Ningyō is a living anime plushie.


Ningyō is a living anime plushie that was made somewhere in Nagoya. By the hands of a mad magician, the plushie was binded with a little girl, which means her body was the plushie now. She was then sought out by collectors and sold around, which she did not like happening to her. When it reached her final owner, Brony, she got her wish of being played with and cuddled. There are often strange occurrences where she will be missing from her original spot and being in front of the TV with anime on or under the bed with a bunch of plushies. Since she has a problem with being ignored, she will eliminate anything cuter than her (Brony's plushies and other living plushies are debatable).


Ningyō is a pastel pink stuffed cat toy with a white sailor cap with a heart on it, pink hair, and an anime sailor costume. She has light blue glass eyes and a pull-back string that plays a song in Japanese. She also has a stitch-line vertically sewn on her head.


  • Brony: This is her owner, who plays with her.

Ningyō's episodes

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  • Sweetitches (Playing Rough)




  • Her costume is loosely based off of Sailor Moon's.
  • Although a plushie, she feels human emotions.
  • Her name in Japanese characters is 人形.
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