Howdy embarks on an adventure of a lifetime.
Internet Season: 1
Episode Number: 5
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
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'"'Mountain of Trouble" is a fan episode of Happy Tree Friends and is also the fifth episode of Season One.


Howdy grabs a backpack and packs up a series of climbing tools, and also a submarine sandwich if he gets hungry. After packing his things, Howdy kicks open the door and walks out of his cabin. He looks in awe at a tall mountain just in the distance. Howdy puts on a brave face and attempts to climb the mountain to the top. He turns around and looks at his mighty horse to ride, but it runs away in fear of the mountain. He then sees a small donkey that brays at him.

Howdy is then seen riding the donkey up the mountain. However, the donkey stops in the tracks. They have reached a cliff. Howdy tries to cross a bridge connecting to the other side, but at the moment he sets his foot on the bridge, a plank of wood snaps and falls hundreds of miles to the ground. Howdy looks to find another way to climb. He starts eating his sandwich, when he sees a rocky wall in front of him, finding his solution. He grabs his rope and manages to lasso the tip of the ledge. As he starts pulling himself up, the donkey eats the sandwich.

Howdy finally grabs the ledge and pulls himself on it. After panting, he sees that he has reached the top of the mountain. He cheers and throws his hat into the air. He gets his backpack and pulls out a flag. Howdy sticks his flag into the mountain, causing it to crack and crumble. Howdy falls, but he is calm as his body is still tied to the rope. But when the rope reaches its end, Howdy is swung and bashed into the mountain wall. Howdy sees he is dangling just a few feet above some pointed rocks. He sighs with relief, but the ledge where the rope is holding breaks, causing Howdy to be impaled on one of the rocks. His flag then falls and impales him in the eye. The rope falls with still tied to the large rock, which finally crushes him.

Just a few inches away, the donkey eats the last piece of Howdy's sandwich and burps.


"Climb to your highest potential, or hit rock bottom!"


  1. Howdy is crushed by a large rock.


  1. (before death) Howdy is smashed into the mountain wall, impaled to a pointy rock, and impaled in the eye by his flag.


  • This is the debut of Howdy.
  • This is the first time a character appears alone (unless you count the donkey).
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