Lori is a character in htff.
Lori the mousedeer

Crouching Nerd, Hidden Warlock


Lori is a small mouse deer. She has a red t-shirt and glasses. Because of her appearance, she is often mistaken for a nerd, while she is very smart, she is also a dangerous warlock. Who will often get revenge on people who make fun of her by casting curses on them. Beyond that, she is very trustworthy, however none of the warlocks seem to believe her. She speaks in an incredibly squeaky voice, witch adds to her being impossibly to be taken seriously.





  • Brushy - 1 ("Sweater Late Than Never")
  • Random - 1 ("Sweater Late Than Never")
  • Emmy - 1 (“No Living Clothes”)


  1. Cursed Quail - Frozen solid by Trixie.
  2. Sweater Late Than Never - Torn apart by monkeys.
  3. No Living Clothes - Decapitated.


  • She was inspired from a one shot Littlest Pet Shop (2012) character, named Dolores.
  • For a while, she was rumored to be named after Lori Loud from The Loud House. This theory was debunked by Kenn Navarro.
  • She was suppose to be a quail, but then the creator felt like she would be similar to Flynn.
  • She is stated to be around 30.
  • She was suppose to have hair and freckles, but the creator forgot to add them.
  • She speaks in demonic chances, and her eyes turn red, whenever she casts a spell.


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