Movy, or Movy Disc[1][2] is a fan character who won Waterclam's first Vote or Die.
Movy main
Name: Movy
Gender: Female
Animal: Unknown
Color: Purple
Relatives: TBA
Episode Count: 14
TV Count: 0
TV Appearances: 0
Kill Count: 2
Deaths: 11 (10 from regular episodes)
(1 from Specy Spooktacular)
First Appearance: I'm Mov-ing
First Victim: Mime Music To My Ears
First Death: I'm Mov-ing


She seems to be intrested in anything in form of disc.


She is a light purple animal with a blue belly marking and discs for earrings. On the back of her says "ON DVD" and a sticky note saying "$5.99", which was put on by Pierce in her first episode.







  1. I'm Moving - Dies of blood loss.
  2. Stealing the Contest - Dies in an explosion.
  3. Re:Reporter - Crushed by Doppler.
  4. Voodid It Again - Decapitated when the Flippy doll sliced the Movy doll's head off
  5. Nailed It - Dies of a blood loss
  6. What Will it Cost-ume - Rolls off a cliff and splatters.
  7. Tech-Nophobic - Sucked into a VCR.
  8. Todd's Birthday Day - Dies in explosion.
  9. Cinema Troubles - Cracks her skull.
  10. Just Beat It - Head sliced by music disc.
  11. My Mother, The Star- Electrocuted.


  1. Music to My Ears - Gets bleeding ears.
  2. Flying Disc - Arm sliced off.
  3. Stare Master - Eyes dry up and crack.


  • Mime - 1 ("Music To My Ears")
  • Swindler - 1 ("Stare Master")


  • She won the Vote or Die contest.
  • In only her appearances does Cyclops make a cameo.
  • In Online Jerk she decapitates Dell, but just in a video game, so it doesn't count as an actual kill.
  • She was the first character to have a wiki account.
  • Her full name is a play on Moby Dick.
  • She is beta testing the new "Videos" option on Treebook and is currently doing a series of videos called "Movy's How-To".[2]



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