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Season One

One Minute to Live

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Incompetention In Competention Starring:Devious, Splendid, Hippy
Featuring:Sniffles, Derpsie, Lumpy, Lazy, Stone
Appearances:The Zebra, Cro-Marmot, Generic Tree Friends
Mime, GTFs, Lumpy, Hippy, Devious 1A

Devious turns on his invention for stupidities and smartypants: but there will be blood.

100px Free Pugs Starring:Cryptie, Toothy
Featuring:Josh, Stacy, Pug, Loch Mantiwolf
Appearances:Genesis and Beauty, Lilly and Joy, Wooly, Jussy, Lumpy, Giggles, Cuddles, Mia, The Zebra, Mr. Troll, Food Fight, Bushy, Generic Tree Friends
Everyone but Wooly, Lumpy, and Mole 1B

Cryptie is stuck on hiatus from monster hunting when Toothy assigns him to dogsit his pug.

100px Flashy Fashions Starring:Winora

Winora designs a brand new sparkly dress, but it causes chaos in the town.

Two More to Go

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
100px Little Lamb Starring:Lammy, Mr. Pickles
Featuring:Sniffles, Lumpy, Flaky, Bastion, Munches
Appearances:Kibble, Nutty
Kibble, Nutty, an egg, Flaky, Bastion, Sniffles, Mr. Pickles. 2A

Thanks to Sniffles, Lammy gets shrunk to the size of a pickle.

Colorworld Color my World Starring:Josh, Chroma, Mono
Featuring:Punchy, Baka, Pouches
Appearances:Flaky, Lammy, Mr. Pickles, Truffles, Lumpy, Pop, Cub, Toothy , Mime
Lumpy, Pop, Cub, Toothy, Mime, Josh, Mono 2B

Chroma paints the town, while Mono and Josh try to stop him.

100px Bumps in the Night Starring:Brushy, Cryptie
Featuring:Chroma, Puffy, Howdy, Hippy, Bongo
Appearances:Slender Loris, The Ghost, Jackson
Chroma, Puffy, Hippy, Howdy, Cryptie, Brushy 2C

Brushy and Cryptie go looking for things that go bump in the night. But is all as it seems?

The Third Eye

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
100px Artifact or Fiction Starring:Senior
Featuring:Stretchy, Ulysses, Sniffles, Giggles, Flaky, Lifty and Shifty, Squabbles
Everyone but Senior and Elliott 3A

Senior looks for artifacts to add to his museum.

100px Space Race Starring:Laika and Spetz
Featuring:Platypus Aliens, Sniffles, Scoopy, Celeste, Doppler, Handy
Appearances:Phony, Dell, Giggles , Cuddles, Sketchy, Mole, Chaffy, Mime
Everyone but Laika and Spetz (Debatable for Phony and Dell) 3B

Laika steals a rocket and goes to space, running into a group of hostile aliens.

100px Snow Day? Snow Way! Starring:Wintry, Kringle
Featuring:Timber, Slalom, Burr, Cro-Marmot. Pucky, Doppler
Appearances:Slushie the Snowman, Toothy, Guddles, Fizzles, Mole, Licky, Nutty, Plucky
Everyone but Fizzles, Toothy, Nutty and Licky (Debatable for Wintry) 3C

A snowstorm hits town, much to the amusment of snow lovers.

The Fantastic Four

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
100px Make no Connection Starring:Dell
Featuring: Mole, Trippy, Hippy, Robo Star, Superspeed
Appearances:Mr. Troll, Goosta
Trippy, Hippy, Superspeed and Dell 4A

When Dell is unable to connect to the internet, will he be able to stay sane.

Gameshow Game Show Off Starring: Todd, Host
Featuring: Nuppet and Quist, Parri, Drama, Lumpy, Disco Bear
Everyone but Host 4B

Todd competes in a dangerous Game Show..

Dustoff Dust Off Starring:Dusty, Dusti and Sucker
Featuring: Richie,Creepy and Crawly, Pesto
Everyone but Sucker and Crawly. 4C

Dusty faces Dusty in a battle of dust.

Hive Five

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
100px Scrambled not Stirred Starring:Hatchy, Bastion
Featuring:Easter. Tussles
Appearances:Roaster, Lillypad, Winifred, Trike, Egghead, Rigg
Everyone but Roaster. 5A

When Bastion's pet egg breaks, he uses the next best thing, Hatchy.

100px A Whole Day Without Smoking Starring:Mussell, Stone
Featuring: Daisy, Giggles, Wilt, Lifty & Shifty, Russell, Lumpy
Appearances: Toad
Russell, Mussell, Lifty, Shifty, GTFs, Stone. 5B

Mussell and Stone go without smoking

100px Call of Pony: Mane Warfare Starring:Robo Star, Atwater
Featuring: Blasty, Pierce, Superspeed, Bulky
Appearances: The Mole
Everyone but The Mole 5C

What will happen when the brony and anti-brony both get into a conflict?

Six Flags of Death

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
100px Sleep Tight Starring:Elliott, Sanity
Featuring: Sniffles, Eeno, Knuffles
Everyone but Elliott 6A

Sanity goes into Elliot's dreams and forces Elliot to stop sleeping.

100px Hero Man, Mime Fan Starring: Mime, Splendid
Featuring:Tarsy, Giggles, The Mole. Kibble, Hero, Bolt, Squeeze, Sniffles, Fanny, Fangirl
Appearances:Toothy, Binky, Cuddles, Paws
Everyone but Splendid. 6B

Mime is a Splendid's Fan now!

PEAK Chasm-Matic Starring: Sanus
Featuring:Peaky, Exercise Guy, Fatty, Climber
Appearances:The Zebra, Pace, Disco Bear
Peaky, Exercise Guy, Fatty, Climber, Sanus 6C

Sanus and Peaky take others for a healthy hike of horror.

Lucky Seven

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Privacy I Need Some Privacy Starring:Pride, Pervy
Appearances: Capture
Pervy 7A

Pervy attempts to see Pride naked...but notices how sneaky she can be.

100px It's All About Boys Starring:Lovely, Pride
Featuring: Disco Bear, Buckley, Tango, Blamy, Parri, Sniffles, Double A
Appearances: Lustly
Everyone by Parri 7B

Lovely and Pride have the same problem.

100px The No Modern World Starring:Tarsy, Kendall, Genie
Featuring: Disco Bear, Tech, Swannie, Cheesy, Gutsy, Torchy
Appearances: Rose, Apple, Toothy, Pace, Retro and Ristic, Ruddles, Toad
Everyone but Genie, Toad and Retro 7C

Tarsy and his friends imagines the world without technology.

Bloody Eight

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Assassin Kick Some Assassin Starring: Scoopy
Fungus, Barry, Tycoon 8A

Fed up with a bad boss, Scoopy hires Barry to take them out.

100px Spot and the Flop Starring: Dr. Flop, Spot
Featuring: Icy, Eggy, Freezer and Arcticus, Waddles
Everyone 8B

The Penguins' wost enemies, Dr. Flop and Spot plans a wicked plan for catch them but Spot becomes very annoying for Dr. Flop.

100px Vamped Up Starring: Cryptie, Dusk, Dawn
Featuring: Vampy, Scout
Appearances: Graves, Chime
Everyone but Chime 8C

Cryptie mistakes Dusk for a vampire and hunts him.

Nine Inch Nailed

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
100px Lonely Art Club Starring: Josh
Featuring: Sketchy, Artsy and Painty, Smooth, Bugsy
Everyone but Josh 9A

When the other members of his art club fail to show up, Josh tries to find where they all went.

100px Rock Around the Clockwork Starring:Clockwork
Featuring:Analogue and Digital,Lumpy,

Stitches, Josh, Booko, Sniffles, Crank,Grinder

Everyone but Lumpy 9B

Clockwork takes a group on a tour of a clock.

100px It's Mu-zit To Me Starring:O'Boil, Croaky
Featuring: Figaro, Double A, Ribbon, Hopper, Cro-Marmot
Appearances: Cuddles, Buddy, Flyby
Everyone but O'Boil, Croaky and Flyby 9C

Croaky learns of O'Boil's singing and demands he show the world.

Ten Till Death

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
100px Indy Jones Starring: Indy

Indy stars in an Indiana Jones parody.

100px Air Unfair Starring: Ace
Featuring: Swannie, Spitfire

Ace tries to actually earn his pilot license..

100px Shouting Timber Starring: Timber, Lumber

In a drunk state, Lumber sees everyone as trees, including Timber

Turned Up to Eleven

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
100px Tip of The Iceberg Starring: Berg
Featuring: Russell, Aurora, Peppa, Reachy
Appearances: Fancypants and Popular

(Debatable however for Berg, Fancypants and Popular)


Berg's dream come true turns out to be a nightmare.

100px Scare-a 51 Starring:Conspiracy, Cryptie
Featuring: Platypus Alien

Conspiracy and Cryptie sneak onto a top secret government sight.

100px Desert Bluff Starring: Cryptie
Featuring: Mystery and Ami, Bastion, Pharaoh Wrappy

Cyrptie leads a crew into the desert to hunt mummies.

Clock Strikes Twelve

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
100px Heart-attack of Gold Starring: Pace
Featuring: TBA
Appearances: TBA

Pace lends a helping hand but his bad heart leads to havoc.

100px Deathless in Happy Tree Town Part 1 Starring:Sniffles
Featuring: TBA

When death no long occurs, Sniffles and others try to find out why.

100px Deathless in Happy Tree Town Part 2 Starring:Sniffles
Featuring: TBA

Sniffles keeps on looking for the reason why death no longer occurs.

Season Two


Other TV Episodes

Spot and Waddles

On August 7, 2013, what was stylized as "Spot and Waddles" was a 3-segment show starring obvious characters as a parody of Tom and Jerry. After the show, it said that more episodes are coming soon, and hours later it was revealed to be a prank.

Screenshot Title Characters Deaths #
Prank You Spot, Waddles, Pranky TBA 1

Spot hires Pranky to use pranks on Waddles.

With Measure Spot, Waddles, TBA TBA 2

Spot and Waddles fight with tape measures.

Movie Night Spot, Waddles, Quill TBA 3

Spot tries to watch a movie, but Waddles keeps interrupting him. Quill keeps getting distracted by Waddles' attempts to scare Spot.

As these episodes are not apart of the regular TV course and rarely air, these episodes are irregular episodes.

Character Pop-Ups

At the begining of each section, several pages are shown.

  • Trippy going down a slide and Superspeed at the top.
  • Hippy plays hopscotch with Mime and Binky.
  • Wooly sits backwards on a see-saw with Josh.

The pop-ups show up in a book, and do generic actions relating to their character.

  • Devious shoots a laser from his machine.
  • Hippy jumps from bush to bush.
  • Cryptie flashes a flashlight up and down.
  • Winora is in a fashion store.
  • Lammy and Mr. Pickles have a tea party.
    • Lammy and Mr. Pickles can given one as the chances for a possible second canon TV season
  • Josh holds a paint brush to a bank easle which then becomes a picture of a flower.
  • Chroma splashes paint.
  • Mono stands with a colorful background that turns dull.
  • Brushy combs her tail.
  • Senior pulls a rope, revealing a display of the cursed idol.
  • Laika and Spetz stand infront a background with falling stars.
  • Wintry pecks a block of ice, and it turns into a statue of her.
  • Kringle pushes a ball of lights.
  • Dell spins around in a office chair.
  • Mask pops in and out of a bush.
  • Todd raises and lowers a flag with him on it.
  • Hatchy pops in and out of an egg[flash animation].
  • Bastion swings a golf club.
  • Robo-Star spins around and becomes 20's Robo Star.
  • Atwater pops out from behind a wall.
  • Elliott sleepwalks across the page.
  • Sanity juggles bloody knifes.
  • I.D, stands in front of mirrors which turn to show several of his personalities.
  • A generic tree friend undresses and Pervy peaks in over the wall behind them.
  • Pride uses her tail to cover herself.
  • The Mousecrazy Siblings escape from a asylum van.
  • Icy, Eggy, Freezer and Arcticus are in combat pose.
  • Waddles and Spot are in combat.
  • Dr. Flop places down an oyster bot.
  • Spike chases the Mouse Family.
  • Parri raises and lowers a mirror.
  • A magnifying Glass lowers to show Dusty.
  • Dusty waves her duster wile Sucker slides back and forth.
  • Sanus jump-ropes.
  • Peaky repels from a cliff side.
  • Scoopy leans towards and away from a telescope.
  • Barry appears and vanishes in a puff of smoke.
  • Clockwork marches back and forth.
  • O'Boil hides his face behind his hands.
  • Croaky shoots her tongue out.
  • Ace spins the prop of a plane.
  • Timber skies down a hill.
  • Lumber swings an ax at a tree.
  • Berg waves while standing before a iceberg.
  • Conspiracy is raised and lowered by an UFO tractor beam.
  • Dusk flaps his wings.
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