Peckins is a fan character of HTFF.


Peckins is a woodpecker chick who is the child of Pecky and Peckia. He looks like a typical woodpecker except he has no beak, caused during development inside his egg due to incidents in Woodpecked Husband. His face - instead of a beak - consists of a hole which is used for him to eat and breath with.

Despite his deformity, Pecky and Peckia care a lot about their son. Peckins wants to be able to peck holes for trees like his parents, only to become saddened by his inability to do so. Pecky regularly tries to help his son deal with this problem.

Peckins is also unable to fly like his parents, which is more natural considering his age. He appears to get along with other chick characters such as Hatchy, Plucky and Munchkin.







  1. All Pecked Out - A building falls on him.
  2. Face the Music - Head crushed by window.
  3. Wooden Stiff - Strangled by a possessed doll.
  4. Amber Alert - Breaks his skull.


  • Although beakless, Peckins' face hole can take the shape of a smile or frown depending on his mood.
  • The creator says he long ago had an idea for this character model (first being a noseless anteater), but deemed it useless.
  • Peckins is unable to chew, so his food is blended before feeding.
  • His color scheme is similar to Pecky's.
  • He is the fourth woodpecker character, after Pecky, Peckia and Wintry.
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