PJ's earlier look

PJ v2.0
A better version of PJ
Name Snowflake
Gender Male
Interests --
Color Blue
Relatives None
Age Unknown
Size Medium
Friends/Allies Superspeed, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Demonpluto X. Smither
Enemies/Rivals Bulky
Kill Count Unknown
Death Count 4
First Victim Unknown
First Death Unknown


PJ is an aqua-blue bear who is usually always seen in his pajamas (hence the name, PJ) and is never seen wearing pants. In his early design, he had a red shirt with the letters "PJ" on it. PJ looks much different then his earlier design. In his new design, he is slightly darker, has mitten hands, pacman eyes, a darker shirt and the PJ logo was removed from his shirt.

Character Bio

PJ is typically a generous character, but was seen trying to kill Bulky in Warriors vs Warriors. Although the age PJ is unknown, it can be assumed he is a child, as he acts very childishly, and often participates in juvenile activities, such as skateboarding and paintball.

Episode List

Starring Roles

  1. Seize The Day
  2. Big and Little Brothers
  3. The Huge Manifestation
  4. Eu Te Ammo

Featuring Roles

  1. A Bit of a Prairie Dog
  2. Ride it Out.,

Appearances Roles

  1. Warriors vs Warriors
  2. Hit the Ground Running


  1. Seize the Day: Dies when Beethoven attempts to rescue him from a seizure.
  2. Big and Little Brothers: Dies in an explosion
  3. Warriors vs Warriors: Bulky may have killed him with a knife
  4. Eu Te Ammo - shot by Perry and knocked against a tree