List of Love Bites

  1. Iron-Hearted: Jock and Rolly date at the gym.
  2. Love Diary: Booky and Booko fall for each other at the library.
  3. Apple of My Eye: Figgy picks apples for his date.
  4. Love In The Balance: Pudgy drops in on Pouches.
  5. Insensitive Lover: Lustly finds a potential boyfriend who doesn't know she exists.
  6. Can't You Fix It?: Raymond's romantic love song for Handy goes array.
  7. She Loves Me Knot: Switchy and Fiona's date goes horribly wrong after a horrific balloon animal accident.
  8. Freaky Cheeky: Sniffles unwittingly gives Lustly a kiss on the cheek.
  9. Picture Me This: Bugsy attempts to paint a portrait of Foto. 
  10. Cat Nipped: Squabbles picks up a flower for his date, but this certain flower gets the attention of her cat. 
  11. Love One's Temper: Zee makes a dinner for Lain and uses Dexter for his assistant.
  12. Cowardly Couple: Puffy and Mew date at the park but are interrupted by a rooster.
  13. Love At Firest Sight: Blayze is fell love at first sight with Zircon.
  14. The Bat and the Plat: A confused little bat meets a confused little platypus.
  15. Jinxed Relationship: Crafty meets Jynx... and a brick to her face.  
  16. Innard-most Feelings: Shepard's new crush gets a taste for sheep.
  17. Golden Touch: Leif tries his luck by helping Angie out.
  18. All Eyes On You: Disco Bear trys flirting with Pattypon.
  19. We're On Your Tide: Kelpy gets another horse into her body... literally.
  20. The Whopper Way: Hooksy tries to get a big dinner for Scoopy, with a big landing!
  21. Heating Heart: Snowball and Fuddles cuddle next to the electric fireplace, though Snowball isn't quite satisfied with the heat.
  22. O-Cork it Works: Cascade crushes on Plushy, however her pointy wand gets in the way.
  23. Out in Odd Daylight: A couple like Oddity and Splice shouldn't really be with each other; they are so different (literally).
  24. Hearts of Gold: Jewel takes a shine to a literal golden boy.
  25. All for One, One for All: Bumpsy attemps to give Fianna his heart.
  26. I'm Nutty For You: Nutty develops a scheme to get Cuddles' chocolates.
  27. Made for Peach Other: Fruit-loving elephants get in the path of Figgy and Foxy.
  28. To Surgery, with Love: Doc's emotions prove quite convenient for a heart transplant.
  29. Lil' Lovers: Snooper spies on a cute little lady...until a big threat comes upon them.
  30. No Love Ghost: Eerie finds there is no love for the dead. Especially if her love is food. 
  31. Swan Lake: A day on the lake goes awry when someone ignores the bird feeding rules.
  32. Sundae Fundae: Eddy makes himself look cool (and sugary) in front of Scoopy.
  33. Rock my World: Ever tried to kiss a gargoyle? Don't even think about it.
  34. Rosy Be Mine: Tango finds a 'random' girl to sweep off her feet.
  35. Song of the Lovebirds: Figaro's melody signals the arrival of banshee screams.
  36. The Dwarf and the Magician: Abra finds an adorable surprise in her hat.
  37. Wild Love: Bongo gives Aisya a swinging good time. If only he could watch where he was going.
  38. Skip the Salt: Things get salty during Cocktail and Slimy's date.
  39. Lovey Dovey: Rosia tries to help Rafie win Emmy's heart.
  40. Dueling Sirens: Seerin and Coral compete for relationships by singing. Unfortunately, they are far better at sinking ships. 
  41. In The Air Tonight: The winds are getting stronger for the German Shepherd and caracal duo.
  42. Quake You Feel My Love: Quake Tree falls in love with Floral and Fawn, with the moment being interrupted by a fly.
  43. The Way Watered: Riston tries to calm Foxy down from her fear of water, with himself being distracted by it.
  44. Burn On Your Love Light: Rabeav and Lessy decide to brighten things up for their kiss by lighting a campfire.
  45. Drama Karma: Gloomy takes Drama on a date which later turns into a suicide attempt.
  46. Air Did Our Love Go: Beava helps Ace to repair his plane only to fall in love with him after, but things turn horrible when he gives her a kiss.


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