Oceanfina (2016)

Made by Liam Company Pictures, in 2016, He created a movie during a Summer. Oceanfina is a started as of The Mascot of Liam Company Pictures. With her friend Grassie, These friends are my property.

I will see you when you don't want this character anymore.


Oceanfina is a Property goes to Liam

To HTF Wiki:

You ruined my mascot either Oceanfina or Grassie or anything Do not take my stuff!

It goes like a PG-13 or a R Level.

It might be a PG-13 rated.

Songs like (Josh Gorban)

to you and all the Fandom of wiki, Oceanfina is a Property of Liam Company Pictures, NOT a Mondo Media. And you need to delete this and my character right now.

take whatever you stole it, Liam.

(C) 2019 Liam Company Pictures.



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