Mythical Tree Friends is a fanmade series created by FlippyxFlakyalltheway.


  • Cal- A calygreyhound who is a bit stubborn at times and hates being picked on about his appearence
  • Harvy- A harpy who is a bit of an airhead at times and has a tendency of crashing into various objects
  • Kit- A kitsune with a bad attitude, but a good sense of humor
  • Kai- A ki-rin who enjoys poking others with his horn and picking on others, despite his size and age
  • Swimz- A hippocampus that loves to swim (as his name and appearance hint)
  • Jack- A curious, baby jackalope
  • Leon- A chimera who loves scareing others for play
  • Triple Dog Dare- A cerberus with 3 very different personalities, one for each head
  • Hairy- A middle-aged catoblepas who likes to wear his hair differently everyday
  • Jumpy- An enfeild who is rather skeptical and "jumpy", hence his name
  • Oliver- A teenage griffin with a happy-go-lucky attitude
  • Whimper- A scared, wimpy wyvern who is learning how to properly breathe fire
  • Wize- An older, wise hippogriff who can only see out of one eye
  • Lucas- A leucrocuta with sharp, pointy teeth and a fuzzy top of head
  • Parry- A peryton who hates others, also crowds and his one sharp tooth
  • Icey- An ichthyocentaur who runs track and swims in races



  • This spinoff will only be using mythical creatures, as the title hints
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