I don't like how the extra arms turned out, but it will do.

Melissa is a fan character.


Melissa is a pink spider who is Dean's girlfriend. She is friendly, but short tempered. She sometimes accidentally kills Dean by biting his beak while kissing him. More about her is to be added.



  1. Grabbing a Bully By the Horns


Bold means the kill is debatable.

  • Jeb- 1 (Grabbing a Bully By the Horns)
  • Colton- 1 (Grabbing a Bully By the Horns)
  • Dean- 1 (Grabbing a Bully By the Horns)


  • Melissa is based off DeanTheOne's real life girlfriend.
  • She is the only spider character that doesn't scare Dean off when spotted by him, this is based off the fact that DeanTheOne has arachnophobia.
  • She was made the same day as Colton.
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