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* The orca is punched to death by Reefer.
* The Orca - Punched to death by Reefer.
* Lumpy bleeds to death.
* Lumpy - Bleeds to death.
* Russell is eaten by piranhas.
* Russell - Was eaten by a pack of piranhas.
* Splendont is punched to death by Reefer.
* Splendont - Punched to death by Reefer.
* Lifty's head is smashed by a mailbox.
* Lifty's - Decapitated by a mailbox.
* Shifty gets run over by a car.
* Shifty - Gets run over by a car.
* Lumpy has his arm ripped off by Reefer by accident.
* Lumpy has his arm ripped off by Reefer by accident.

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"One Punch Shark" is the fifteenth episode of HTFF's season 120.


The episode starts with Russell fishing with Lumpy, but then an orca appears and tries to destroy the boat. Russell starts panicking along with Lumpy, then a shark starts to appear. The orca tries to eat the shark, but the shark starts to grab the orca and punches it which causes the orca to explode and all of its organs fly out of the ocean. Russell and Lumpy are shocked yet happy that they were saved from a shark whose name is Reefer. When Reefer introduces himself, Lumpy offers Reefer a handshake. But after they shake hands, Reefer accidentally rips Lumpy's arm easily without even trying. Lumpy panics as he bleeds to death. Russell is shocked and backs away from Reefer. Before Reefer is about to leave, he accidentally splits the boat in half, which causes the boat to sink. Piranhas come and begin to eat Russell.

When Reefer visits the town, Splendont comes back to earth and tries to beat Splendid again. As Splendid comes back from visiting the mall, he sees Splendont in his house. Splendont punches Splendid all the way to the supermarket, where the latter grabs a street light and hits Splendont with it. Splendont snatches it, heats it, and tries to hit Splendid with it, but Splendid dodges every attack and uses his ice breath to cool the street light down before snatching it and hitting Splendont with it. Splendont grabs a statue and throws it at Splendid. When Splendid grabs a mountain and tries to throw it at Splendont, Splendont quickly catches the mountain and throws it back at Splendid which causes him to lose energy. Splendont lands on the ground and tries to finish off Splendid, but Splendid is rescued by Reefer, shocking Splendont. When Reefer is checking Splendid's condition, Splendont starts to insult Reefer, which makes Reefer annoyed. Reefer immediately punches Splendont to death, shocking everyone in the town, including Splendid himself. Splendid congratulates Reefer for helping him defeat Splendont and wants Reefer to join his SSSSSuper Squad, but Reefer does not really want to, though he can always use him as his assist.

After Splendid flies to his house, Reefer goes to Russell's fast food place (but since Russell was dead, they have a new CEO) and orders fries. Lifty and Shifty knock out a guard and steal a card, then they use it to open the bank safe. After Reefer comes back from the fast food place, he sees Lifty and Shifty running while carrying money. Reefer quickly catches up to them, trying not to kill them. Lifty and Shifty see him, causing them to run away from Reefer. While running, they find a way to outsmart Reefer. They plan to find a hallway, then trip Reefer and finish him by smashing his head with a mailbox. When Lifty and Shifty are executing the plan, Lifty tries to trip Reefer but his leg ends up broken when Reefer walks through, while Shifty trips over with a mailbox and ends up smashing Lifty's head. When Shifty gets up, he sees the mailbox which is on Lifty's smashed head. He gets the money and tries to run away, but Reefer blocked his way to stop him. Shifty steps back but gets tripped by the mailbox, breaking his leg, then a car runs over Shifty, killing him. Reefer is surprised that they were killed instead of simply stopped, but then Reefer walks away as if nothing happened.

The next morning, the mailbox has been fixed and the episode ends with Mole opening it and grabbing Lifty's brain as if it is a special delivery.


  • The Orca - Punched to death by Reefer.
  • Lumpy - Bleeds to death.
  • Russell - Was eaten by a pack of piranhas.
  • Splendont - Punched to death by Reefer.
  • Lifty's - Decapitated by a mailbox.
  • Shifty - Gets run over by a car.


  • Lumpy has his arm ripped off by Reefer by accident.
  • Splendid is punched by Splendont, then hit by a statue and a mountain.
  • Splendont is hit by a street light twice.
  • Lifty has his leg broken by Reefer.
  • Shifty trips, breaking his leg.


  • This is Reefer's debut episode.
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