Ode to Ears is a HTF Fanon episode.

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Eary wakes up for the day and looks over to his alarm clock, and is shocked to see its going off, Eary lets out a sigh, rembering his deafness and he turns off the alarm. After getting ready for the day, Eary heads outside and goes for a walk. On his walk, Eary passes by Crazy and Shelly who are playing music. Eary is quickly saddened when he can't hear them and walks away. Soon Eary stumbles upon Sniffles who greets him. Unable to hear him, Eary continues walking.

Confused by this, Sniffles grabs Eary and asks whats wrong. Eary then tells Sniffles he is deaf and can't hear him. Sniffles thinks for a moment and then runs off, dragging Eary with him. Soon both arrive at Sniffles home and Sniffles digs around a pile of scrap. Moments later Sniffles climbs from the pile and heads over to his workstation. Soon Sniffles heads over to Eary and hands him a hearing aid like device. Eary looks confused until Sniffles puts the device in one of his ears and turns it on.

Eary is overcome with glee to hear Sniffles, so he thanks him and runs out. Soon Eary arrives at the park and smiles as he listens to birds sing. Nearby Mime is performing and Eary goes over to him. Mime starts to mime at Eary and Eary is confused, thinking Mimi is really talking but he can't hear him. Eary turns up the sound on his hearing aid and trys to hear Mime again only to hear nothing, soo he turns it up even more, but still nothing so he turns it up all the way.

Unfortunatly nearby is traffic cop Lumpy who blows a whistle at The Mole as he speeds towards him. The sound of the wistle is amplified highly to Eary and it ruptures the blood vessels in his eyes. Eary then stumbles into the street and knocks Lumpy over, making him get hit by The Mole. Lumpy's whistle flys into The Mole's car and shoots through The Mole's head, making him crash into Timber, Handy and Slalom.

The episode ends with Eary ]leaving the hospital with his eyes covered with guaze along with his ears.


  1. Lumpy is ran over by The Mole's car.
  2. The Mole is shot though the head with a whistle.
  3. Timber, Handy and Slalom are hit by The Mole's car.
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