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Onigiri is a fan character.

Character bio

Onigiri is a gorilla with tan fur, green dots, ears, feet, and hands, green-tan belly, dark green hair, and a dark green apron, meaning she loves cooking.

Onigiri is a tough character that never wants to be talked down to and will kill the person/people who did. As a tough character, she has a tough backstory. At the age of 1, she was kidnapped by someone, then got hurt and stabbed by him. At the age of 12, she finally left during midnight and escaped. She now sometimes appears in episodes that Bushy is in, just spying on him until she goes off-screen, at which point he dies from a trap and her laugh might be heard.

Onigiri often kills characters and mainly does it on purpose due to her hating being messed with, giving her a higher kill count than most characters as she appears a lot in the TV Series but a bit rare in the internet series. She has debuted in season 2 of the TV series and season 128 of the internet series. Out of 54 episodes in total for the season 2 TV series, she has appeared in 49 episodes.

While she rarely dies, she has died in Gordon Onigiri P2 and her deaths usually involve her head, her chest, her intestines, losing air, or some form of heat.

Onigiri loves cooking even though she gets many injuries from it sometimes. She hates anyone who dislikes her food and might kill them. She does not have a nice side and has an account on MySpace that says nothing and she has done nothing with. She is so strong she can crack a big skull. She has depression but tries to hide it. She also has PTSD but it is not like Flippy as she kills people out of anger most of the time.

Onigiri's episodes

Starring roles

Featuring roles




Occupations and careers

1.Cooker on A Stage.



1.Gordon Onigiri: Exploded to Death.

Debatable Deaths




Seen in games



1.Josh's Brain Goes Into her Right eye Then Pulls it out.

Additional Injuries


Kill count

  • Fungus: 1 ("You're a Fat Gummy Bear")
  • Fatty: 1 ("You're a Fat Gummy Bear")
  • Moldy: 1 ("You're a Fat Gummy Bear")
  • Cub: 1 ("Gordon Onigiri P2")
  • Mono: 1 ("Gordon Onigiri P2")
  • Party Freak: 1 (Gordon Onigiri P2")
  • Indy: 1 ("Gordon Onigiri P2")
  • Josh: 1 ("Gordon Onigiri P2")