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Octo and Otto are characters of HTFF.


Octo is a purple octopus who being stuck at the head of the blue otter, Otto. Octo also seems covers half of Otto's head and his tentacles tied around Otto's arms and legs. 

Octo and Otto are actually befriend with each other, at least after being stuck together. Octo decided to guides Otto as Otto's eyes are literally covered by Octo himself. Otto's movement also being controlled by Octo with his tentacles. Otto often can move by himself other than being controlled or guided by the octopus.

Octo is actually smart octopus and aware of dangers in the town. He is able to avoid the dangers if he can controls Otto's movement easily. Meanwhile, Otto is a bit stupid otter can be troublesome to Octo himself as he can move by himself without Octo's help and don't even know the dangers. 

Since they can't be easily seperated, Octo having a problem to breathes on the surface for a long time and need to go back to the water to refresh. So, Otto also being dragged into the water, opposite to his problem. Otto's death also brings more problems to Octo, as he forced to moves and controls the dead body. 







  1. Seal of Love - Otto beheaded.
  2. Otto-Matic Hero - Otto is beheaded by Lumpy.
  3. The Whopper Way - Otto's scalp is ripped off, exposing his brain.
  4. Cube Rooting - Otto died from blood lose, Octo is eaten by Gator.
  5. Octophobia - Hit by a Nutty's car.
  6. Down the Strain - Otto is mangled, Octo is eaten.
  7. Over the Chop - Both chopped to pieces.
  8. Aquamaroons - Otto is eaten by the Clams.
  9. From One to Tentacles - Died in explosion.


  1. Otto-matic Hero - Octo is pierced by Lumpy's fish hook.
  2. The Whopper Way - One of Octo's eyelids are impaled.
  3. Cube Rooting - Otto's arm ripped off.
  4. Octophobia - Octo is impaled in the eye with a lollipop stick.
  5. Helping a Pal Out - Both tripped onto the sidewalk.

Kill count


  • Otto - 1 ("Down the Strain")



  • Despite being an otter, Otto is actually can't swim well and Octo can drags him into underwater for a long time.
  • They appearance is likely inspired from Octo Zombie from Plants vs. Zombies series.
  • It's unknown how and why they being stuck together. If Otto even try to free himself from Octo, he would be beheading himself and rips both his arms and legs. They more likely find the way to separate other than harming themselves.
  • Unlike most characters, Octo, as an octopus, his blood appears to be blue instead of red.
  • So far, A Night to Remember: Part 1 and Helping a Pal Out are the only episodes that Octo and Otto survived in one piece.


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