Gender: Male
Interest(s): Killing, Moldy food
Species: Beaver
Color: Blue
Relatives: none
Age: ?
Size: Medium
Love Interest(s): ?
Kill Count: 6
Deaths: 3 From regular episodes
First Appearance: Mold It Right There!
First Victim: Cheesy from Mold It Right There!
First Death: Treasure of Mold

Moldy is a fan-made character of Happy Tree Friends.

Character Bio

Moldy is a blue beaver who wears an army uniform with a turtleneck and beret.

Hence his name, Moldy flips out whenever he comes into contact with moldy food. He is known to eat moldy food in his flip-out mode, and he can turn back to normal only by eating fresh food. Sometimes, Moldy dies from the moldy food he ate, usually in his normal state.






  • Treasure of Mold: Launched into the air when a bridge goes up and splatters on the ground.
  • Hot Rot: Burnt and disintegrated by the fire.
  • Hat Me: Crashed against a tree and spilled out his blood.

Kill count

  • Cheesy - 1 ("Mold It Right There!")
  • Lumpy - 1 ("Treasure of Mold")
  • Splendid - 1 ("Treasure of Mold")
  • Spoke - 1 ("Treasure of Mold")
  • Fungus - 1 ("Court Odour")
  • Wooly - 1 ("Hat Me")


  • He is one of only two characters who made their first appearance in a HTF Break. The other is FatKat.
  • His arms were once overstretched.
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