Name Nippy
Gender Female
Interests Playing ball, video games
Species Fox
Color cyan
Relatives Unknown
Age Unknown
Size Medium
Friends/Allies Lumpy, Handy, Flippy
Enemies/Rivals Anyone she kills
Love Interests Flippy, Spitfire
Kill Count 16
Death Count 7
First Appearance Sleep Walking on Sunshine
First Victim Buddy (Next-box 360)
First Death Escalator Haters

Nippy is a main character of Happy Tree Friends (fan-made).

Character Bio

Nippy made her debut in, Sleep Walking on Sunshine, and later made her first starring role in Next-box 360.

Judging by a few pictures found as sketches, she is intrested in playing ball and is friends with Lumpy. She seems to have a love interest in Flippy, also flipping-out sometimes.

Nippy's Episodes

Starring Roles

  1. Next-box 360
  2. Birthday Pranks
  3. Nipping Mad

Featuring Roles

  1. We are the Camp-ions
  2. Wise Noises
  3. Driving Problems
  4. Water You Doing?
  5. The Big Save
  6. The Ginger-dread Man
  7. Identity Crisis
  8. Old or New (Part 1)
  9. Old or New (Part 2)

Appearance Roles

  1. Sleep Walking on Sunshine
  2. Escalator Haters
  3. Wild West Side
  4. Flippy and his Twenty
  5. The Bathroom Break
  6. Boogy Wonderland (imagination only)
  7. Flip Cream

Number of Kills

  • Buddy: 1 ("Next-box 360")
  • Hippy: 1 ("Next-box 360")
  • Pranky: 2 ("Birthday Pranks", "The Bathroom Break")
  • Meaty: 1 ("Next-box 360")
  • Flaky: 1 ("We are the Camp-ions")
  • Howdy: 1 ("We are the Camp-ions")
  • Petunia: 1 ("Hide And Seek")
  • Giggles: 1 ("Hide And Seek")
  • Sniffles: 1 ("Hide And Seek")
  • Wooly: 1 ("Driving Problems")
  • Pierce: 1 ("Water You Doing?")
  • Frostbite: 1 ("Flippy and his Twenty")
  • Nutty: 1 ("The Ginger-dread Man")
  • Josh: 1 ("Identity Crisis")
  • Lurky: 1 ("Nipping Mad")
  • Minty: 1 ("Nipping Mad")


  1. Escalator Haters: Sucked into an escalator.
  2. Wild West Side: Sucked into a tornado.
  3. Water You Doing?: Possibly dies when the pool boils up (debatable).
  4. Flippy and his Twenty: Killed and stabbed by Flippy.
  5. The Big Save: Eaten by a shark.
  6. The Ginger-dread Man: Disemboweled.
  7. Flip Cream: Head ripped off.


  1. Nippy has more appearances than starring or featuring roles.
  2. So far, she killed Pranky the most.


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