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"There will always time to be happy and smile!"
- Lucy Clover

Lucy Clover is a sky blue-colored western gray squirrel who was a former "Princess of Fortune" and nowadays, lived as one of Happy Tree Town's unfortunate citizens. Despite her status is not royalty anymore, she still has some fortunes inside of her, though unlikely to save her for most of the parts.

Personality and traits

Lucy is described as "a very mild and cheerful person who has no issues on being happy-go-lucky too much, will brighten your day with her light-hearted stories". However, she is also known to be intellectually challenged and can be extremely naive, as well as taking careless options. She is never thinking first and always went to action.

While some people said that she is pretty kind-hearted and lovable, others would say that her kindness has annoyed them and in few rare cases, disliking her for ruining their days. As much gullible as she is, Lucy never notices the signal of people's annoyance and thinks that they are just in bad mood, which can lead to, not only the tension feeling between the two but also the higher risk of getting killed.

Besides the point in her demeanor, as mentioned above, Lucy has fortunes inside of her and while it did make her survived from the hazards and incidents, it is not as always as her luck can go reversed and backfire herself. It is worth mentioning that the fortune never able to save the people around her and it can be worsened by her flaws. Even Lucy herself can make luck gives unfortunate consequences instead. However, nevertheless, her fortune may or may not save her from the one immense and intense catastrophe.


"I know that he is rude and keeps scoffing with bad words, but he is more than meet the eye! He isn't a bad person, I promise!"
- Lucy Clover

Lucy and Ginger are an interesting yet complicated couple, with the latter's irreverence and mockery attitude and the former's considerate nature. Their relationship is started when they were classmates during kindergarten, while Lucy sometimes get harassed by the other children for her softness, Ginger will stand up for her and act as if her bodyguard, they both grown up into more than just friends. Even though they argue about each other's behaviors on rare occasions, Lucy and Ginger are still in pretty healthy and good terms as well as forgiving for their actions.

Shiny Twinkle

Just as with Ginger, Lucy and Shiny friendship is another contrast between their personalities, with the former being modest and benevolent meanwhile the latter is rebellious and slothful. Both of them are best friends, despite their flaws. Shiny has no issues at all to bring her friend into her daily workfield and Lucy is moreso excited to be on adventures, however, also more on concerning their safety. Nonetheless, they are great friends.

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  1. Welcome Back to Hell - Get her innards blown out of from her body.

Percentage of the deaths occurring: 00.00%

Victims and killing counts

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Percentage of the elimination: 00.00%

  • She has gone into several redesigns in over the past years, the list of removal and introduction in her;
    • Formerly was Flippy's adoptive sister and her biological mother was alive, changed into having her own family and finally changing their status from unknown to deceased.
    • She is used to having a pet rabbit named "Snowball", then got removed due to reasons.
    • Her old designs used to have her to be slim and tall and inaccurately describe her height section as small, she has changed into roly-poly as not only the creator likes it, but also feels as it is fitting her more to bubbly and cheerful personality.
    • In past years, she was wearing three different hoodies and a pair of shorts until changed into sweaters and leggings. Her current alternate profile image has a green hooded jacket, as a throwback of her very old design.
    • She was used to having a pretty large list of ridiculous capabilities until reduced little by little to the point of only having one capability. This was done intentionally, due to controversial reasons in the past and the creator wants to nerf her as Lucy was ridiculously overpowered.
      • The whole "Mary-Sue" Lucy had become one of the creator's inside jokes.
    • Her past personality was all about being overly kind and no one even bothered by it either. This has changed into any characters will be annoyed and even dislike her, as part of the consequences in her kindness.
    • Her age section was said to be 14, but as time flies by, so did with her. The creator has aged her up to 19 for good reasons.
    • Lastly, her relationships were also ridiculous and changed several times, until the creator decides to left it open to other creators, as there are no ways to tell if it is okay to put in or not, even with the characters' creator's permission.
  • According to the creator, Lucy and Wawa were used to have the same color and same species. This has changed as the latter, the creator's self-insert persona is now confirmed to be ink demon and being the opposite of the former; bright yet foolish-to-cynical and questionable.
    • The creator even further stated that they did not acknowledge that they made Lucy as their self-insert in over the past years until Wawa's existence and looking back on the history.
  • When she was firstly created, "Mabel Pines" from Gravity Falls, "Pinkie Pie" from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and "Star Butterfly" from Star vs The Forces of Evil were Lucy's main inspiration. As for her new design, the creator has no ideas of where it began or even inspired by.

Designs and developments

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