Everyone except Kay 10

Bun gets his killer instincts back when his teeth suddenly grow in!

Jail Rabbit and Puppet Jail Rabbit and Puppet Starring:Nuppet and Quist
Featuring:Lumpy, The ZebraNutty
Appearances: Trippy
Everyone (debatable for Nuppet, Quist and Zebra) 11

After Nuppet killed other character, he and Quist (who was declared responsible for all Nuppet's kills, although she does not know that he is alive) are sent to jail.

Handinmarriage Hand in Marriage Starring: Handy
Featuring: Lifty & Shifty, Sniffles, Lumpy, Cole, Petunia
Appearances: Giggles, Josh, Stacy, Genesis, Beauty, Lilly, Joy
Sniffles, Cole, Lifty,Shifty 12

Handy's newly-purchased wedding ring falls into a storm drain. Can he get it back in time for Valentine's Day?

Bun is in the Air Starring:Bun, Brushy
Featuring:Cryptie, Josh
Appearances:Sluggy, Handy
Cryptie, Josh, Bun 13

Bun and Brushy go on a date that goes wrong quickly after they accidentally kill Cryptie!

Fleshfromoven Flesh From the Oven Starring:Grandma Wolf, Licky
Featuring:The Ants
Appearances: Chroma, Foxy, Froggy, Wrinkles, Hagg
Chroma,Foxy, Froggy, Ants, Licky 14

Licky meets an innocent-looking old lady and enjoys her cookies. Little does he know, he'd headed for torture that could rival even that of the Ants.

Olympic Tutorial Tutorial Olympics Starring:Chroma
Featuring:Lime, Lumpy, Jock, Dandy, Cuddles
Appearances:Softy, Bushy, Kibble, Handy
Everyone 15

Chroma is showing how to play at the Olympics, but unintentionally causes deaths.

Character Pop-ups

Seasons 51-53

The intro depicts characters on trading cards. Starring characters show up on individual trading cards, along with information about them. Featuring characters (depending on how much appear) are presented on at least one card at once.

  • Pierre salutes and holds a French flag
  • Jerky blows a raspberry
  • Cocktail wears elevator shoes
  • Squeeze spreads his tentacles
  • Baka throws shurikens
  • Tarsy waves hello
  • Bongo bangs his chest
  • Pow Pow struggles to lift a box
  • Spoke poses like a superhero
  • Frilly holds up his club
  • Stone makes a peace sign with his fingers
  • Lab Rat makes a potion
  • Devious cackles evilly
  • Clesta is laying on a cloud and her wings close.
  • Decay's arm falls off
  • Peppy reads something out from a piece of paper.
  • Maple takes a pie out of an oven.
  • Wally holds a paintbrush and paints something.
  • Pancake sows a scarf.
  • Pinkie eats lo mein with shrimp in it.
  • Poachy drinks tea over fireplace with Lumpy's head on top of the fireplace and Cuddles' skin as the rug.
  • Maria is eating a tapa.
  • Gluttony is eating a cake.
  • Kendall have a cake in the hands.
  • Hopper is climbing out of the water and onto a rock.

Seasons 54-56

The intro's in seasons 54-56 are similar to that of the season one intros.

  • Cream's screen shows a scrolling banner saying "Yay!" As the exclamation point disappears, his normal pupils return...
  • Queen cheers at the screen...
  • Stition shakes his salt shaker towards the screen. The salt dissolves on the snow...
  • Laurie smashes her guitar by holding it by the neck and slamming it into the ground.
  • Clesta waves at the veiwer, and her wings flutter.
  • Tuna takes out their fishing rod and reels in a fish.
  • Patchy waves, his arm falling off.
  • Hidey swaps his neutral mask for a smiling one.
  • Sluggy shows off his teeth.
  • Queenie looks into her hand-mirror and smiles.
  • Raymond sticks his tongue out with pink cheeks.
  • Baldwin pushes his hair out of the way.
  • Abby throws a steak in the air. When it comes down, she eats it.
  • Peppy clears her throat and looks at a sheet of paper.
  • Ultimate Fun Billy presses record on his camera. A tire rolls by, and he presses stop.
  • Smith stays stiff, only blinking once before going back into the bush.
  • Moder does a backflip
  • Jenna throws a ball, but the ball hits Chloe. Jenna helps her up.
  • Happy waves while Crappy sneezes.
  • Maple pulls out a tray of cookies and eats one.
  • Oak claps and cheers.
  • Dr. Pet yawns.
  • Croaky poses cutely with her hands on her cheeks.
  • Rush checks his watch, then begins to panic before going back into the bush.

Season 57-60

A screen similar to a movie theater is shown. It says the episode's title, with a screenshot to the left. Then the starring character(s) have their names shown, with a picture of them to the right doing what they are doing below. Featuring characters only have their names shown to the right, with a picture of all them combined to the left. The last message says "Now Playing" before going to the episode. As the credit's show on the theater screen, several GTFs cheer because the "film" was excellent.

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