Never aware of what will be trapped
inside the ball.
Name Orbis
Gender Male
Interests Dirt, rolling stuff
Species Dung beetle
Color Dark cyan, lime (shell)
Age Teen
Size Small
Kill Count 1
Death Count 1
First Appearance Quiet Noises
First Victim Crunchy (Bugs of War)
First Death Within a Wheelchair

Orbis is a cameo character of HTFF and the loser of HIF VoD.


Orbis is a dark cyan dung beetle who is very ignorant towards his surroundings. Similar to other dung beetles, Orbis owns a hard shell. Orbis's hands or arms are completely different from other regular characters and pretty much like real dung beetle's. Orbis has a black marking on his eyes, giving him an Egyptian appearance.

Orbis, as a dung beetle, really enjoys rolling stuff which is made from dirt or sand. He pretty much only enjoys what he does and doesn't care about his surroundings. He really loves his ball of dirt and often rolls it everywhere he goes. This makes someone not feeling very comfortable when he is around.

Orbis, most of the time, only focuses on his job and his ball, which makes him very ignorant towards his surroundings. He even can't feel something dangerous about to come to him as he only cares about his regular job. If he's aware of it, he will use his ball to save himself or his own shell.

Orbis will keep rolling his dirt until he's pretty satisfied with it, causing some objects (even dangerous ones) and characters to be trapped in his ball. He will not be aware of it until he finishes his job and decides to check it. This makes his ball of dirt actually dangerous to other characters.



  1. Within a Wheelchair - Flattened by a carpet

Kill count



  • Orbis lost to Chirpie in HIF VoD with no votes at all.
  • Orbis is often seen at the desert or hot places, the places where he can do his job.
  • Orbis can use his ball as a shield, a shelter or other uses, but this doesn't make him aware of what's inside his ball until he decides to check it.
  • Orbis's name is actually from a Latin word which means sphere.
  • His Egyptian appearance is likely because his species, scarab beetles, were worshipped by ancient Egyptians.
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