Open Hearts is special Valentine's Day DVD made by BuckandChuck. It has 9 episodes in all.

Valentines Themed Nicknames

  • BuckandChuck: BuckandChocolate
  • Lord O' Darkness: Love O' Darkness 
  • Mrboy90: MrGetaBoy90, Mrboy meets girl90


  1. Hearts to You: Join The HTF crew as they look for love.
  2. Sweet Loving: Nutty learns that with valentine cards comes candy.
  3. Roses are Dead: Floral looks for her own boyfriend.
  4. One For Sorrow, Two For Love: Mag the shifty magpie becomes smitten with Crafty.
  5. Sweet Woolly Love: Nutty goes on a date with Lammy, but Nutty didn't realise that Lammy has brought Mr. Pickels with her.
  6. Roses are Red, Violence is Due: Flaky goes on a date with Flippy, which makes her nervous.
  7. Stupid Cupid: Lumpy the cupid makes random people fall in love.
  8. Together Again: Handy and Petunia regain feelings for each other, which says something to Josh and Stacy.
  9. Love Is in the Bear: Disco Bear borrows a love charm from Sniffles and attracts the attention of girls. But he finds out there can be too much attention.

​Intro to parts

  • It's time to fall in love with the first part of Open Hearts. First up, fall in love with the HTF crew.  Next, join Nutty as he gets sweet loving. And lastly, Fawn's romance is blooming until her sister arrives.
  • Love is in the air in part two of Open Hearts. First up, Crafty has attracted a male, a sneaky magpie. Next, love is sweet as Nutty goes on a date with Lammy. And finally, Flaky gets shaky when she dates Flippy.
  • Then, love is mixed up as Lumpy becomes the cupid. Then Petunia and Handy regain feelings for each other, angering a certain artist and tailless skunk. And then, Disco Bear comes up with a gimmick to bring all the girls to him.
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