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Otus is an owl.

Name Otus
Gender Male
Interests Flying, working with Savaughn
Species Snowy owl
Color Black and White
Relatives The Owlets, Angela (half-sister)
Size Medium
Friends/Allies Savaughn, Fiora
Enemies/Rivals Ale, Angela, Shepard
Love Interests Great Grey
First Appearance Royal Tree Inn
First Death Royal Tree Inn

Character Bio

Otus is a Snowy Owl. He Lives with his family, Great Grey and The Owlets. He is extremely bad at his job, and has a very low IQ, a score of 0. He once mistook a bomb for a bowl. He will also do anything his kids say, despite Great Grey's Protesting, he will even blow up anything which leads to him getting in trouble and not the Owlets.


  • Otus was the first owl character on the wiki
  • Otus has severe Entomophobia (Fear of Bugs) often screaming on sight of one.