Name Peppery
Gender Male
Interests Helping people
Species Armadillo
Color Red
Relatives Bulky (cousin)
possible brother
Age 14
Size Medium
Friends/Allies Superspeed, Robo Star, Trippy, Timber
Enemies/Rivals Unknown
Love Interests Shivers, Pepper (once)
Kill Count 3
Death Count 16
First Appearance Cars and People don't mix
First Victim Timber (Logging On)
First Death Cars and People don't mix

Peppery is a dark red Armadillo. He is a lesser known fan character, and has his own account on the HTF social website. Before Peppery started using Zolrac's HTF Digiter, Peppery was presumably made with pictures of Mime and Giggles, which were recolored and edited. He now looks much more realistic. Peppery is Shivers' boyfriend.

Character Bio

Peppery is a dark red armadillo. He is not as well-known as other fan characters, presumably because of his low episode count.

Peppery is an intelligent character, but does not know what to do to save a life. When it comes down to saving a life, he is similar to Lumpy in that regard. Despite this, he is very kind, and attempts to save others when possible. He is willing to help others when help is needed.


Starring Roles

  1. Cars and People don't mix
  2. Jump For Joy
  3. Logging On
  4. Show You the Ropes
  5. Pass the Pepper

Featuring Roles

  1. Ooga Booga!
  2. Truffles' Revenge
  3. Sleep Walking on Sunshine
  4. Speak of the Daredevil
  5. Final Scare
  6. Rocky Road Rush
  7. Transitional Stages
  8. Mission Implantable
  9. Pukes of Hazard


  1. Wild West Side
  2. Need A Bath?
  3. Sickly the Red-Nosed Muskrat
  4. Dam Building Failure
  5. Greedy Greedy Tree Friends
  6. Spray it Like You Mean it
  7. Armed and Dangerous
  8. Tailure is Not an Option


  1. Cars and People don't mix - Crushed by a TV.
  2. Truffles' Revenge - Blown apart by bullets.
  3. Ooga Booga! - Mauled by a saber-toothed tiger
  4. Sleep Walking on Sunshine - Killed in an explosion
  5. Speak of the Daredevil - Sliced by Gutsy's snowboard
  6. Jump for Joy - Sliced by a telephone wire
  7. Wild West Side - Sucked into a tornado
  8. Need A Bath? - Run over by Flicky's car.
  9. Final Scare - Shot by Cryptie.
  10. Rocky Road Rush - Crushed by Cro-Marmot's ice cream truck.
  11. Greedy Greedy Tree Friends - Ran over by Flippy.
  12. Pass the Pepper - Skinned by Sickly's sneeze.
  13. Spray it Like You Mean it - Sliced by kiosk window shutter. 
  14. Transitional Stages - Squashed by the transition.
  15. Mission Implantable - Sliced apart by power lines.
  16. Pukes of Hazard - Head burnt.

Additional Deaths

  1. The Complete First Season: Stabbed by Ale

Kill Count

  • Timber - 1 ("Logging On")
  • Superspeed - 1 ("Show You the Ropes")
  • Jack - 1 ("Final Scare" as a zombie)


  1. Peppery frequently changes between different tones of dark red when he is in photos on HTF Social.
  2. In the commentary for Car and People don't mix, one of the creators mentioned something about him having a brother.
  3. It is unknown how or why he got his name.
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