Liu Kang gets struck by a Kunai

Mortal Kombat Friends is a Happy Tree Friends spin off.

Note: Not to be confused with the fan episode, Mortal Tree Friends.

About Mortal Kombat Friends

Mortal Kombat Friends is a combination between the bloody game, Mortal Kombat and the bloodiest show, Happy Tree Friends.


All of the Happy Tree Friends characters will wear costumes of the Mortal Kombat characters. Here is the list of HTF characters that will be the Mortal Kombat characters (including fan characters) Ken Navarro says that Liu Kang, Shao Kahn, Goro and Kintaro will premiere as themselves on August 20th.

This is Motaro. Note that the right of Motaro's head has an antler instead of a horn since "Motaro is Lumpy".

Real Life Characters

Cuddles as Kung Lao

Lumpy as Motaro

Flippy as Raiden

Giggles as Mileena

Petunia as Kitana

Toothy as Johnny Cage

Fanon Characters

Punk The Gangster as Kano

Savaughn as Stryker

Trippy as Sub-Zero

Ancolyp as Shang Tsung

Buddy as Jade

Pierce as Jax

Melody as Skarlet

Ruutu as Baraka

Raven as Quan Chi

You can submit to the character list!

The Episode Special

This Episode Special is a rare season. There is 3 parts. Part 1 is there, but 2 and 3 are missing. Add parts 2 and 3 to this episode special if you like!

Season Special

Episode Part Description Link Deaths Screenshot
Part 1 The madness begins.


For those of you who do not know how the Mortal Kombat characters look like, click their galleries.

Reptile's Gallery

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Motaro's Gallery

Scorpion's Gallery

Shao Kahn's Gallery

Goro's Gallery

Stryker's Gallery

Kano's Gallery

Kitana's Gallery

Mileena's Gallery

Raiden's Gallery

Jade's Gallery

Johnny Cage's Gallery

Kintaro's Gallery

Sub-Zero's Gallery

Jax' Gallery

Kung Lao's Gallery

Shang Tsung's Gallery

Ken Navarro's Description

Ken Navarro gave this description on the HTF website.

"What is up everybody? For all of you fans of HTF who also know Mortal Kombat, guess what, in August 20th, the gore will be splattered in your face. Why? Because Mortal Kombat and Happy Tree Friends COLLIDE! You excited? I bet you are. Don't lie, you troll. I'm not troll bait. So, moving on...the good news is that the amount of gore will increase. The BAD NEWS is that the rating will go from 12+ to 15+. If you are a young fan, then be with a parent or guardian. All of the HTF characters will act as the MK character, except for Liu Kang, Kintaro, Shao Kahn and Goro, who will be acting as themselves when this premieres. Thank you for taking the time to read all this splatter news."

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