Neena is one of the main characters in HTFA series. She usually appears along with Tacho. Both of them act as helpers for the main characters. Her creator is Neenagirl2220 from deviantArt.

Character Bio

Neena is a light blue cat that has long brown hair, wears magenta glasses, light blue outfit and blue pants. She often appears alongside Tacho, helping the tree friends in their adventures. She has a crush on Nutty. She hates walking in shoes so she always is on barefoot. She's generally nice to others, be it her friends or her own family. She has a fear on bugs, and dislikes bullies and mean people.

In HTFA series, she often assists the main tree friends in anyway possible, like allowing them to ride on a jet ski to go through water levels. She and Tacho made their first playable role in HTFA Land.


  • She's one of the characters to wear glasses.
  • Whenever Neena appears, Tacho appears as well.
  • Neena has a counterpart villain called Mecha Neena, as shown in HTFA 6.
  • She has a voice similar to Toadette and Sandy Cheeks.
  • Most of the time she appears along with Tacho as NPCs, which assist the tree friends in anyway possible. In HTFA Land, she appears as a playable character for the first time (not counting the jet-ski levels in previous HTFA games).
  • In the Truffles' Video Bomb Competition promo, Neena was seen as one of the fan characters in the video.
  • In the English version, she's voiced by Carolyn Lawrence.


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