Open Hearts 2 is a DVD containing episodes themed on Valentines' Day. It is a sequel to Open Hearts, thus making it the first holiday miniseries outside Specy Spooktacular to have sequels.

Valentines Nicknames

  • Lord O' Darkness - Love O' Darkness, Lord O' Hearts
  • Purplecupcake1345- Purple Hearts, Cupcake Hearts.
  • Yellow-spider-kitty- Yellow-Sweetheart, I-Should-Have-Brought-You-Flowers
  • Justinsz - Justonekissz, My Szpecial Lil' Szweetheart
  • MMB The Coolest - MMB The Cutest, D.A.D. The Coolest


  1. Love Bugs - Rafie gives Emmy a flower that turns her into a monstrous bug.
  2. Tinder Takes All - Disco Bear discovers Tinder.
  3. Nimy Nimy Never Gets - Nimy gets caught in Funky Skunk's embrace thanks to a love potion made by Sniffles.
  4. Ace of Hearts - Raylan, Number one Valentines Days hater, is shocked to find someone admires her.
  5. "How did the date go?": Vini and Handy go on their first date, Candy makes sure everything goes well. 
  6. Gold One's Hand: Quartz convinces Angie to part with her sphere. Will this be a good idea?
  7. Moment in Time: Sniffles decided to help Bon out to meet his wife once again.
  8. Love Then Hate Relationships: Hexe starts helping out others with their love life, unaware that her supposedly perfect love spell causes murderous hatred after the first couple of hours.
  9. No-Eyed Deer: After Daphne loses her vision, Mix takes full advantage of the situation by dating her.
  10. A Tail of True Love: Brushy takes an interest in a kitsune.
  11. Love Down the River: Floral trying to make Fawn's and Boz's date more fun and interesting.
  12. Mask Our Feelings: After Huggy's facial surgery takes a hideous turn, Emojie falls for a masked stranger at a masquerade ball.
  13. Cat's a Perfect Couple: After Norman and Petty switch brains, Tuna falls for switched normal Norman.



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