Louie Headliner

aka ?7+!?0?)()??*(/%?1#@1/1?@$$?

  • I live in the rice fields
  • I was born on April 29
  • My occupation is sleeping
  • I am ?!?!?!

I have decommissioned as a bureaucrat and admin here as of 10/10/16. As a result, I won't be active to talk to you here.

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  • Wassup?

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  • Hai... I want your opinion on something. Do I draw well? Most people usually say  "It's  Good" or "I Like It", but I've  never really been critiqued  before. If you want, I'll just show you my art...




    A Charecter Thats Up For Adoption


    A Self Portrait


    Denji Trapped In An Aura


    A Younger, Happier Denji

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    • You have quite a unique style of drawing. You manage to capture a lot of details that add to the appeal and your color choice is on point. What I really like about your art is the variation. Though you partially use the same style, each comes off in its own distinctive way. I especially like how I can gain an understanding of your characters' personality though the picture. Overall, the presentation is displayed well, the art and colors are balanced, and  it's quite lovely to stare at :)

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    • I have to say. It is good. Lovely. In it's own unique way: It's child-esque way, y'know? No offense, but when I saw the fifth one, it was decent, only thing was, the background looks like if a child drew it, I'm not trying to express rudeness in any way. Unless you were depicting child-like nature, then it would be okay.

      The forth one... it's good. Only thing is, I don't have the feel of her being inside the aura. It feels more like if she was outside it. Solution, make her color lighter, with a bit of orange, hence the aura's color, to make it look like she's really inside it.

      Well, the others, I guess are okay. Except that you could've made their limbs more... uhm... longer. Unless their supposed to be in a child-like form. I may be wrong, this is HTF after all.

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    • I love your style. The way you made Bun made it look awesome. He completely contrasted the background, and you made every detail on him exactly how it should be. If someone says you're a bad artist (which no one here has yet), ignore them! Your art is good for what it is!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • My brother, under the username Happywheels321, has joined. He is a follower, almost to the point of plagiarism. expect a lot of sues.

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  • Donz worry. LOD handled it.

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  • An image of Clownie.

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  • Please come on chat as son as you can.

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