Lucky is a mostly black cat with yellow eyes and a white blotch on her forehead, and tipping her tail. One canine is usually poking out of her mouth. She also wears a bronze horseshoe around her neck, referring to her name.

She is fairly quiet most of the time, and keeps to herself. She also dislikes anyone getting too close to her, out of fear of physical contact (due to mental scarring when she was a child) and because of her "bad luck" which tends to kill them in grisly ways.

She seems to like writing in a journal about her day and often narrates what she is currently doing in her head. Lucky also seems to be terrified of the dark, as it dyes her fur completley black which seems to put a serious strain on her mental health for unknown reasons, sometimes causing her to twitch and foam at the mouth (This is ironic, as cats can see very well in the dark, where Lucky is terrified of it). As a result, she is always in the sunlight, but when night falls, Lucky locks herself away at home, never turning off the lights and refuses to leave the house.

Lucky has no love interest as of yet.

Slowly, but surely, she is going insane.


  • Lucky also refers to one of Britton's pet cats.
  • Her accidents commonly involve Leif for very obvious reasons.