Parachuting Brothers is 8th episode of HTFF season 111. It marked the long-awaited returns of The Treeless Brothers after a lot of seasons released without them returning


The episode starts with The Treeless Brothers seen from a helicopter piloted by Helie.Helie then instructs them to jump. The Treeless Brothers then jump from the helicopter (while Helie smiling at them and flies away with his helicopter. At the few seconds later of falling. Riro Fox to parachuting first by his stupidly, while Quake Tree and Rabeav still falling without parachuting. Riro Fox smiles at first. But then, he recognizes a plane is behind him and he is too late to dodge it, thus making its wing slices his body in half, kill him. Rabeav and Quake Tree doesn't even notice his death and still smiling. They both then eventually parachutes away from each other. Eventually, Quake Tree manages to reach to the ocean water. Because of his parachuting contest have completed, he congrats himself by waving his hands up. But he is eventually runned over by Lumpy's speed boat, torning and breaking his skull. The next scenes showing Rabeav parachuting to the street of city. Rabeav congrats himself same way as Quake Tree. But is eventually runned over by The Mole's car. Killing him. As the episode ending


  1. Riro Fox is sliced by plane wings
  2. Quake Tree's skull is runned over by Lumpy's speedboat
  3. Rabeav is runned over by The Mole's car


  • This is the first episode which all 3 Treeless Brothers dies in the same episode
  • Following this episode, Riro Fox will always have whiskers on his 2 sides of his face
  • It is unknown why Lumpy didn't notice Quake Tree's presence, this is possible that they are enemies that's why
  • Originally, Quake Tree would have been eaten by the shark rather than have his skull being runned over by Lumpy's speedboat
  • At first when this episode was first written. The helicopter pilot is unknown identifed as a Generic Tree Friend. But later, The helicopter pilot's indetifed now has been changed now as Helie. Thus correctly makes Helie's episode debut
  • This episodes also mark the re-debut of The Treeless Brothers.
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