Midnight is a black cat and is based on a real life feline.
Midnight The Black Catg

Character Bio

Being a black cat, Midnight's life is full of sorrow. She grew up in the same orphanage as Shifty and Lifty and the 3 escaped together. Despite the 3 being good friends, Midnight often references them being a thorn in her side.

Midnight is a persian feline. She was abandoned at birth by her father, Twilight. She does not appear like one as when she was young, Shifty broke her tail. She also got a scar from fighting and it is considered the most unique part about her.

She is in love with a cryptid, Sgt. Whomper. As Whomper is a cannibal, most of her deaths relate to feeding him. She is the twin sister of Cutie and is best friends with Black Eye, Luffy, and Ember. She is also friends with Flaky.

She can often be considered the ring-leader of the trio as she uses her natural camouflage to get inside and make sure the place is loaded.

Occupations and Careers

  1. Waitress - Meow Are You Fishing?
  2. Bride - Fated Stones
  3. Thief - Most episodes with her, Shifty, and Lifty
  4. Super Agent - Dreamin' for Doom (Dream)
  5. Mother of Brownie, Whimper and Fluffy - Every episode past Two's a Crowd, Four's a Family



  1. Meow Are You Fishing? - Devoured by a shark while getting fish from the dock.
  2. A Catastrophe - Crushed multiple times by hail.
  3. Dreamin' for Doom - Sleepwalking into a bear's den and gets ripped to pieces.
  4. Bad Luck Kitty - Run over by a train.


  1. Two's a Crowd, Four's a Family - Hand is ripped off before birth.
  2. Prior to Bad Luck Kitty - Scar was formed and tail was broken.

Number of kills

  • Whomper - 2 ("Two's a Crowd, Four's a Family", "Bad Luck Kitty")
  • Luffy - 1 ("Bad Luck Kitty")
  • Lifty - 1 ("Bad Luck Kitty")
  • Shifty - 2 ("Bad Luck Kitty", "Dreamin' for Doom")
  • Black Eye - 1 ("Meow Are You Fishing?")
  • Flaky - 1 ("Bad Luck Kitty")
  • Flippy - 1 ("Dreamin' for Doom")


  • Midnight is based of an autistic teenage girl's deceased black cat of the same name.
  • Midnight's tufts of fur have been prone to disappear.
  • Whomper and Midnight met after a Flippy's rampage after they were revived.
  • Midnight, Ember, and Luffy are very close friends.