Arc 2

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Seasons 61 through 70 of HTF Fanon episodes.


Season 61

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Restinyeast1 Rest in Yeast Part 1 Starring:Bun/Yip
Appearances:Handy, Fungus, Cryptie, Hopper, Germy, Lumpy
Brushy, Hopper, Lumpy, Fungus 1
Bun kills Brushy with poison he accidentally puts in his buns. Because of this, he goes insane from murdering his love and turns into Yip.
Restinyeast2 Rest in Yeast Part 2 Starring:Bun/Yip
Featuring:Cryptie, Brushy
Appearances:Cuddles, Giggles, Wrinkles, Mole, Nutty
Cuddles, Giggles, Wrinkles, Bun (revived), Brushy (again), Nutty 2
Yip terrorizes Happy Tree Town and it's up to one crazy mole to stop him! Then the duo try to bring back Brushy.
Facefacts Face the Facts Starring:Disco Bear, Nuppet and Quist
Featuring:Lab Rat, Squabbles, Lumpy
Nuppet, Lab Rat, Disco Bear (debatable) 3
Disco Bear and Nuppet need a face job after quarrelling with each other.
Dead as Leeches Starring:Loony
Featuring:Sucker and Drainer, Sluggy, Bleechy
Drainer, Sluggy, Sucker, Loony, Bleechy 4
Sucker, Drainer, Sluggy, and Bleechy have to escape Loony, who trapped them in his house and plans to turn them into leech cake!
Chophorrors Little Chop of Horror Starring:Random, Flippy
Featuring:Pierce, Puffy, Handy, Cub, Nutty
Appearances:Chompers, The Zebra, Cuddles, Sickly, Dash, Raymond, Squabbles, Generic Tree Friends
Pierce, Puffy, Handy, Nutty, GTFs, Squabbles, Random, Flippy 5
Never teach Random karate.
Loonynight Loony Night Starring:Loony, Sluggy
Featuring:Slow-Mo, Lumpy, Nutty
Nutty (debatable), Loony 6
Loony tries to kill Sluggy with a different approach; by trapping him at night!
Pollution Pollution Solution Starring:Scoopy
Featuring:Lumpy, Quacks, Fungus, Russell
Appearances:Biohazard, Cub
Everyone except Quacks and Scoopy 7
Scoopy's day at the beach is spoiled by pollution.
Sky's the Limit Starring:The Mousecrazy Siblings, Spanky
Appearances: Lumpy, Flaky, Cuddles, Giggles, Handy, Petunia, Pop, Cub
Everyone except the Mouscrazys and Spanky 8
Onboard a plane, the Mousecrazys annoy Spanky, who is forced to sit by them because of a computer error.
Route Dime-ty Three Starring:Pop
Featuring:Cub, Cuddles, Lumpy, Toothy
Appearances:Giggles, Petunia, Disco Bear
Everybody except Lumpy 9
When Pop's last piece flies away, the father runs for recuperate his dime who making damages on the road.
Chary1 Skip Chase Starring:Chary, Lumpy
Appearances:Chroma, Hagg, Flippy
Everybody except Chary 10
When Chary is hungry, he finds a cucumber, which he steals.
Smellspuffy Smells Puffy in Here Starring:Puffy
Featuring:Brushy, Giggles, Petunia, Xiggles
Appearances:The Mole, Superspeed, Robo Star
Puffy, Brushy 11
Puffy accidentally picks the wrong odor called "STINKY ODOR" and sprays on it himself. Everyone thinks Puffy is too stinky.
Plug You! Starring:Josh, Lumpy
Featuring:Handy, Leaky
Appearances:Shabby, Terry, Daryl
Everyone except Shabby (debatable for Josh) 12
Josh calls for help when his plumbing breaks down.
Equal at the Wing Starring:Loony
Featuring:Terry, Daryl, Sluggy
Appearances:Nutty, John, Buckley
Everyone except Sluggy 13
Loony gets help from two pterosaur brothers to catch Sluggy.
Futureants Another Blast from the Past Starring:Sniffles
Featuring:The Ants
Appearances:Chrono, Prehistoric Sniffles, Lumpy, Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy
Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, an ant, Sniffles (three times), Sniffles' parents 14
Following the events of Blast from the Past, Sniffles goes back in time to stop himself from starting the war between ants and anteaters.
Power Outage Starring:Handy
Appearances:Bun, Nurse and Cast
Bun, Cast, Nurse 15
Handy's power goes out and he is the only one available to fix it.
Handsoff Hands off my Man! Starring:Lustly
Featuring:Handy, Petunia
Appearances:Disco Bear, Lumpy
Disco Bear, Lustly 16
When Lustly falls for Handy, she does everything to keep him to herself.
Ohcrop Oh, Crop Starring:Beef, ???
Featuring:Wiz, Farmer Ox
Appearances:Lifty and Shifty, Scaredy Crow, Cud
Everyone except Beef 17
When Beef's crops die instantly from an unknown cause, he sets to find out what killed them- Or who.
Labeater LabEater Starring:Sniffles, Lab Rat
Appearances:Power, Lumpy, Ant Family
Lumpy, Ant Family 18
Sniffles and Lab Rat make an alliance, but only for Lab Rat's nefarious deeds!
Tragictricks Tragic Tricks Starring:Sorcery, Trixie, Croakus
Appearances:The Mole, Splendid, Lumpy
Everyone except Splendid and The Mole 19
Trixie, Sorcery and Croakus have a magic contest that goes terribly wrong!
Cheesy Dreams Starring:Liz
Featuring:Cheesy, Sorcery
Sorcery, Cheesy 20
When Sorcery haunts Cheesy's dreams as he sleeps, Liz has to stop Sorcery from killing Cheesy in his own dreams!
Air Wind Air Wind Starring:Tactical, Lime
Featuring:Croppy, Dandy, Lifty & Shifty, Liftelle and Shiftette
Mime, Croppy, Lime, Dandy, Leer 21
Lime is teaching Tactical swimming (after filling the latter with air) until he can finally do so.
Sporty Stuff Homely Sporty Stuff Homely Starring:Lime
Featuring:Croppy, Pop and Cub, Trippy, Tactical, Lumpy, Dazzle, Dandy
Pop & Cub, Dazzle, Lime, Tactical, Lumpy, Trippy, Croppy. 22
Lime is going to use the "home appliance sport" machine if Dandy does not wake up, only to find out sooner that Dandy's gone.

Season 62

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Fishes Fish Fishes Fish Starring:Lime, Dandy
Dandy 1
Lime and Dandy go fishing, but accident ensues involving the hook.
Out of Flight, Out of Mind Starring:Cloudy
Featuring:Pierce, Cornelius, Handy, Blizzard, Giggles, Josh, John, Pauline, Tussles, Petunia, Flaky
Appearances:Nutty, Monae, Jumpers, Lumpy, Sniffles
Monae,Cornelius, Giggles, Nutty, Pierce, John, Handy, Josh, Pauline, Tussles 2
Cloudy wants to fly into the clouds. Unfortunately, she isn't a flying squirrel.
What a Swissy Starring:Cheesy
Featuring:Fancy, Disco Bear
Appearances:Pop, Cub, Gnu, Lumpy, Josh, Stacy
Josh, Disco Bear, Cub, Cheesy, Fancy 3
Cheesy ruins a formal party with his cheese addiction.
Nice and Toasty Starring:Bun
Appearances:Lumpy, Kay
Bun 4
Bun decides to make toast. What could possibly go wrong?
Washingbadger Washing The Badger Starring:Squabbles
Appearances:The Zebra (In Picture frame)
Squabbles 5

Squabbles tries to wash his clothes, This can only end so well.

King's Corner Starring:Chess, Josh
Featuring:Mono, Loony
Appearances:Flaky, Chaffy, Cole, Mole
Flaky, Chaffy, Cole, Josh 6

Josh faces off against Chess the turtle in a rousing game of chess.

Bloodredcarpet Walking the Blood Red Carpet Starring:Crafty, Monae
Appearances:Giggles, Cornelius, Squabbles, Daisy
Daisy, Giggles, Cornelius, Squabbles, Monae 7

Crafty and Monae compete to be the lead stars in Petunia's fashion show.

Alltomyself All To Myself Starring:Todd,
Featuring:Swindler, Lustly, Fanny
Appearances:Monae, Scoopy, Mouser, Cro-Marmot
Fanny, Todd, Lustly 8

Todd finally becomes a celebrity. But he soon finds out even HE needs a break from his ego.

Capture28 Disaster Preparation Starring:Lime, Jock, Dr. Pet
Appearances:Sniffles, Lumpy, Cuddles, Toothy, Laurie, Figgy, Sporty, Pop, Cub
Dr. Pet 9

Lime and Jock are causing disaster fun by using a Disaster Preparation Machine. But Jock ends up bored and leaving when the disaster doesn't show up immediately.

Splendidscout Cub-Napped Starring:Cub, Devious, Splendid
Appearances:Bun, Squabbles, Pierce, The Zebra
Everyone except Splendid, Pop and The Zebra 10

Cub gets kid-napped! Can Splendid save the day?

Idol Care Starring:The Cursed Idol, Nutty, Squabbles, Raymond, Devious, Lammy, Bun
Everyone except The Cursed Idol (Debatable for Seth) 11

The Cursed Idol makes a sudden return. With a few new victims.

Rollheart Roll into my Heart Starring:Lustly
Featuring:Rolly, Jock
Appearances:Cuddles Lumpy, Mole, Freaky and Wiggles, Chess, Bomby
Cuddles, Lumpy, Freaky, Bomby, Chess, Lustly, Rolly 12

Jock falls in love with Rolly. What's the matter with that? Lustly is involved.

Londoneyeforeye London Eye for An Eye Starring:Handy, Josh
Featuring:Decker, Patriot, Petunia
Appearances:Pop, Cub, Russell, Flaky, Cornelius, Daisy, Bun, Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, Lumpy, John, Biohazard
Everyone except Cub 13

Handy and Josh pay a visit to the London Eye.

Horsepower Horse Power Starring:The Zebra, Howdy
Featuring:Savaughn, Racer, Vanilla, Puffy, Robo Star
Puffy, Vanilla, Robo Star, Howdy, the Zebra 14

The Zebra disguises himself as a horse and gets Howdy involved in a speed chase as a result.

Deadcritters I See Dead Critters Starring:Daydream, Lil' Raccoon
Featuring:Cryptie, Brushy, Bun, Celeste
Appearances:The Ghost
Everyone but Lil' Raccoon and the Ghost 15

After apparently killing Lil' Raccoon, a guilt-racked Daydream thinks he's seeing ghosts. Ghostly mayhem ensues.

Fishfries Fish & Fries Starring:Chipton, Decker
Featuring:Josh, Sniffles
Appearances:Cornelius, Pauline, Cuddles, Howdy, Lumpy, Bun, Flaky
Cornelius, Bun, Pauline, Cuddles 16

Chipton's first visit to America may also very well be his last visit to any restaurant where Lumpy works.

Runningthree Running Three Starring:Scared, Pierce
Featuring:Chipton, Josh, Lime
Appearances:Vanilla, Zacy, Howdy
Chipton, Josh, Vanilla, Zacy, Howdy 17

Scared and Pierce were practicing race three legs, but Scared run slow.

Scaredcrows Scared Crows Starring:Scaredy Crow, Filthy
Appearances:Goaty and Kid
Filthy, Scaredy Crow 18
We now introduce a scarecrow that's scared of crows. Oh the irony.
Museumrobbery Plight at the Museum Starring:Lifty & Shifty
Appearances:Disco Bear, Cro-Marmot, The Cursed Idol, Mole, Stretchy, Shabby
Senior, Lifty, Shifty 19
Lifty and Shifty rob a museum. We all know that won't end well.
Nutsoloco Nutso Loco Starring:Nutty, Cubey
Featuring:Trixie, Trippy, Superspeed
Trippy, Superspeed, Cubey 20
Cubey the piñata turns out to be a real living thing, and not a figment of Nutty's imagination. But does anyone else know?
Jailsheepandpig Jailsheep and Jailboar Starring:Lammy, Truffles
Featuring:Lumpy, Mr. Pickels
Appearances:The Zebra, Superspeed, Generic Tree Friends
Superspeed, Lammy, Truffles 21
Lammy and Truffles are thrown in prison for turning Mount Rushmore into a dump. Truffles takes to it, but Lammy desperately tries to get out.
Healthnutty Health Nutty Starring:Sanus, Nutty
Featuring:Cuddles, Giggles, Sporty, Bun
Everyone except Nutty 22
Sanus tries to turn around Nutty's life. A task better said than done.

Season 63

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Scare crowed Scare Crowed Starring:Scaredy Crow
Featuring:Trixie, Quist, Jerky
Power, Lumpy, Nuppet, Germy
Trixie, Jerky, Lumpy, Germy, Scaredy Crow 1
Scaredy Crow wishes to be a normal person. He should have wished for a brain like most living scarecrows do.
Scarecromarmot Scarecro-Marmot Starring:Cro-Marmot
Featuring:Scaredy Crow, Beef and Cud, Filthy
Flaky, Nutty
Filthy, Cud, Nutty 2
When the old scarecrow "somehow" vanishes, Beef finds a replacement.
Creamegg Eggy Pop Starring:Cream and Queen
Featuring:Trixie, Boom and Bling, Pop, Cub, Mom and Baby, Lumpy, Immature, Splendid
Appearances:Eggistashe, Bilbil and the Sextuplets (Two sextuplets), Mixed Egg 2013 (on a poster)
Everyone except Splendid and Mixed Egg 2013 3
An egg hunt mishap causes the eggs to hatch.
Happy Lalaloopsy Friends Starring:Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, Lammy, Jewel Sparkles, Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Trace E. Doodles, Pepper Pots 'N' Pans
Featuring:Senior, Lumpy, Puffy, Superspeed, Ace Fender Bender, Suzette La Sweet, Squiggles 'N' Shapes, Little Bah Peep
Appearances:Buck and Chuck, Josh, Stacy, Petunia, Genesis and Beauty, Lilly and Joy, Sir Battlescarred, Pix E. Flutters, Toffee Cocoa Cuddles, Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff, Bea Spells-A-Lot, Trinket Sparkles, Sprinkle Spice Cookie
Everyone except Lammy, Superspeed, Senior, Cuddles, Trinket, and Sprinkle 4
The HTFs meet the Lalaloopsy characters who come from Lalaloopsy Land in this another crossover episode.
Full bloom Full Bloom Starring:Stacy
Featuring:Lifty & Shifty, Nuppet and Quist, Wilt
Appearances:Bugsy, Mole
Bugsy, Lifty, Shifty 5
Stacy gets a job at Wilt's flower shop. But will she notice thieves stopping to smell the roses?
Come Clover Starring:Cloverfield, Spanky
Appearances:Lumpy, Giggles, Scaredy Crow
Everyone 6
Cloverfield realizes what big corporations are doing to clover fields everywhere, so he asks two fellow conservatives to help him stop them!
Limeclones Lime-Clones Starring:Lime, Dandy Lime 7
Dandy ask for help to Lime is the three book of homework, but Lime must be added help people.
Platevolv Platypus Evolution Starring:Platypus Aliens, Bastion
Appearances:Buck and Chuck, Cryptie
Bastion, Cryptie, Platypus aliens 8
The Platypus Aliens go through a permanent evolutionary phase that just might make them stronger and smarter. But it will make them more killable.
Husk of the Pit Starring:Clucky and Husky

Featuring:Lammy, Mr. Pickels
Appearances:Power, Todd, Giggles

Giggles, Todd, Mr. Pickels, Husky 9
Clucky and Husky make their debut as some terrible misconceptions lands them in a field of trouble!
Crash Landing Starring:The Alien, Cryptie

Appearances:Leif, Platypus Aliens, Sniffles

Leif, Cryptie 10
When Cryptie finds proof that aliens exist, he is determined to keep it that way!
Greenhouserock Greenhouse Rock Starring:Daisy

Featuring:Stacy, Petunia, Josh, Toothy, Giggles, Cornelius, Bananas
Appearances:Swindler, Cloudy, Trixie

Giggles,Petunia, Bananas, Stacy, Trixie, Cornelius, Toothy, Swindler 11
Trixie uses her magic to help Daisy's plants grow. Bad move.
New Leif Starring:Leif

Featuring:Cloudy, Sorcery
Appearances:Power, Cloverfield, Lumpy, Chompy

Everyone 12
Leif makes a wish and becomes the luckiest character in all of HTF. However, everyone is turned unlucky because of it.
Cheesywish A Cheesy Wish Starring:Cheesy

Appearances:Kendall, Pop, Cub, Moldy

Cub, Pop, Cheesy 13
Cheesy grabs hold of Sorcery's spell book and wishes to be made of cheese. It can't get any cheddar than this!
Car Pet Starring:Robotron and Clyde

Featuring:Pop, Cub, Dr. Pet, Lumpy
Appearances:Giggles, Petunia

Everyone except Robotron and Dr. Pet 14
Clyde stole a car and the town pet shop, but he is chased by a police robot.
Chilly Killy Starring:Flippy
Everyone except Croakus 15

Flippy becomes a snowman.

Solar Best Solar Starring:Sniffles, Celeste
Featuring:Josh, Bogey Daydream, The Alien, Giggles, Flaky
Appearances:The Mole, The Ghost, Lumpy, Cuddles, Smith, Lazy
Everyone except The Mole and Lazy 16

When the Moon blocks out the Sun, Sniffles and Celeste try to find an explanation why.

Bee Good Starring:Honeybear, Buzzles
Buzzles, Honeybear 17

Honeybear decides to rob a beehive in his debut episode.

Butterorworse For Butter or Worse Starring:Sniffles, Ant Family
Sniffles 18

Sniffles tries the old peanut butter beard trick. Probably his worst scheme yet.

Springcleaning Spring Cleaning Starring:Petunia
Featuring:Handy, Lumpy, Flaky
Everyone 19

Petunia does spring cleaning and calls in some help. She got the wrong type of help.

A Mountain of Trouble Starring:Adrianus Peterson Beaky
Appearances:The Cursed Idol
Adrian 20

Adrian decides to go mountain climbing! This can only end well!

Cheesy Bee-havior Starring:Honeybear, Sniffles
Sniffles, Cheesy 21

When Honeybear mistakes Cheesy's cheese for solidified honey, things get pretty messy when he ingests the cheese!

A Walrus' Plans A Walrus' Plans Starring:Icy, Eggy, Freezer and Arcticus, Dr. Flop
Featuring:Waddles, Hopper
Appearances:Natasha, The Whale, Snorkels
Everyone except Icy, Waddles and The Whale 22
The Penguins try to stop their new arch-enemy, a walrus.
Squealsonthebus Squeals on the Bus Starring:Jerky
Featuring:Puffy, Pierce, Grandma Wolf, Mole, Vanilla, Chompy
Appearances:Generic Tree Friends
GTFs, Pierce, Vanilla, Jerky 23
Jerky will get his consequences for being impolite on the public bus.

Season 64

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
That's a Shabby Job Starring:Shabby
Featuring:Handy, Mole, Chroma, Muscles, Cornelius, Cuddles, Daisy
Cornelius, Handy, Muscles, Daisy, Cuddles, Chroma 1
Shabby tries to have his house repaired. His way.
Gerbil and the Walrus Starring:Devious, Dr. Flop
Featuring:Icy, Eggy, Freezer and Arcticus, Splendid
Appearances:The Alien, Dane, Techno the Cat
Dane, Dr. Flop, Devious 2
Two brilliant evil minds meet for a fiendish plot.
Mad Tea Party Starring:Hatmmy and Maddy
Featuring:Commy, Maddie, Stamp
Everyone except Hatmmy and Maddy 3
Hatmmy and Maddy are hosting a mad tea party.
Strike Out Starring:Bowler
Featuring:The Mole, Nico
Appearances:Power, Neil, Wooly
Everyone except The Mole and Bowler 4
Bowler decides to get some revenge on innocent bowlers.
Face the Music Starring:Monae
Featuring:Todd, Pierce, Pranky, Toothy, Oddity, Fizzles, Hoppy, Cornelius
Appearances:Fatty, Peckins
Peckins, Fatty, Toothy, Pranky, Fizzles, Oddity, Cornelius 5
If Monae doesn't get her chance to sing, she'll snap.
No canaduh No Cana-duh Starring:Goose, Pucky
Featuring:Lumpy, Pecky, Peckia, Peckins, Gutsy
Appearances:Giggles, Loony
Goose, Pucky, Gusty, Lumpy 6
When Goose and Pucky take a road trip going north of the border, things take a turn for the worst.
Tears Along Came A Spider Starring:Random,Pesty, Unnamed Spider Character
The Spider, Random (debatable), Pesty (debatable) 7

Can Pesty and Random hunt down a spider.

Cricket Food Starring:Weebit, Loony
Weebit, Cloverfield 8

Webbit tries to escape from Loony's house.

Smokesperson Starring:Nico and Tine
Featuring:Freaky and Wiggles
Appearances:Nutty, Mussell, Scaredy Crow
Freaky, Wiggles, Nico, Tine 9

Tine tries to get Nico off of his addiction.

Emperorrobe The Emperor's New Robe Starring: Kingly, Waddles
Appearances:Coral the Merfox, Needle and Thread
Thread (debatable), Coral, Spot, Kingly 10
Kingly the emperor penguin is dissatisfied with his clothes, so his assistant Waddles must make him a new one.
Shrunkenheads-0 Shrunken Heads Starring:Trixie
Featuring:Josh, Stacy, Nutty, Nuppet and Quist, Toothy, Parri
Everyone except Lumpy 11
Trixie messes up a spell that leads to everybody's heads shrinking.
Spy Drills Spy Drills Starring:Foster
Featuring:Devious, Dr. Flop, Dopey, Stealthy, The M's
Everyone except Raider 12
Foster has a secret mission for stop Devious' new master plan.
Peaceful Penguins Starring:The Penguins, Dr. Flop
Featuring:Waddles, Blizzard
Appearances:Kingly, Squishy, Munchkin, Hopper
Squishy, Hopper, Munchkin, Blizzard 13

Dr. Flop decides to make amends with The Penguins, but Icy and Waddles are suspicious of his real intentions.

Laser Stifles Starring:Devious, Lumpy
Featuring:Sorcery, Dr. Flop, Croc
Appearances:Power, Squidwrot
Everyone except Lumpy and Squidwrot 14

Devious goes up against other evil villains for a death laser able to destroy a planet- but there will be cheaters!

Addict to New Starring:Nico and Tine
Featuring:Beef and Cud
Appearances:Smith, Power
Tine, Beef, Nico 15

Tine tries getting Nico off of his addiction, but this only drives him crazy from the lack of tobacco!

The King is Dead Starring:Dr. Flop, The Penguins
Appearances:Lumpy, Spot
Spot, Icy, Kingly 16

When Kingly gets captured by Dr. Flop, he is presumed dead. However, The Penguins believe he is still alive and search for him.

Hypo The Love Bear Starring:Raymond, Disco Bear
Appearances:Sunset, Generic Tree Friends, Lustly
Raymond 17

Raymond believes something fishy is going on when Disco Bear gets married.

Bogeywonderland Boogy Wonderland Starring:Disco Bear, Bogey
Appearances: Handy, Petunia, Giggles, Nippy, Crafty
Handy, Disco Bear (both imaginary) 18

When Disco Bear refuses to sleep, the bogeyman partakes in his insomnia.

Worm Wars Starring:Josh, Biggy
Appearances:Peasant Worms, Soldier Worms
Numerous Peasant Worms, numerous Soldier Worms, Biggy, Josh 19

Biggy is brought back to the dead, and it's up to Josh to stop him!

Political Penguin Party Starring:The Penguins
Featuring:Dr. Flop
Appearances:The Zebra, Quacks
Dr. Flop 20

Dr. Flop invites Icy to his place as a peace offering- but is it for real this time?

Die for an Eye Starring:Jerry, Flippy
Appearances:Kiwi, Howdy, Cuddles
Kiwi, Bun, Cuddles 21

Jerry and Flippy go to a party, but mayhem ensues when Flippy flips- but not for Jerry.

Season 65

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Faster Than Higher Faster Than Higher

Starring:Lime, Dandy
Appearances:Trippy, Robo Star, Superspeed, Howdy, Cream and Queen, Cuddles, Giggles, Toothy, Pop and Cub

Everyone 1

Lime is running very fast after drink a cure "Quick", Dandy is very slow walking after drink a cure "Slow", Lime is finding Dandy for drink a cure "Slow"

Smoke in the Grass

Starring:Nico and Tine
Appearances:Scaredy Crow, Nutty, Persona

Scaredy Crow (DEBATABLE), Nico, Tine 2

Nico and Tine's roles are switched around, which causes Nico to have to get Tine off of his tobacco addiction.

Ticketorleaveit Ticket or Leave It Starring:Lifty and Shifty, Nutty
Featuring:Tycoon, Mole
Appearances:Doppler, Lumpy, Kendall, Tarsy, Vanilla, Pierce
Tycoon, Kendall, Tarsy, Vanilla, Pierce, Lifty, Shifty, Nutty 3

Lifty and Shifty try to hunt down a rare ticket. And they use Nutty's sugar cravings to help them search.

Takingtheplunge Taking the Plunge Starring:Plunger
Featuring:Lumpy, Leaky
Appearances:Jerry, Goose
Everyone except Jerry and Lumpy 4
Plunger and Leaky have to fix Lumpy's plumbing. Get ready for havoc!
Crafty Arrested A Crafty Escape Starring:Crafty
Featuring:Lifty & Shifty, Hound
Appearances:Bro and TykeSweet
Tyke, Shifty, Crafty, Hound 5
After being arrested, Crafty tries to escape prison by seducing her inmates and the guard-dog.
No Job Starring:Splendid, Random
Appearances:Squabbles, Sunset, Giggles, Ding, Savaughn, Copper, Raymond, Jerky, Bun, Puffy, Puffy's mom
Everyone 6
This is why Random shouldn't have a job.
Superdrama Gone in Character Starring:Drama
Featuring:LumpyBinky, Squabbles, FannyKibble
Binky, Drama, Squabbles, Fanny, Kibble 7
Chosen to play Splendid in an upcoming film, Drama gets into character... a bit too much. What's the real Splendid going to say?
Vacuum Troubles Image Vacuum Troubles Starring:Lammy, Mr. Pickels
Featuring:Giggles, Petunia, Flaky
Everyone except Mr. Pickels (debatable for Lumpy) 8
Lammy has troubles with her vacuum. When she calls friends, bad things are bound to happen.
Warlus in Love Walrus in Love Starring:Icy, Dr. Flop
Featuring:Icy, Eggy, Freezer and Arcticus' mom, Eggy, Freezer, Arcticus
Plunger, Dr. Flop 9
Dr. Flop falls in love with The Penguins' mom, but Icy is suspicious of his real intentions.
Luckysweater Random's Sweater Starring:Swindler
Appearances:Smith, Toothy, Howdy, Jerry, Mime, Needle and Thread
Toothy, Howdy, Jerry, Mime, Swindler 10
Swindler sells Random an ugly sweater, but then tries to take it back when it apparently seems to be good luck.
Batty Date Batty Date Starring:Cuddles, Giggles
Appearances:Roaster, Russell, Plunger, Coney, Fizzles
Plunger, Russell, Cuddles, Giggles, Roaster (debatable) 11
Cuddles and Giggles are considering a quiet drive in the country to see the sunset by themselves, when Random comes by and decides to invite herself along.
Quillesspierce No Quill to Live Starring:Pierce
Featuring:Lumpy, Jerky, Flaky, Baldy, Plushy, Cloverfield, Howdy
Appearances:Bulky, Hoppy, Mole
Flaky, Cloverfield, Howdy, Pierce, Jerky 12
Pierce loses his quills and looks for a way to get them back.
Grilledcheese Killed Cheese Starring:Cheesy, Creepy and Crawly Crawly, Cheesy 13
Two certain cockroaches ruin Cheesy's grilled cheese breakfast.

Season 66

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Pocketful Of Sunshine Pocketful of Sunshine Starring:Lime, Dandy
Featuring:Chroma, Mime
AppearancesLumpy,Sniffles, Nutty, Chestnut
Lime, Dandy, Chestnut, Mime, Chroma, Nutty 1
Lime is giving magical agenda book to Dandy, but, Dandy was trying.
Capture115 Double Tornado Starring:Fluffy, Charm, Dazzle, Blindy
AppearancesLime, Precious
A storm will be coming to city HTF, but a family Dazzle will repel storm.
Mail Bird Mail Bird Starring:Courier
Featuring:Billy, Willy, and Milly, Jerry
Appearances:Bun, Brushy
Billy, Willy, Milly, Courier 3
The pigeon Courier must deliver a box of jewelry to Brushy by sunset!
Eyedontgetit Eye Don't Get It Starring:Pranky
Featuring:Toothy, Puffy, Germy
Appearances:Nuppet and Quist
Pranky 4
Pranky gets a new pair of spectacles that gives the nickname "Four eyes" a whole new meaning.
Beavenger The Beavenger Starring:Toothy
Featuring:The Ants, Sniffles
Sniffles, Toothy, the Ants 5
After being killed by the Ants, Sniffles' spirit tells a reluctant Toothy to avenge him.
Beaverpede Beaver Centipede Starring:Handy, Lab Rat
Featuring:Toothy, Taily, Buck and Chuck, Pucky, Lessy
Appearances:Petunia, Lumpy, Flash
Toothy, Taily, Lessy, Pucky, Buck,Chuck, Lab Rat, Handy 6
Lab Rat gives Handy a hand...or many, to be precise.
Scam Battle Image Scam Battle Starring:Milton and Mafalda, Lifty & Shifty
Appearances:Lumpy, Nutty, Generic Tree Friends
Milton, Mafalda, Lifty, Shifty 7
Milton and Mafalda debut in a scamming spree against Lifty and Shifty.
Search in the Wild Search in the Wild Starring:Adrian
Appearances:Chieftain Croak, Bongo, Frog tribesmen
Adrian, a frog tribesman 8
Adrian goes into the wild to take pictures of wild animals, but he has bad luck.
Maddie in Bloodyland Maddie in Bloodyland Starring:Maddie
Featuring: Cuddles, Snooty and Cranky, Sniffles, Dime and Nickel, Nutty, Sneaky, Crazy, Shelly, Arietta and Melody, Hatmmy and Maddy, Hawkeye, Sad, The Mouse Family, Senior, Pranky
Appearances:Dodo, Air Heady, Pecky, Squabbles, Pinkie
Dodo, Pranky 9
A retelling of a classic of children's literature, wih Maddie in the lead role.
Yip Returns- Again Starring:Bun/Yip
Featuring:Doc, Brushy
Appearances:Hound, Adrian, Baka
Everyone except Yip and Adrian 10
After he gets another tooth transplant, Bun awakens his supposedly killed off form- Yip.
Beached Conduct Starring:Daisy, Lumpy
Featuring:Cornelius, Cuddles
Appearances:Bro and Tyke, Giggles, Monae, Flippy, Squabbles, Chipton, Bonny
Everyone except Daisy 11
Lumpy causes chaos at the beach.
What a Cat-tastrophe Starring:Opal and Mystery, Flaky Flaky 12
Flaky meets a new friend, with a very protective friend.
Spiritualguidance Spiritual Guidance Starring:Chieftain Croak
Featuring:Handy, Petunia
Appearances:Wrinkles, Capture, Scaredy Crow, Mole
Everyone except three frog tribesmen 13
Chieftain Croak decides to move to Happy Tree Town to help the citizens there.
Poachyturnedhippy Hip, Hip, Hooray Starring:Poachy
Featuring:Stone, Pan, Hornless
Appearances:Squabbles, Handy
Squabbles, Hornless, Poachy, Stone 14
Poachy decides to become a hippy after getting arrested.
Troubledino Trouble Dinosaurus Starring:Sniffles, Lime
None 15
Sniffles wants to hunt dinosaurs along Lime.
Dectective Troubles Starring:Inspector LeFool, ???
Appearances:Lumpy, Bun, Trippy
Trippy, Savaughn 16
Inspctor LeFool tries to find clues for a case, but with bad luck.
Jerk in Prison Starring:Jerky
Featuring:Robotron and Clyde
Appearances:The Zebra, Power
Clyde, Jerky, Robotron 17
Jerky finally is sent to prison after insulting a police oficer.
OhMyGosh Oh My Gosh Starring:Lime, Dandy
Featuring:Lumpy, Petunia, Flaky, Brushy,Precious,Vanilla, Circle

Lumpy, Pop, Vanilla, Brushy, Circle

Lime and Dandy want to try using "Spray continuation" spray to image.
Intestine123 Intestine 1,2,3 Starring:Poachy
Appearances:Scales, Hiss, Hand, Foot, and Tail, Adrian, The Cursed Idol
Adrian, Poachy 19
Poachy doesn't have the guts to take on the king of the jungle. Literally and otherwise.
Twototangle Takes Two to Tangle Starring:Spike, Tangles
Featuring:The Mouse Family
Tangles, Spike 20
When Tangles also wants mice for dinner, Spike has some competition.
Spotwins Spot Wins Starring:Spot, Waddles
Appearances:Meaty, Munchkin
Waddles, Spot 21
Having had enough of losing to Waddles, Spot moves on to "imitation penguin". But Waddles will get him again...or will he?
Witch, Please! Witch, Please! Starring:Trixie, The Mousecrazy Siblings
Appearances:Bytsa Dast, Random
Bytsa Dast (debatable), Lukete, Beautifiny 22
The Mousecrazys beleives Trixie is a witch and think she wants to kill them, but she just wants to convince them she's not, but they want to kill her.
The Bear and the Bee Starring:Honeybear, Buzzles
Everyone 23
In this episode based off of the tale of The Lion and the Mouse, Buzzles tries to be friends with Honeybear, who rejects his offer.
Tiny cat Four Mice and a Tiny Cat Starring:The Mouse Family and Spike, Sorcery
Featuring:Lumpy, Petunia, Commy, Maddie
Lumpy, Petunia, (debatably) Commie and Maddie, Sorcery 24
When Sorcery turning to Spike in a mouse-sized cat, the Mouse Family must help to their old enemy to recover its size and also stop Sorcery, before he eat them and Spike.
Stanley's Cup Starring:Stan
Featuring:Puffy, The Mousecrazy Siblings, Gaston, Honeybear, Raymond, Random, Opal and Mystery, Sunset, Pop, Cub, Bun, Pucky
Appearances:Hawkeye, Bro and Tyke, Toxicity, Mole
Everyone except Hawkeye, Ding, Toxicity, The Mole 25
Stan gets the job as a hockey player.
Abduction Abduction Starring:Johnnan and Seven, Screwball
Featuring:Lumpy, Platypus Aliens
Appearances:The Alien, Beef and Cud
Everyone except Lumpy, Beef and Cud 26
Screwball is kidnapped by two cat aliens, but these two aliens will regret kidnaping him.
The Killer Queen

Starring: Bytsa Dast
Featuring: Platypus Aliens

Bytsa Dast 27
The new platypus in town is a sweet and charming lady who spends her time caring for children and... making inventions to take over the world? Bytsa Dast is one of the Platypus Aliens!
Idolworship Idol Worship Starring:Spirit, The Cursed Idol
Featuring:Frostbite, Nutty, Gloomy, Jerky
Appearances:Cro-Marmot, Generic Tree Friends
Frostbite,GTFs, Jerky, Gloomy (debatable) 28
Spirit believes the Cursed Idol is a sacred item and builds a shrine for it.
Girl Fights Girl Fights Starring:Giggles, Petunia
Appearances:Courier, O'Hare
Giggles, Petunia, Mimi 29

Giggles and Petunia's friendship ends shorthy after Mimi makes them pranks.

House Hibbilies House Hillbillies Starring:Billy, Willy, and Milly
Appearances:Stamp, Courier
Everyone except Willy 30
Billy, Willy and Milly are hired by Spanky, to take care of his home while he goes to a nuclear convention, but they are destructive.
Sevenminutes Seven Minutes in Heck Starring:Lustly
Featuring:Stacy, Kendall, Celeste, Disco Bear
Everyone except Celeste and Lumpy 31
Lustly throws a party in hopes of luring in boys. It proves unsuccessful... until later on.
Donutdo Donut Do Starring:Bun, Pranky
Featuring:Spirit, Lumpy
Appearances:Power, Jerky, Bakey
Everyone except Spirit and Lumpy 32
Bun attempts to make doughnuts. Will this go wrong? Probably.
Frog In The Space Frog In The Space Starring:Toxicity
Appearances:The Zebra (in a dream)
None 33 (season finale)
In a parody of Star Wars films, aliens choose Toxicity to defend their world against a Darth Vader-style villain.

Season 67

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Happytreefeet Happy Tree Feet Starring: Munchkin
Featuring: Waddles, Spot, Kingly, Squishy
Appearances:Capture, Eejit, Generic Tree Friends
Spot, Kingly, Capture, Eejit, GTFs 1
Munchkin discovers he's great at dancing. Waddles tries to get his talent noticed while Spot makes yet another attempt for penguin meals.
Twocraftys The Weakest Lynx Starring:Lustly, Crafty
Featuring: Sniffles, Richie, Lifty, Shifty, Lumpy
Appearances: Nurse and Cast
Lustly, Crafty, Lifty, Shifty, Lumpy, Richie 2
Lustly uses cosmetic surgery to turn herself into a duplicate of Crafty.
Goneinalash Gone in a Lash Starring:Lustly, Giboy
Appearances:Chipton, Chieftain Croak
Everyone 3
Lustly falls in love with Giboy, thinking she's a guy. However, Lash gets a case of jealousy and betrayal.
Holy Crab! Starring:Pinkie, a crab Pinkie 4
Pinkie encounters a crab in her kitchen and plans to cook it- of course with trouble.
Ordinary Lyra Starring:Lyra
Featuring:Britton, Josh, Lumpy
Appearances:Generic Tree Friends
Everyone 5
This is a peek into the ordinary life of the new girl, Lyra the rabbit.
Goatrider Goat Rider Starring: Gutsy
Featuring: Sheathy
Appearances: Trippy, Herman, Tarsy, Kendall, Lifty, Shifty
Everyone except Sheathy 6
Gutsy becomes immortal after a deal with the grim reaper. Now he rides the roads as a ghostly goat.
Wish Star Wish Star Starring: Star (demand), Lime, Dime and Nickel, Lifty & Shifty
Featuring: TBA
Appearances: Mime
Lifty, Shifty 7
A Star's request was granted and can be anything, but...
Canitwillyou Can It, Will You? Starring:Fatty and Chef Meow
Featuring:Vanilla, Copper (Swoopy1116)
Appearances:Quarantine, Lumpy, Chips
Everyone except Fatty 8
Fatty decides he wants Chef Meow to repeat a recipe he made. However, the latter is out of parsley.
Dinomightnot Dino Might Not Starring:Dino Digs
Featuring:Hatchy, Genesis, Beauty, Cub, Lumpy, Mole
Appearances:Twinkie, Waddles, Munchkin
Hatchy, Genesis, Beauty, Cub, Mole, Dino Digs 9
Dino Digs is locked in a studio to entertain kids, causing mayhem as he tries to escape.
Latinlover Latin Lover Starring:Disco Bear, Tango
Featuring: Derpsie, Giggles, Petunia, Dj,
Appearances: Waltz, Stretchy
Disco Bear, Tango 10
Tango and Disco Bear compete for the affections of Derpsie.
Cathotdog Cats and Hot Dogs Starring:Fatty and Chef Meow
Featuring:The Mouse Family and Spike
Appearances:Toothy, Quarantine
Everyone except Toothy and Quarantine 11
Chef Meow cooks a hot dog for Fatty. As long as Spike isn't invited over to help and the mice don't interfere, nothing can go wrong. Wait a sec...
Vanilla icecream Vanilla Ice Cream Starring:Vanilla, Nutty
Appearances:Cro-Marmot, Hippy, Robo Star, Rio
Nutty 12
When Nutty wants Vanilla's ice cream, she tries to think of a way to share it.
Attack on Bunyip Starring:Bun/Yip, Cryptie
Appearances: Daisy, Sniffles, Lumpy
Daisy, a bird, Bun, Brushy 13
Cryptie decides to hunt down Bun when he transforms into Yip, much to Brushy's chagrin.
Outbackstyle Outback Style Starring:Fatty and Chef Meow, Creepy and Crawly
Everyone 14
Fatty wants steak for dinner tonight. Unfortunately, a pesky cockroach- or two- want the steak for themselves.
Animation9 Bunsen Trouble Starring:Ethan
Featuring:Giggles, Cuddles, Russell
Appearances:Sniffles, Lumpy
Everyone 15
Ethan learns a valuable lesson about Bunsen Burners.
Dalaillama Dalai Llama Starring:Wooly
Featuring:Spirit, Chieftain Croak, Random
Appearances:Wrinkles, Cuddles, Sniffles, Buck and Chuck, Leif
Everyone except Wrinkles (debatable for Croak and Wooly) 16
Wooly ends up being a spiritual advisor and people misinterpret what he says.
Fleamarket Flea Market Starring:The Flea
Featuring:Pesty, Drake
Appearances:Russell, Quacks, Wrinkles, Abby, Giggles
Giggles, Wrinkles, Pesty, Abby, Drake 17
When a flea bites people at a supermarket, be prepared for mayhem.
Chips and Changes Starring:Chippy, Opal and Mystery, Brisle, Techno
Appearances:Russell, Nutty, Lumpy
Techno 18
Chippy shows some friends around her new shop.
Grater For the Grater Good Starring:Cheesy
Featuring:Fatty and Chef Meow, Nugget
Chef Meow, Cheesy 19
Licking the spoon is one thing. Licking a cheese grater? That's a whole new level of gluttonous stupidity.
Moleproblem Mole Removal Starring:Mole, Hedge
Featuring:Pesty, Licky, Ant Family
Licky, Hedge, Mole 20
Hedge calls in an exterminator when a certain blind burrower leaves molehills all over his garden. Meanwhile, Licky sets his sights on another kind of vermin.
Deckstonothing Decks to Nothing Starring:Licky, Ant Family
Featuring:Trippy, Vanilla, Bun, Howdy
Bun, Vanilla, Trippy, Licky 21
A card game soon goes wrong when a certain anteater invites himself into the game to dine on some ants.
Yes Ore No Starring:Cole, The Troll
Appearances:Mole, The Moth
Commy, the troll, Cole 22
Cole attempts to go mining, but he runs into a killer troll.
Conjoinedtails Two Tails of Romance Starring:Lustly, Tango
Featuring:Giggles, Petunia, Vanilla, Lumpy
Appearances:Blizzard, Lovely, Crafty
Giggles, Petunia, Vanilla, Lustly, Lumpy 23
Has Lustly found the perfect boy? In case not, she's made a few preparations.
Eyeswap The Eyes Have It Starring:Splendid, Nutty, Daydream
Featuring:Lumpy, Icee, Freezy, Devious
Appearances:Bun, Winora, Mole
A worm, Winora,Icee, Freezy, Devious, Nutty, Bun, Daydream (debatable) 24
Daydream, Nutty and Splendid see through each other's eyes (literally) after a transplant.
Noyolk It's No Yolk Starring:Sweet, Pranky
Everyone 25

Pranky decides to prank Sweet while she cooks eggs. I see no way this can screw up!

Mistakenly Flaky Starring:Lumpy Flaky
Featuring:Toad, Giggles, Petunia
Flaky, Toad, Lumpy 26

When Toad comes to see if Flaky if she has some soap, Dr. Lumpy excuses him for a sick Flaky.

Bakeandtake Bake and Take Starring:Bun, Sweet, Nutty
Featuring: Lumpy, Brushy, Mole, Daydream, Pierce
Daydream, Pierce, Sweet, Bun, Brushy 27

Competition ensues between two renowned bakers and their bakeries. It's up to their number one customer to decide who gets to stay in business.

Ironicchef Ironic Chef Starring:Snappy
Featuring:Fatty and Chef Meow, Roaster
Appearances:The Mole
Roaster, Snappy 28
Snappy enters a cooking contest and does whatever it takes to win. Fatty will be the judge of that.
Transparency test
Transparency Test Starring:Mercury, Saturn
Appearances:Nutty, Flaky, Giggles
Nutty, Flaky, Mercury 29
After getting enraged, Saturn pranks Mercury by becoming invisible.
Ripoff Copy Rat Starring:Swindler
Featuring:All the canon characters
Appearances:Illogical, Truffles, Cro-Marmot
Flaky, Handy, Petunia, Sniffles, Lifty, Shifty, Disco Bear, Giggles, Flippy, Cub, Pop, Russell, Nutty, Lammy, Mime, Toothy, Swindler 30 (season finale)
The Happy Tree Friends gang become enraged when Swindler rips off their show.

Season 68

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Honeybugs Honey Bugs Starring: Buzzles, Creepy and Crawly
Featuring: Fatty and Chef Meow,Squabbles
Appearances:Honeybear, Quarantine, Smith
Squabbles, Fatty, Buzzles 1
Creepy and Crawly set their eyes on a delicious jar of honey. But so does a certain bad-tempered hornet.
Cheater Cheaters Never Win Starring: Tango
Featuring: Kendall, Pinkie, Foxy
Appearances:Mole, Handy
Handy, Tango 2
Tango cheats on three girls behind their backs.
It Fakes One to Tango Starring:Waltz, Snappy
Appearances:Stacy, Power, Persona
Stacy (debatable), Power, Waltz, Princess, Persona, multiple GTF's 3
Snappy will do anything to win a dance-off for Princess' heart.
Loveprickly Love is Prickly Starring:Grass, Pine Scent, Toad
Featuring: Flowy
Appearances: Flaky Scissors
Pine Scent, Scissors, Toad, Grass 4
Toad has two porcupine girlfriends and he doesn't know who to choose.
Catflight Cat Flight Starring:Josh, Shadow the Kitten
Featuring:Stacy, Sniffles, Herman
Everyone except Shadow and Quacks 5
Josh and Stacy go hang gliding, but a crazy cat joins the ride.
Snipitgood Snip It Good Starring:Snappy, Vanilla
Appearances:Cuddles, Toothy, Specter
Snappy 6
Snappy tries to groom Vanilla's hair, using his claws instead of scissors.
Getbackhere Get Back Here with my Trash Starring:Lumpy
Appearances:Rolly, Toothy
Toothy, Lumpy, Fungus 7
Lumpy boils some sausages, but forgot the instructions... which were on the wrapper...which he threw away. And the garbage truck picked up.
Pottymouth Potty Mouth Starring:Plunger, Gator
Featuring:Lumpy, Double A, Petunia
Appearances:Snooty, Cranky, Pop, Cub
Petunia, Gator, Lumpy 8
Plunger must stop a hungry alligator from causing problems with the sewers. Or worse.
Slowpainfulrace Slow and Painful Wins the Race Starring:Marshal, Flash
Featuring:Lumpy, Jerky, Mole
Appearances:Generic Tree Friends
Jerky, Flash, Marshal 9
Can Marshal help Flash win his big race?
Tropicanta Tropi-can't-a Starring:Coconut
Featuring:Sniffles, Swannie, The Whale
Appearances:Sluggy, Mole
Everyone except The Whale and Mole 10
Coconut tries to leave Happy Tree Town.
That Cat Did This! That Cat Did What? Starring:Dime, Sir KitsFeaturing:Nickel, Sega

Appearances:Reverse,Sniffles, Power,Zoomy

Power, Dime, Sir Kits,Sega, Nickel 11
Dime takes Sir Kits for a walk in the town......but heaven knows what this destructive little robot cat will do!
Killer Unleashed Starring:Barry
Featuring:Lifty & Shifty, Conspiracy, Tycoon
Appearances:Cuddles, Lumpy, Random
Lifty, Shifty, Cuddles, a chef, Tycoon, Conspiracy 12
Barry is hired by an unknown assailant to kill a few people. Will Barry actually do it..... Yes, yes he will.
Noc nocturnal Noc Nocturnal Starring:Noc Noc
Featuring:Paws, Bun, Fungus, Raymond
Appearances:Lumpy, Handy
Everyone except Lumpy and Handy 13
When four friends share an elevator with a sleepwalking owl, and they become trapped in with him, it becomes a matter of survival.
Steak Lives at Steak Starring:Howdy
Featuring:Nurse and Cast, Vanilla, Cuddles
Cast, Vanilla, Cuddles, a crow 14
Howdy's plans to make fresh steak are at steak when his cow runs off.
Muddystacy Playing Dirty Starring:Stacy
Hedge, Fungus 15
A bunch of gardening mishaps lead Stacy to abandon her clean ways.
Toiletterror Toilet Terror Starring:Gator
Featuring:Josh, Stacy, Genesis, Plunger
Appearances:Lilly, Joy, Beauty
Josh, Plunger, Stacy (debatable), Gator 16
Something scary has made its way into Josh and Stacy's bathroom. Josh thinks he can fix the mess without the need of a plumber. It's a good thing his kids are still potty training.
Wonthurtabit This Won't Hurt a Bit Starring:Dr. Quackery, Tweets
Featuring:Pierce, Gloomy, Petunia
Appearances:Josh, Hippy
Petunia, Tweets, Pierce (debatable) 17
A bunch of unwitting patients await excruciating pain at a visit to the doctor (or so he calls himself). Things will definitely hurt more than a bit...
The Beaver Who Cried Wolf The Beaver Who Cried Wolf Starring:Wolfle, Toothy
Appearances:Vanilla, Binky, Ariel
Toothy 18
The re-debut of Wolfle! Toothy is reading a funny book, but he HAS to be quiet! It's a library after all...but things go wrong when it turns nighttime!
Babyshrimp Little Baby Shrimp Starring:Cocktail, Lumpy
Featuring:Lifty & Shifty, Pop, Cub, Quacks
Appearances:Crafty, Savaughn. Otus
Cub, Lifty, Shifty, Quacks 19
Lifty and Shifty plan to steal Lumpy's money. Cocktail gets involved with the plan and fools the moose into thinking he's an infant.
Tworadicaldudes Don't Try This at Home Starring:Rad Raccoon, Blizzard
Featuring:Cuddles, Toothy, Lyra, Timber
Appearances:Lumpy, Superspeed
Superspeed, Toothy, Lumpy (debatable) Cuddles 20
A radical red raccoon and a certain cool cat compete in showing off wicked tricks. But things aren't so great when fans begin copying their moves.
Toiletandtrouble Double, Double, Toilet and Trouble Starring:Gator, Plunger
Featuring:Toothy, Tycoon
Appearances:Goose, Jerky
Everyone except Gator (debatable for Tycoon and Plunger) 21
When Gator starts eating people from in the toilets, it's up to Plunger to tango with this macabre menace!
Doortodoor Door-to-Dorror Starring:Swindler
Featuring:Flippy, Naples, Fatty, Random
Swindler 22
Swindler becomes a door-to-door salesman with unknown items in boxes. But sinister surprises await behind some of the doors he drops by.
True Hen-acity Starring:Rotisserie
FeaturingFatty and Chef Meow, Pinkie
AppearancesSwindler, Turkey, Chompy
Chef Meow, Chompy, Swindler, Pinkie, Rotisserie 23
Rotisserie is wanted as a meal by a gluttonous Pit Bull. Because of this, Chef Meow has to catch and cook the innocent chicken.
Nocnocletmein Knock Noc, Let Me In Starring:Noc Noc, Flaky
Featuring:Flippy, Lumpy
Flippy, Flaky, Lumpy 24
Noc Noc's two faces cause problems for Flaky and Flippy.
Hairtoeternity From Hair to Eternity Starring:Venue
Featuring: Baldy, Sniffles, Plucky
Appearances: Giggles, Petunia, Vanilla, Leif, Gator
Leif, Sniffles 25
Venue grows luscious blonde locks. But Baldy doesn't take her hair-do so well.
Firebear Burns Like the Sun Starring:Frostbite
FeaturingPranky, Dr. Quackery
Squabbles, Pranky, Dr. Quackery 26
If you give a polar bear a sunburn, you will die.
Insides Out Starring:Cornelius
Appearances:Giggles, Cuddles, Cub, Pop, Babbles
Giggles, Cuddles, Cub, Cornelius 27
Cornelius goes on an adventure when a hook gets stuck in his stomach.
Battendownhatchy Batten Down the Hatchy Starring:Hatchy
Featuring:Scurvy, Ahoy, Russell, Lumpy
Appearances:Coconut, Quacks
Hatchy, Scurvy, Ahoy (debatable) 28
Hatchy becomes a prisoner on Scurvy's ship.
Bad Bear Day Bad Bear Day Starring:Mary, Baldy
FeaturingGary, Larry, Jerry and Clary
Appearances:Trippy, Josh, Pierce, Pranky, Jerky
Jerry, Larry, Josh, Trippy, Pierce, Pranky, Jerky, Baldy 29
Baldy makes poor Mary bald! What will she do?
Sockpuppet Sockpuppet Hunt Starring:Todd, Nuppet
Featuring:Barry, Quist
Quist, Todd 30
When Todd's website is under threat from a vandal using sockpuppets (or an actual puppet), he sends someone on the case.
Firehorse Heat Haw Starring:Spicy
Featuring:Fyre, Biohazard, Tycoon
Appearances:Gutsy, Fatty, Chef Meow, Quarantine, Sniffles
Everyone except Spicy and Quarantine 31
In the season finale, Spicy endures a nuclear accident that brings his spiciness to heat-inducing new levels.

Season 69

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Sistersingrime Sisters in Grime Starring: Stacy, Petunia
Featuring: Pranky
Pranky 1
Stacy's new liking for dirt gets in the way of her relationship with Petunia. Pranky's pranks may help fill the gap - with dirt.
Twofatguys Two Fat Guys and a Chef Starring:FattyFatty
Featuring:Chef Meow
Fatty, Fatty 2
Chef Meow gets two participants with the same name in his dieting program.
Onelevelup Take It One Level Up Starring:Stuffy
Featuring:Dime and Nickel, Miawz
Appearances:Zoomy, Vanilla, Sir Kits, Mercury
Miawz, Mercury, Dime, Nickel, Zoomy 3
Danger is everywhere, even behind elevators and escalators! Watch your step!
To Kill a Rat Starring: Barry, Jerry
Featuring: Cadance, Lumpy
Appearances:Quarantine, Sniffles, Spicy
Cadance, Sniffles, Quarantine, Barry, Jerry 4
It'll take more than bullets to take down a jerboa who oddly can't die from murderers. 
Dontjudgeme Don't Judge Me! Starring: Todd, Toad
Featuring: Lumpy
Appearances:Flaky, Truffles
Todd, Lumpy, Toad 5
When both names are confused, the 2 names are solved in court.
Ironside II Starring:Ironside, Splendid
Featuring:Devious, Dr. Flop, SSSSSuper Squad
Appearances:Squidwrot, Cuddles
Squidwrot, Cuddles, Devious, Ironside 6
Ironside is programmed into a killing machine by Devious. It's up to Splendid and a few allies to stop this Terminator ripoff.
Win Me Over Starring:Todd
Featuring:Toad, Lumpy, Loony, Party Freak
Appearances:Manty, Lady, Giggles, Cuddles, Random, Quarantine, Lustly
Everyone 7
Todd tries to make the best party ever so people would like him.
Uh oh For Hare or to Go? Starring:Exercise Guy, Mollie
Featuring:Handy, Flaky, Chunky, Sniffles, Lumpy
Appearances:Johnny, Mr. Fursona
Mr. Fursona, Johnny, Flaky, Lumpy, Mollie 8
Exercise Guy's morning jog takes some nasty turns.
Burglaraharm Burglar A-Harm Starring:Lifty & Shifty, Tweets
Appearances:Savaughn, Otus
Lifty, Shifty 9
Lifty and Shifty are in for something sinister when they break into the home of a sadist.
Porkingmysister Porking My Sister Starring: Madge, Fatty
Madge, Fatty 10
Toad isn't doing his brotherly duties when his sister runs off with Fatty.
Future endevers Future End-evers Starring:Hypno, Mint Chip
Featuring:Nutty, Daydream, Sniffles
Appearances:Giggles, Parri, Tarsy, Mime (cameo)
Giggles, Mint Chip, Sniffles, Daydream, Nutty, Hypno 11
Mint Chip receives a prediction that she will meet the love of her life. As she and Nutty engage in romantic escapades, Hypno deals with a certain bulgy-eyed critter who thinks he's faking the whole psychic gimmick.
Animated Fireflies Starring:Billy, Taily
Featuring:Lumpy, Tarsy, Stuty
Everyone except Stuty 12
Billy is about to start a petition for ending an animated show that he finds dumb. However, Taily doesn't want to see his favorite show ending and has to find a way to stop Billy.
Out of this World Starring:Josh, Platypus Aliens
Appearances:Bytsa Dast, Sniffles
Everyone 13
On a trip to space, Josh is abducted by Platypus Aliens.
Tangobear A Day in My Spots Starring:Disco Bear
Featuring:Tango, Lustly, Poachy, Russell
Appearances:Giggles, Petunia, Sniffles, Stretchy
Giggles, Petunia, Disco Bear, Poachy 14
Disco Bear impersonates Tango when he gets blotches of coffee on his fur and clothes. This case of mistaken identity sends two crooks out to get him.
Burning day-mare Burning Day-mare Starring: Jamith
Featuring: Stuffy, Mercury, Miawz, Pricky, Sir Kits
Appearances: Handy, Nutty, Flippy
Mercury, Pricky, Miawz, Jamith, Stuffy, Sir Kits 15
Jamith dreams about a huge fire-related disaster and, after realizing it will become true, he tries to stop it.
Hailbird Sale Bird Starring:Beatrice and Pete
Appearances:Kendall, Fatty, Lumpy
A lizard, Kendall, Pete 16
Pete tries to capture and eat Beatrice for the first time.
Heresnocnoc You Won't Noc Me Down Starring:Noc Noc
Featuring:Raymond, Bun, Giggles, Cuddles, Daydream, Lustly
Everyone except Lumpy 17
Noc Noc flips out at a sleepover at Raymond's house in a Shining-esc manner.
Cinema Cinema Troubles Starring:Beatrice and Pete
Appearances:Movy, Quill, Pop, Cub, Random, Lumpy, Quarantine
Quill, multiple GTF's, Cub, Pete, Beatrice, Movy 18
Pete chases after Beatrice in a cinema.
Dreamwild Dreams Go Wild Starring:Freaky and Wiggles
Featuring:Tweets, Quarantine, Sanity, Howdy
Appearances:Giggles, Petunia
Freaky (every other death never actually happened) 19
Tweets, Quarantine, Sanity and Howdy have Freaky delve into their dreams.
Beakforyourself Beak For Yourself Starring:Scoopy
Featuring:Dr. Quackery, Peckins, Pecky, Capture, Paws
Appearances:Peckia, Lumpy, Jerry
Capture, Dr.Quackery, Lumpy 20
Scoopy is rendered mouthless and needs a new way to communicate...and eat. Meanwhile, Peckins comes to visit Quackery.
Springintoyourstep Spring Into Action Starring:Marshal
Featuring:Sniffles, Lifty & Shifty
Appearances:Vanilla, Mariah, Cacti
Lifty, Shifty, Sniffles, Marshal 21
Marshal gets springs fitted into his contraption so he could jump. But Lifty and Shifty later take advantage of it.
Get Shipwrecked, Matey Starring:Russell
Featuring:The Mouse Family and Spike, Chef Meow, Wilson, Nimesha, Carrie, Kaliyah
Everyone except Wilson and Lumpy 22
When Russell and a few friends get stranded on an island, they try to find a way off.
Pawspause Press Paws Starring:Paws, Sniffles
Featuring:Rush, Trippy, Robo Star, Superspeed,
Appearances: Bun, Jerry, Flippy
Rush, Flippy, Paws, Sniffles 23
Paws gets Sniffles to invent a universal remote so she can always be on time. But they end up putting the entire world on pause.
Cuky The Way the Cookie Crumbles Starring:Chunky, Bully
Featuring:Exercise Guy, Jefferey, Mollie
Mollie, Exercise Guy, Bully 24
Chunky makes some cookies, but with great difficulty.
Bilbert jump Toilet Up Starring:Bilbert, Malevolo, Marie, Bully, Trippy, Cub
Featuring:Lumpy, Handy, Sniffles, Exercise Guy, Mollie, Johnny, Pop, Robo Star
Appearances:Chunky, Andrick and Kaley, Mr. Fursona, Jefferey, Giggles, Flaky, Random, Flippy
Andrick, Kaley, Robo Star, Mr. Fursona, Flaky, Giggles, Jefferey, Lumpy, Handy, Pop, Bully, Exercise Guy, Mollie, Johnny, Flippy, Random, Marie, some GTFs, Malevolo, Trippy 25
Bilbert and Cub have fun around the mall.
Superspeed Returs to HTF Town Starring:Superspeed
Featuring:Robo Star, Trippy
Appearances:RayTube, Mom and Baby
Trippy, Robo Star 26
Superspeed finally returning to Happy Tree Town after a long break
Hangover in There Starring:Party Freak
Featuring:Bun, Paws, Skyfire, Raymond, Baby Face Quito
Appearances:Handy, Lumpy
Spike, Raymond, Handy, Baby Face Quito, Bun, Paws, Party Freak, Skyfire (Party Freak and Skyfire are debatable) 27
When Party Freak and a few partygoers have a hangover and some of the partiers die, they must figure out what happened last night.
N Animal Con Starring:Quicky, Pete
Featuring:Chunky, Bully, Bilbert, Johnny, Sniffles
Appearances:Mollie, Exercise Guy, Lumpy, Mole
Mollie, Pete 28
Pete goes to the great Animal Con, where he can meet his idol, Quicky.
(LOL) Mollie Shmollie Starring:Mollie, Chunky, Exercise Guy, Ema, Stitchy
Featuring:Lumpy, Sniffles, Bully
Exercise Guy, Bully, Ema and Mollie 29
Chunky, Ema, Stitchy, and Exercise Guy are trying to find out what kind of animal Mollie is.
Toothjob Teeth to Spare Starring:Chompy
Featuring:Dr. Quackery, Pucky, Gutsy, Bun
Appearances:LumpyMouse Father, Spike, Kendall, Paws
Pucky, Gutsy, Bun 30
See how many teeth a crocodile can lose in one episode.
Undermyconetrol You Are Under My Cone-trol Starring:Hypno, Vanilla
Appearances:Cro-Marmot, Nutty, Mint Chip, Brushy
Hypno, Vanilla 31
Hypno takes control of Vanilla at an ice cream parlour.
Dancingwithdeath ballroom Dancing with Death Starring:Clesta
Featuring:Vanilla, Bun, Howdy, Happy and Crappy, Sunset, Quicky, Bowler, Spoony, Aibis, Scarey, Spicy
Appearances:Pricky, Sicily, Pinkie, Jamith, Cocktail, Racist, Fish Stick, Gyro
Saturn, Happy, Crappy, Spoony, Aibis, Scarey, Cocktail, Sicily, Gyro, Racist, Fish Stick, Spicy, Bowler 32
When characters at someone's ball start getting killed for good in the season 69 finale, it's up to Clesta to find and defeat the murderer.

Season 70

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths
11903376 661911873946120 275680522 n Fat Chance Starring:Ez, Petunia
Featuring:Handy, Cuddles, Giggles
Petunia 1
The debut of Ez, the skunk who tends to love to inflate people.
Aussiebun Buns in the Outback Starring:Bun/Yip, Cryptie
Featuring:Aussie Outback Friends
Appearances:Bunyip Tribe, Lifty & Shifty, Generic Outback Friends
Numerous AOF characters, a bunyip, Cryptie, Bun 2
Cryptie brings a live bunyip to Australia for a reward. But when Bun's life is in peril, the two make an escape that leaves them trying to survive in the outback.
Twocats Cat's Job Starring:Jamith, Spike
Featuring: The Mouse Family, Miawz
Appearances: N/A

the mouse daughter, Jamith

A cat's job is to catch mouse.......for Spike yes, for Jamith no.
Randomcrash Random Crash Starring:Random, Sniffles
Featuring:Squabbles, Handy, Bun, Jerky, Trippy, Brushy, Crash, Jerry
Appearances:The Zebra, Air Heady, Jock
Squabbles, Handy, Jerky, Bun, Trippy, Larry, Crash, Brushy, Random, Sniffles 4
After drinking a potion from Sniffles, Random experiences strange side effects during a go-kart race.
Redshirt You're Gonna Dye Starring:Kendall, Taily
Featuring:Chroma, Tarsy
Taily, Chroma (debatable) 5
When Kendall's favourite red shirt turns white, she enlists the help of friends.
Eye Got My Eyes On You Starring:Feary
Featuring:Kendall, Tarsy, The Mole
Kendall, Tarsy, Feary 6
Feary gets annoyed by seagulls. But when a seagull steal his right eye, thing are getting worst.
Dear Friends in Higher Places Starring:Soda and Candy
Featuring:Taily, Tarsy, Cuddles
Appearing:Sniffles, Stuty
Taily, Tarsy, Candy and Soda 7
Soda has to rescue Candy, who is falling to the ground.
Jail Boar Starring:Jerky
Featuring:Savaughn, Sweet, Barry
Sweet, Barry, Savaughn, Jerky 8
Jerky is sent to jail for accidentally killing a baker. There, a certain jail bird helps him escape.
Thirdwheel Third Wheel Starring:Lustly, Cuddles
Featuring:Giggles, Toad, Savaughn, Otus
Appearances:Marshal, Handy, Mole
Toad, Giggles, Otus, Cuddles, Lustly, Savaughn 9
Lustly interferes with Cuddles' and Giggles' date.
Fromtheashes Risen From the Ashes Starring:Renee
Featuring:Hippy, Pierce, Freaky and Wiggles, Toothy, Mole
Hippy, Pierce, Freaky, Wiggles, Toothy, Renee (revived) 10
A phoenix rises from one of the casualties of the Season 69 finale.
Justbeatit Just Beat It Starring:Beat
Featuring:Waltz, Disco Bear, Tango, Movy
Everyone 11
A trio of dancers is disturbed by a cymbal-dancing monkey with a hearing problem.
Cannon It's Up There Starring:Coconut
Featuring:Gutsy, Mime, Wooly, Scoopy
Appearances:Lumpy, Generic Tree Friends
Everyone except Lumpy and Gutsy 12
Coconut looks to the skies for his next escape plan.
Burnonyou A Burn on You Starring:Phyre
Featuring:Fatty and Chef Meow, Frostbite
Appearances:Coconut, Pranky
Everyone except Frostbite 13
Phyre awakens from his fiery slumber only to be made angry by minute things.
Burninglove Burning Love Starring:Phyre, Renee
Featuring:Vanilla, Mariah, Puffy, Robo Star, Scoopy
Appearances:Cuddles, Generic Tree Friends
Everyone 14
A dragon and a phoenix falling in love creates more than burning hearts.
Duckandcover Duck and Cover Starring:Sweet
Featuring:Frilly, Bun/Yip, Boz, Jerky
Appearances:Roaster, Rotisserie
Everyone except Rotisserie and Bun (debatably Boz and Sweet) 15
Sweet just had to feed the ducks. And now they want seconds!
Toasttomost Toast to the Most Starring:Bun/Yip
Featuring:Vanilla, Howdy, Trippy
Trippy, Howdy, Vanilla 16
Bun's best friends stop by his house but Bun turns into Yip!
Chefdate Kiss the Chef Starring:Chef Meow, Sweet
Appearances:Ez, Sluggy, Vanilla
Sluggy, Chef Meow, Sweet, Ez 17
Chef Meow has a date with Sweet- but he still has Fatty to worry about.
The Buck of Life Starring:Kendall, Taily
Featuring:Petunia, Soda and Candy, Tarsy
Everyone except Taily 18
Kendall have to go at the dentist because of a buckteeth problem.
Abridged A-Bridged Starring:Mime, Centy
Appearances:Nikolai, Gnolls, Cthulhu
Everyone except Centy 19
Mime is believed to be causing trouble at a bridge by Centy- until creatures from far away start causing trouble at the bridge.
Burstinglove The Deer & the Antelope Play Starring:Kendall, Prongs
Featuring:Cub, Plushy, Ez
Appearances:Pop, Mime
Cub, Kendall, Ez 20
Kendall and Prongs' new relationship literally causes things to burst around them.
Coconuts Aw Coconuts! Starring:Coconut, Rad Raccoon
Featuring:Tarsy, Squabbles
Everyone except Giggles (debatable for Tarsy and Coconut) 21
Coconut goes nuts after Rad Raccoon bans coconut water.
Frier, Frier, Pants on Fire Starring:Nugget
Featuring:Lumpy, Roaster
Appearances:Rotisserie, Howdy, Phyre, Fatty (pig)
Roaster, Nugget 22
Nugget gets a job at Lumpy's restaurant after an "incident" with the previous chef.
Pawsclaws Paws' Claws Starring:Paws
Featuring:Softy, Daydream, Lumpy
Appearances:Pierce, Giggles
Softy, Daydream 23
Paws draws her claws and attempts to use them to get her kite back.
Oddlove Odd Love Starring:Oddity, Cryptie
Appearances:Fortune, Bun, Renee, Germy
Cryptie, Oddity 24
Cryptie finds someone with a similar interest in oddities. In fact, it's in her name.
Waterrelief Water Relief Starring:Leif, Showers
Featuring:Fyre, Renee, Phyre, Thirsty
Everyone except Howdy and Thirsty 25
A fire-fighting elephant comes to the rescue when Leif's home is set aflame. But is there enough water in his trunk for all the emergencies?
Backscratcher Backstabbing Backscratcher Starring:Tingles, Frilly
Featuring:Baldy, Kendall
Frilly, Tingles 26
Using Frilly's club as a back scratcher is against the rules. But that won't stop Tingles from scratching away at his fleas.
BeatoftheFeet Beat of the Feet Starring:Beat, Mono
Featuring:Buck and Chuck, Ruffles, Todd
Appearances:Kringle, Cuddles, Drama, Handy, Generic Tree Friends
Buck, Chuck, Todd, Ruffles, Mono, Beat 27
After losing his hands in an accident, Beat finds a new way to clap his cymbals in a marching band. But not everyone is excited for him.
Chromasanta Holly Jolly Folly Starring:Chroma
Appearances:Random, Screwball, O'Clock, Sanity, Psycho
None 28
The holidays come early as Chroma experiences the Northern Lights.
Unstablestable Un-Stable Building Starring:Howdy
Featuring:Leif, Needle and Thread
Appearances:Handy (on a toolbox)
Thread, Howdy, Leif 29
Can Needle and Thread keep Howdy's stable from crumbling?
Ice Creamed Starring:Cro-Marmot
Featuring:Lammy, Toothy, Mole
Mr. Pickels, Giggles, Petunia
Mr. Pickles, Toothy, Cro-Marmot 30
A simple attempt to cool down and get a treat leads to unexpected results.

Character Pop-Ups

Season 61-63

Just The season 2 opening, Though some of them changed.

Season 64-66

A Character is drawn on a chalkboard and does a certain thing. And featuring characters are also drawn, though they don't move.

  • Bun: Carries a crate of buns.
  • Jerry: Struggles to change her short shorts.
  • Vanilla: Hangs upside-down on a swing set.
  • Lime: Playing a organ piano, plus a music.
  • Dandy: Holding a headset, and hearing music.
  • Bytsa Dast: Hugging her baby assistant while sitting inside Sheahot Atak's cockpit.

Seasons 67-69

A wooden stage with red curtains is seen in the darkness. Two spotlights turn on and the main characters walk onto the stage. Featuring characters peek their heads through the curtains or appear sticking their head and torso out from behind the curtains.

Season 70

The starring character(s) is seen in a white background, with black words saying Starring (...). After the featuring character(s)'s pop-ups are a few similar to the TV episodes.

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