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"Making Contact" is a HTF Fanon episode.

He should have got new glasses. Or laser eye surgery. How cool would laser eyes be?

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Sniffles is seen at the eye doctor's with his glasses broken. Optometrist Lumpy arrives and takes a look at Sniffles and and then at a chart which reveals the number of glasses Sniffles has gone through to be high. Realizing Sniffles trouble, Lumpy suggest he gets contacts. Sniffles thinks for a moment and agrees. Soon Sniffles arrives home wearing contacts, and he tosses his broken glasses in the trash. Sniffles then gets ready to work on a project when his doorbell rings.

Sniffles answers the door to find Josh and is glad to see his friend, Josh however seems to not recognizes Sniffles without glasses so he apologizes and leaves. Sniffles stands their confused for a moment but then shakes it off and goes back inside. Soon Sniffles is seen working on a project, in which he is gluing a model rocket. Sniffles sets the glue down hard on the table and it sends dust up. The dust makes Sniffles sneeze hard and his contacts pop out, along with him knocking over the glue. 

Sniffles panics as he looks blindly for his contacts, and to find them he moves his hands around, only to end up sticking his left hand in the glue. Sniffles screams in horror and attempts to pull himself free but has trouble so he pushes against the table with his right hand, only to miss and hit the rocket which his hands sticks to thanks to the glue. Sniffles begins to panic even more and in his panic he steps on the rocket's controls making launch. Sniffles screams in terror as the rocket pulls half of him up and rips him in half.

The episode ends with Sniffles left half landing on his contacts.


  1. Sniffles is ripped in half.