"Loves Me, Kills Me Not" is a HTFF episode that introduces Freckle, the purring cat.


One day, Pastel and Minty are walking together, then Freckle walks along purring until he sees Pastel, his love that he wants. Freckle comes up to them and wants to kiss her, but Minty smacks him away telling him that she is his love. Freckle refuses to know that, then they start arguing over Pastel, but she tells them to stop as she does not want to love any of them when they are fighting before walking away. Minty growls at Freckle who smirks as they both walk away as well.

Later, Minty and Pastel are sitting on a bench while Freckle is up a tree, preparing to drop a rock on him. As he drops it, Minty and Pastel get off the bench and thus he misses him. He facepalms, then he falls off the tree and lands into a trash can as they laugh at him and leave. Freckle comes out of it with a banana on his head. Hypno shows up and laughs at him. This gives Freckle an idea, so he tells Hypno to hynotize Pastel to love him and Minty to play in the mud. Hypno can if he pays him. Freckle gives him 10 dollars and Hypno accepts it and does what he says.

Minty and Pastel are near a fountain where Hypno shows up and hypnotizes them. Minty runs into a mud puddle and plays in it while Pastel goes to love Freckle. However, it turns out that she runs past Freckle and hugs Goof which grosses him out. Crabby angrily claws off Hypno's head for doing that before Freckle kicks off Crabby's claws and he screams in pain. Freckle facepalms that it was a failure. Cranky shows up and tells him that she can not love a stupid cat like him. Freckle simply glares before he gets another idea to fix it.

At home, Freckle pulls out poison to kill Minty and a love potion to make Pastel fall in love with him with a wicked grin. First, he tests the poison by pouring some in Fungus's drink without him looking, As he drinks, he chokes and dies. Freckle nods that it worked. Then, he pours some love potion in Plushy's latte without him seeing it. As he drinks it, his eye pupils become heart-shaped as he goes to love a girl. He kisses Pocus who giggles at the silly Plushy. Freckle nods that it worked too.

Then, after Pastel and Minty get milkshakes, they first go to the bathroom while Freckle sneakily puts the poison in Minty's and the love potion in Pastel's. After that, he throws the bottles into the trash, so no one knows what happened. As they come back from the bathroom, they sip their milkshakes. Suddenly, Minty's face turns green, then he chokes and dies. Pastel becomes lovestruck as she begins finding someone else to love. She comes up to Freckle and kisses him, making him cheer that his plan worked.

Later, they are at their wedding party where they kiss and place their rings on their fingers. Cranky facepalms at this whole thing. Later, as they get their milkshakes, Freckle sips his, then suddenly, his face turns green. He chokes and dies because the milkshake was poisoned which ends with Pastel bursting into tears.


“Never trust the sneaky cat."


  • Hypno's head gets chopped off by Crabby.
  • Fungus, Minty, and Freckle die from poison.


  • Crabby's claws are torn off by Freckle.
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