"Movie Night" is a fan-made HTF Break. It also doubles as a (fake) PSA/advertisement.






Bái happens to be the only one in the movie theater. The movie being screened appears to be a gory, horror B-movie involving a giant patchwork teddy bear that violently kills a town's residents. Mom and Baby, both screaming, are running away. Handy appears to have already been pressed into his hard hat. A fleeing Flaky ends up slashed into pieces by the monster's razor sharp claws. Kid, armed with cheap, patchwork sword and shield props, is about to charge towards the monstrous doll, only to get crushed by the monster's foot. Finding this interesting, Bái decides to record it on her iPhone so she can watch it again. An orange-colored message on a light blue background is then shown.

"You wouldn't steal someone's hard work."

After that message, Bái suddenly realizes that an annoyed Splendid (disguised as a security staff) is already standing next to her.


  • Handy is pressed into his hard hat. (in-movie)
  • Flaky is sliced into pieces by the teddy bear monster. (in-movie)
  • Kid is crushed by the teddy bear monster's foot. (in-movie)


  • This short is a recreation of an early scene in "YouTube Copyright School", but with Bái instead of Russell, no one else present in the theater, a different screening, and the lack of voiceover narration. It also adds an additional scene, specifically after the message screen.
  • Outside of the in-movie deaths, no actual deaths occur in this short.
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