List of Love Bites

  1. I Shade a Flower - Buddy tries to get an apple for her love, Rocky-but a squirrel stops her.
  2. This Is Your Love - Pia has a good date with Torn... until Rip ruins it with the help of a snowball.
  3. Love is what hurts - Ziggles may love Torn, but she is about to learn how much love hurts her heart!
  4. The Glues on You - Flippy replaces Giggles' chapstick, leading to chaos!
  5. The Smell of Love - Petunia finds out that love does not always smell good!
  6. I Shove You - Ava's allergies act up and interfere with Trippy's romantic antics.
  7. Survival Equals Hero - Lumpy and Cro-Marmot have a snowball fight in the middle of Splendid and Giggles' relationship.
  8. Clowning in Love - A love story between a clown and a mime turns hilariously deadly.
  9. Painted Love - Josh's attempt to create a romantic painting comes crashing down on Petunia.
  10. Stick with me - Chuck and Jacky's picnic gets spoiled by a bird and a branch.
  11. Ale to the Chief - Ale invents a new deadly version of spitballing when Pierce ruins her date.
  12. In The Air - Boz and Fawn bring their love to higher altitudes...too high.
  13. Fair Weather Fools - Change in the forecast makes changes in Ray and Cloudy's date.
  14. Bee Mine - Boz picks up a flower without checking the inside of it first.
  15. Twinkle In My Eye - Boz and Fawn gaze at stars, and find themselves in a meteor shower.
  16. Baldly in Love - Two bald critters interact for the first time.
  17. Disco Pickle - Disco Bear gets between a lamb and her little pickle.
  18. I Luck You - Two unlucky characters go on a date with "destiny".
  19. The Beat of My Heart - Never rap badly in front of a girl, especially when her crazed boyfriend is nearby.
  20. Pass the Pepper - Pepper and Peppery see eye-to-eye. But it doesn't end well.
  21. Seeing Stars - Daydream brings a stargazing date out of this world.
  22. Bad Romance - Pierce thinks it is funny to mess with a nerd's date, until realizing said nerd has a ray gun.
  23. Frozen Love - Why winter dates are better spent inside by the fireplace.
  24. Kiss in the Beak - Dating tip: don't kiss anyone with a long pointy beak.
  25. Waltz into my Heart - Disco Bear ruins Waltz's romantic dance.
  26. Passion Fruit - Figgy and Foxy find an apple, but they should have checked for worms first.
  27. Old Style Love - Two elderly citizens flock together.
  28. Love, Supernaturally - Find out why not to have a date in a dark cemetery.
  29. Flower You - A rule of the love: Takes the good flowers.
  30. Kiss the Frog - Croakus performs a classic magic spell on Trixie, but it doesn't end like it did in the story.
  31. Colors of Love - Chroma and Kendall didn't anticipate a signal problem on movie night.
  32. Love Stinks - Tulip is about to make a bad experience!
  33. Tunnel of Hate - Kendall has an uninvited guest with her in the tunnel of love.
  34. Spray That You Love Me - Perhaps Disco Bear should have dated someone else instead.
  35. Baby Love - Will Pop realize that it's okay for babies to have love?
  36. Cream's Cream - Cream eats some ice cream without knowing the secret ingredient is dead tree friends.
  37. Heart of Ice - Wally and Maple go for a late-winter skate.
  38. Poisoned with Love - Disco Bear tangos with a toxic beauty.
  39. Sibling Fans - Cream and Queen fall for each other, after Cupid stupidly hits arrows at them.
  40. When Our Lips Touch - Coney finds a brilliant, if not risky, solution to his and Fizzles' kissing problem.
  41. Love in the Air - Two piloting birds equals one big problem.
  42. Dance, Funky, Dance! - Disco Bear finally gets a girl to watch him dance. But by the time he catches on, it'll be too late to escape.
  43. Loathe Triangle - Two different scenarios where Giggles gets comeuppance for her multiple love lives.
  44. That Spark in Your Eyes - Sniffles makes his own fireworks for a date. Let's just say it will go out with a bang.
  45. Puppet Love - Todd's gift for Quist is even more self-absorbed than Todd himself.
  46. Flowers in my Horns - Prongs uses his horns to bring Kendall some flowers.
  47. Under my Spell - Watch where you're standing the next time you forcefully make someone kiss you.
  48. Latte of Love - Love is hot and so is coffee.
  49. Loathe Song - Croaky sings a love song.
  50. Undying Love - Stubbs and Dawn take a walk in the graveyard.


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