Gender: Female
Interest(s): Cell Phones, Pranks, Jokes, Fashion, Purses, Bows, the Internet
Species: Rabbit
Color: Hot Pink
Size: Medium
Friends/Allies: Pranky Cuddles Fuddles, Josh, Negy
Enemies/Rivals: None
Love Interest(s): Pranky
Kill Count: 0
Deaths: 8 (All from regular episodes)
First Appearance: Mini Mimi
First Victim: ? ?
First Death: Mini Mimi
Mimi is a main character from Happy Tree Friends Fanon.

Character Bio

Mimi is a definitely social and friendly hot pink rabbit with one floppy ear and one straight ear. She probably got a floppy ear because she always has been flopping in around, and eventually flopped it down. She is very girly, and keeps a lot of nail polish.

She also carries around a red purse with a large gray button in the middle. She also wears a large blue bow on her head. Mimi also has painted-on nail polish on her paws. She is the only HTF to wear nail polish. Mimi always shops at fashion stores to buy new clothes.

Relationship Between Pranky and Mimi

Pranky and Mimi are a fairly new couple, so not much is known about the two. One thing known is that they are both a type of rabbit (Pranky being a hare and Mimi being a rabbit). Another thing known is that they both like to prank people, but they both use different pranking techniques.


Starring Roles

  1. Mini Mimi
  2. Brain Freezy
  3. More for Mimi
  4. Internet Interception

Featuring Roles

  1. Tiny Enemy Within
  2. Climb Up the Ropes
  3. Dead Funny
  4. Girl Fights


  1. Fire Breath & Pickle o' Death
  2. Lazy Eyed and Bushy Tailed
  3. Hot And Cold
  4. Get Eggy With It
  5. Project Girly
  6. Technical Difficulties
  7. Web Crisis



  1. Mini Mimi - Gets squashed by a weight.
  2. Brain Freezy - Faints to death after a severe brain freeze.
  3. Fire Breath & Pickle o' Death - Is stampled by bulls.
  4. More for Mimi - Falls in a lava pit.
  5. Project Girly - Blown up by bomb.
  6. Climb Up the Ropes - Eaten by a werewolf.
  7. Web Crisis - Bleeds from rash.
  8. Dead Funny - Crushed by platform (returns as angel).
  9. Girl Fights - Crushed by a door.


  1. Technical Difficulties (game): Killed by obstacles or enemies if the player loses. 


  1. Lazy Eyed and Bushy Tailed - Stabbed in the ears by Mr. Pickles.
  2. Dead Funny - Injuries herself saving Gloomy.


  • Mimi's design and personality is similar to a Moshi Monsters Moshling named Honey.
  • Mimi is almost identical to Fuddles.
  • Mimi and Josh are internet penpals as they chat with each other over the internet, as seen in Internet Interception.


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