Moth through Hot Butter-fly is a fanon episode of HTF.
Butterfly bedtime

Buterfly larvae look cute when they're sleeping.






Night arrives and the forest gets covered in darkness. Inside a tree, Flutter tucks Wiggly into bed and reads him a book about bugs. Suddenly they hear a bump and Wiggly fearfully covers himself in his blankets. Flutter opens his door to find the Moth attracted to the light coming out of his window. The Moth soon flies off and Flutter heads back inside. 

Baby Face Quito pops out from hiding and plans to suck the blood of the butterfly family. He attaches two wing-like leaves to his back and then curls up his proboscis for a butterfly/moth disguise. He knocks on the door and Flutter, falling for the trick, lets him in.

Meanwhile, The Moth flies around the woods in search of light. He ventures in through a window and towards a lamp. Unfortunately, it turns out he entered the room of the Owlets. They begin wrecking up the place in an attempt to catch The Moth, waking up Otus and Great Grey. Flyy knocks over Talon's glass of milk and causes it to spill next to an electrical outlet. The house explodes, though The Moth escapes just in time.

Flutter finishes reading the story and Wiggly falls asleep. Flutter himself gets tired and sleeps. With the perfect opportunity, Quito takes off his disguise and prepares for some blood-sucking. Outside, The Moth is still flying in panic. He accidentally bumps into Buzzles' hive and causes the hornet to fall out of the door and down Flutter's chimney. Awakened from his sleep, Buzzles snaps and stabs Quito with his stinger. Quito fights back by sucking Buzzles' blood, thus killing them both.

The Moth flies down the chimney and gets an idea. Throwing Buzzles and Quito's corpses into the fireplace, he ignites a match and throws it in. He gets enjoys the light and, unable to control his instincts, flies into the flames. He begins running around to get the fire off and soon causes the whole tree to burn. As the episode ends, hundreds of moths fly towards the light caused by the fire.


"Light up your world."


  1. Otus, Great Grey, and the Owlets die when their house explodes.
  2. Quito is stabbed by Buzzles' stinger.
  3. Quito sucks Buzzles' blood.
  4. The Moth, Flutter, and Wiggly burn to death.


  • This is the debut appearance of Flutter, Wiggly, and The Moth.
  • Unless counting the other moths, nobody survives this episode.
  • This is one of the few episode which contain mostly insect characters.
  • The two main characters from Larva (another show by Mondo) appear on the cover of the book Flutter reads.
  • This marks the first death of the Owlets and Great Grey.
  • This is one of the few times Otus appears without Savaughn.
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