New Beavers in Town is a fanon episode of HTF. This episode introduces the beaver siblings Neil, Leaky, and Peaky, as well as Pervy the mouse.

You wouldn't see a plumber undress and have a shower any day. Pervy is quite lucky.





On a mountain, Neil pulls out some wood and his hammer to begin carving a sculpture. Peaky prepares to paint the scenery after a hike. Inside a nearby cabin, Leaky fixes some pipes.

Pervy takes a hike up the mountain and encounters Neil. He takes a look at Neil's business until he is told to go away. Pervy then finds Peaky painting the mountain and gets in the middle of the view, causing Peaky to paint him in. Peaky facepalms at the fact that he must redo his painting. As he does so, Pervy takes a look at the canvas until Peaky pushes him away. In the cabin, Leaky manages to fix the pipes, unaware of Pervy looking at her out a window. She decides to test out the pipes by having a shower. She first removes her hat, then her shoes, then her dungarees, then her shirt, then her vest. Pervy looks on from outside the cabin. As Leaky finally removed her panties and stepped into a shower/bathtub, Pervy's eyes widened and his jaw dropped. Leaky starts to clean herself.

As Pervy runs away, his nose bleeds. Pervy runs past Peaky and causes him to paint the trail of blood in his picture. Pervy eventually bumps into Neil, lodging his chisel through his face. Meanwhile, the pipes inside the cabin burst and water floods the building. Leaky swims to the door and opens it, bringing a flood to the mountain. Peaky looks around to make sure Pervy isn't nearby, but his painting is washed away by the flood, much to his dismay.

Pervy is seen burying Neil's corpse. The flood hits him and a pipe gets forced through his chest. Neil's sculpture, which turns out to be a duck, floats to the surface. Peaky manages to redo his painting, when Pervy's corpse floats to him. Blood squirts out of the pipe in his chest and splashes on the canvas. Peaky hits his face repeatedly in frustration.


  1. Neil is killed by his chisel.
  2. Pervy is impaled by a pipe.
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