Next Time, In Happy Tree Town is the next generation of the Tree Freinds, as invisioned by TON.


It is about the next gen of the canon characters going on secret missions while their parents aren't around. The seem to work for The Pony and Splendid's Super Squad. They all speak the Treeanese, but they also use Morse Code on missions. They are Ichigo, Mimicry, Snuggle, Lilac, Swirl, And Magnificent. They spend time doing normal baby/childish things until they get a mission. They all have the same schedule as they where born around the same time. The ages are in order of their official artwork (The First Picture I Did Of Them). The show is decently cutesy, with some very sweet moments thrown if. But when on missions, they don't go easy on the enimies.

Cub and Panda Baby Are Also In This, But Are Simply Older


[[Re-cuteing]]- The babies are recruted by the organization

Simulation Ruin- The babies are put through a sereis of tests but ruin it by jamming the buttons

Team Omega- The gang encounter the enemy organization

[Gonna Add More When I Think Of Them]



  • This was made to show TON's thoughts on the canon next gen
  • The only parents that are aware of the kids being spies are (obviously) Splendid and The Fox. This will prove to be a problem in future episodes
  • This will be Anime-like
  • This came out around the same time as Happy Tree Fusions, although it happens after in a time line sense. Dispite all that, the first episode of this came out before the first episode of Fusions
  • This is the cannon version of The Sappy New Families
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