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Ludwig is no longer associated with the Happy Tree Friends fandom and either exists in another fandom or turned into a completely original character. This character will no longer be allowed to be used in episodes or other HTF media unless stated otherwise by the creator.

Ludwig is a fan character.

Ludwig, Raymond's bro...


Ludwig is a grey reindeer and Raymond's brother. Ludwig likes the piano like his brother and he also seems to be a rap singer. He wears headphones, has blue hair and wears a black T-shirt and yellow pants. As of The Buck Gets Weird, he is now a beaver hybrid as a result of toxic waste mutation.

Beyond his music career, he is pretty athletic and sporty, he is also obsessed with a felt scrap dubbed Charmy. Witch at first glance, why seem like a typical scrap but it is very powerful, as it has a 50-50 ability to bring good or bad luck to whoever touches it, however Ludwig himself can not control on who gets the bad or who gets the good luck, strangely enough, the scrap itself is neutral to him and he is the only tree friend who isn't affected by it's powers.

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His felt scrap




  1. Frozen Hasteland: Splats.
  2. Demon with a Lemon: Crushed by a fan.
  3. Small Sisters: Sliced by Sunset's tiara.
  4. Pinch Back: Sliced by Sunset's lower arms.


  • His name is ironic because he can hear well.
  • He is somewhat based off Ludwig von Koopa from the Super Mario Bros. series and Ludwig from Scribblenauts Unlimited.
  • On 7/22/2016 it was revealed that Ludwig is actually a reindeer.
  • His scrap was based on a real good luck charm YSK's brother had a child, though he admitted to losing it.
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