Cheesy is a patient of Superspeed, the dentist. Cheesy is obviously nervous, but he doesn't seem to mind that Superspeed is reading a dentistry book prior to performing (as well as during) Cheesy's checkup. As Cheesy opens wide, Superspeed comes across a discolored, rotten tooth that needs to be removed.

After improperly injecting novacaine into Cheesy's mouth, Superspeed tries to drill out the tooth. When Superspeed is drilling, the drill's battery goes dead,much to his disappointment. However, Superspeed managed to get a another battery, he attempted several times of place the battery in the drill. Unfortunately, he only succeeds in drilling a hole in the back of Cheesy's throat. Next, Superspeed tries the old fashioned method of tying one end of a string around Cheesy's tooth, and the other end to a doorknob. Superspeed rings a doorbell, and Wooly answers the door, causing Cheesy's jaw to get ripped from his head. Cheesy's rotten tooth is one of only a few teeth that aren't torn out due to this attempt. Before the episode ends, however, the tooth falls out on its own.


  1. There were three endings planned for this episode (including the one that was used) that were drawn up on the storyboard. The first alternative ending involved Superspeed getting into Cheesy's mouth and hitting his teeth out of his mouth using a golf club, whereupon the decayed tooth lands in a golf hole. The second alternative ending involved Superspeed using a car jack in Cheesy's mouth, tearing off the top part of Cheesy's head.
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