Marlin is a HTFF character.

Character Bio

Marlin is a blue marlin who lives in the ocean, thus he rarely interacts with most other characters. Marlin is quite active, usually seen jumping in and out of the water, and riding through currents. He also enjoys water sports like surfing.

Being a sought-after target by fishermen, Marlin may constantly have run-ins with fishing hooks, nets, and boats. His pointed nose can come in very handy to cut through nets and lines, or in desperate measures, kill fishermen. But his nose may also cause accidental damage to others.






  • Double Whammy (Coral Reef Friends) - Crushed.
  • Better Safe and Sorry - Smashed by car.
  • Safety Beach Breach - Stabbed in the eye with corkscrew.
  • Triple Trouble - Chopped into pieces by a propeller.
  • Break the Siren - Sliced into pieces by a propeller.
  • Table Flipper - Boiled to death.
  • In the Same Boat - Head cracked by a coconut.

Kill count

  • Russell - 2 ("Catch of the Day", "Triple Trouble")
  • Lifty - 1 ("Fishy Fumbles")
  • Snorkels - 1 ("Sea What I Did There?")
  • Hatchy - 1 ("Safety Beach Breach")
  • Coral - 2 ('Break the Siren", "In the Same Boat" along with Hooksy)
  • Hooksy - 1 ("In the Same Boat")


  • He is the first marlin character.
  • He was originally a grey swordfish, based on a character who briefly appeared in one of the creator's dreams.
  • He is now a character of Coral Reef Friends.
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