Pierce is a fan character of Happy Tree Friends.

Character bio

Pierce is a green-and-black porcupine with a black skull shirt, black-dyed quills on his head and face piercings. He enjoys listening to Rock n' Roll music and going to concerts.

Pierce has a punk-like personality, a short temper, and is somewhat of a slob. He likes to poke people with his quills, fitting enough as some may call him a prick. He is best described as a rebel; he'll try to do what he wants no matter what other people say, even if it means resorting to drastic measures. He can be a jerk most of the time, though his bully-like tendencies decrease later on. 

Pierce may be a thief, as he stole a car in I've Gotta Bandit to You and a water gun in Your Biggest Fan. It was shown in Past Tensed that he became mean to pay back a bully who broke his toy.


Starring roles

  1. Gimmy My Lunch Money
  2. Pierce's Punk Smoochie
  3. Big Bully (Ka-Pow!)
  4. Experimentickle
  5. Puffing Paint
  6. Walking on Eggshells
  7. Milk of the Cow-ard
  8. Your Biggest Fan
  9. Strike!
  10. Best of Brute-ish
  11. Out to Lunch
  12. Mark of Retribution
  13. Locked In
  14. Sleepy-Time's Over
  15. Bully gets Bullied
  16. Pipe Down
  17. Country Rock
  18. Ant-i Bullying
  19. Naughty Bully
  20. Black Eyed Bully
  21. Past Tensed
  22. Smash Hit
  23. Frenemy With a Horn
  24. The Bully Games
  25. Rock of Rages
  26. No Quill to Live
  27. A Friendly Competition
  28. Horrible Pranks
  29. The Phone Thieves
  30. Sleepless Night
  31. Bee Gone
  32. Green Nightmare
  33. Blake's and Nuggy's Bad days
  34. Virus Alert
  35. Spin Fun Knowin' ya (Grimtotem14's version)
  36. The Worst Storm
  37. The cursed iphone
  38. Unwillingly Good
  39. The Elemental Virus
  40. Computer Worm Invasion
  41. Gaming Nightmare
  42. Scammers Gonna Scam II
  43. Frauds and Traps
  44. Reap What You Sow
  45. Blake's Nightmare
  46. Failed Attempt
  47. Not So Incognito
  48. No Internet Day
  49. Paying The Ransom
  50. PC Nightmare
  51. Lost Treasures
  52. Ancient Times and Dimensions

Featuring roles

  1. Bully Out
  2. Pranks for the Memories
  3. Dog Darn It!
  4. Buried Pleasure
  5. Out of Sight, Out of Time (prehistoric version)
  6. Trix are for Kids
  7. Playing Princess
  8. Hawk Attack
  9. You Can't Beach Me
  10. Water You Doing?
  11. Grave Problems
  12. Sight to See
  13. Mistaken Eye-dentity
  14. A Clothes Call
  15. Bust My Chops!
  16. Have Some Class
  17. Food Feud
  18. Taking Care of Fizz-ness
  19. Dawn of the Squash
  20. The Vanishing Act
  21. A Crumby Day
  22. Just For Laughs
  23. Adventures In Babysitting
  24. From Bath to Worse
  25. Slushie the Snowman
  26. Push It to the Limit
  27. Nerds United
  28. The Dark Bird Rises
  29. Crouching Gecko, Hidden Doofus
  30. A Spectacle of Yourself
  31. Gloomy New Year
  32. The Big Three Oh!
  33. Tale of Tails
  34. Blind Sided
  35. Greedy Greedy Tree Friends
  36. Fat Chance
  37. Splitting Sides
  38. That's Nonsense
  39. Read None About It!
  40. What Am I?
  41. Globo-geddon
  42. Allergy Alert
  43. You're Joshing Me
  44. Snore Losers
  45. Maid to Serve
  46. The Point of Friendship
  47. Artful of Frauds
  48. Long Live the Pharaoh
  49. Cut-Off Claws
  50. Rude Feud
  51. Food Fight
  52. Boil and Trouble
  53. Ire for Desire
  54. Zit Scream
  55. Revenge of the Porcupine
  56. Get Humpy
  57. Split End
  58. No Longer a Bully
  59. Armed and Dangerous
  60. Curse You!
  61. Little Chop of Horror
  62. Squeals on the Bus
  63. Face the Music
  64. Bake and Take
  65. This Won't Hurt a Bit
  66. Risen From the Ashes
  67. Call of Pony: Mane Warfare
  68. Shrike Two
  69. Tea on the Mountain
  70. Invasion of The Trojan Horses
  71. Sleepless Night II
  72. Paw And Order
  73. Snow Where You're Going
  74. Math Test from Hell
  75. More Than Words
  76. Winter Magic
  77. Biting Resistance
  78. Just Beak-cause
  79. Let Me Be Your Ears
  80. Sweater Late Than Never
  81. Pain-Ball
  82. Scrapping It Off
  83. Substitute Creature
  84. Prickly Cravings
  85. Nowhere to Run (Part 1/2)
  86. Joker
  87. The HTF Clown Killings
  88. Chirping Out Loud
  89. Evict the Dragon
  90. Long Time, No Sea


  1. Not Yo' Cheese
  2. I've Gotta Bandit to You
  3. Calm Before the Storm
  4. Too much Delays
  5. Imperfect Chemistry
  6. Office-sive
  7. Hole-y Smokes
  8. The Sign of Evil
  9. That's Gonna Costume!
  10. Silent Treatment
  11. Nutty or Nice
  12. Naughty or Naughtier
  13. Scaredy Pine
  14. Rough Raccoons
  15. Big Afro and Big Antlers
  16. Tough Enough?
  17. Crash Course
  18. Cagey Stuff
  19. The Tenacious Ten
  20. That's the Law!
  21. Angry Jerky Pig
  22. Pain Drain
  23. Weasel Stompin' Day
  24. Small Fry
  25. Cub-Napped
  26. Ticket or Leave It
  27. Paws' Claws
  28. On the Other Hand
  29. Stick Your Tongue Out
  30. The Dead Music Go
  31. Bad Luck's Path
  32. Trick or Tweets
  33. Cat and Mouse Stories
  34. If Friends Were Flowers
  35. Martial Pressure

HTF Break Roles

  1. The Punk The Kill
  2. Greeting's From High
  3. Leaves Me Alone
  4. Spitballs Away!
  5. Rocks n' Rollers
  6. Piercing Pain

Love Bites Roles

  1. Ale to the Chief
  2. Bad Romance

Kringle Roles

  1. Kiss Kringle



  1. Gimmy my Lunch Money: Grinded to pieces by The Mole.
  2. Smoochie 1: Crushed/splattered by his punching bag.
  3. Smoochie 2: His head explodes from a microphone screech.
  4. Smoochie 3: Burnt to death.
  5. Bully Out: Shot by Puffy.
  6. Happy Trails: The rocket he is in with Tigger and Dempsey goes to the sun where he dies.
  7. The Punk the Kill: Killed by Torn and Rip
  8. Big Bully: Dies of blood loss when impaled by his own quills.
  9. Dog Darn It!: Killed by Snowie.
  10. Buried Pleasure: Killed by an alligator.
  11. Puffing Paint: Killed by a chainsaw.
  12. I've Gotta Bandit to You: Stomped in the head by a horse.
  13. Trix are for Kids - Smashed by xylophones.
  14. Playing Princess - Skinned by Grunts and dies of blood loss.
  15. Hawk Attack - Decapitated by Hawkeye.
  16. You Can't Beach Me - Drowned by wave.
  17. Water You Doing? - Drowned by Nippy.
  18. Grave Problems - Head sliced off.
  19. Sight to See - Sniffles steps on his head.
  20. Your Biggest Fan - The fan blows him into the door.
  21. Calm Before the Storm - Shredded by plane propeller.
  22. Mistaken Eye-dentity - Crushed by Lumpy.
  23. Out to Lunch - Crushed by Hippy.
  24. Mark of Retribution - Spine kicked out.
  25. A Clothes Call - Eaten by an alligator.
  26. Bust My Chops! - Chopped in half by The Mole.
  27. Too much Delays - Shot in the head.
  28. Ale to the Chief - Shot to death.
  29. Greeting's From High - Knocked into window by Cinnamon.
  30. Locked In - Smashed into a wall by a flying locker door.
  31. Sleepy-Time's Over - Run over by Robo Star.
  32. Leaves Me Alone - Impaled on a stick hidden in a leaf pile.
  33. Bully gets Bullied - Ran over by sir Gron.
  34. Food Feud - Skinned by gum stuck to his quills.
  35. Taking Care of Fizz-ness - Sliced in half by Fizzles' braces.
  36. Dawn of the Squash - Smashed to bits.
  37. Office-sive - Sucked into a photocopier (debatable).
  38. Hole-y Smokes - Killed by the Platypus Aliens
  39. The Vanishing Act - Suffocated/squeezed to death by vaccum.
  40. A Crumby Day - Cut by glass.
  41. Pipe Down - Shot by corks.
  42. Country Rock - Either electrocuted or killed in explosion.
  43. Just For Laughs - Shot by popcorn.
  44. Adventures In Babysitting - Crushed by Lumpy.
  45. From Bath to Worse - Sliced by ladder.
  46. Kiss Kringle - Stabbed by Flippy.
  47. Slushie the Snowman - Smashed by Slushy.
  48. Push It to the Limit - Lollipop pushed through his head.
  49. Naughty Bully - Crushed by Santa's sleigh.
  50. Nerds United - Skin of his legs and waist is ripped off.
  51. The Dark Bird Rises - Crushed by giant robot. 
  52. Black Eyed Bully - Punched through the head by a boxing glove.
  53. Crouching Gecko, Hidden Doofus - Sliced by ninja stars.
  54. A Spectacle of Yourself - Ran over by The Mole.
  55. Gloomy New Year - Possibly dies when the clock tower explodes (debatable).
  56. The Big Three Oh! - Killed by Flippy's bomb.
  57. Tough Enough? - Stabbed by rock.
  58. Tale of Tails - Crushed against tree.
  59. Blind Sided - Accidently skinned.
  60. Crash Course - Ran over by Crash.
  61. Cagey Stuff - Killed by Chain's chainsaw.
  62. Past Tensed - Brain ripped out by claw machine.
  63. Splitting Sides - Mauled by I.D.
  64. Smash Hit - Decapitated by guitar. 
  65. That's Nonsense - Ran over by Savaughn. 
  66. Bad Romance - Vaporized.
  67. Read None About It! - Cut by newspaper.
  68. What Am I? - Suffocates from skunk-like spray.
  69. The Tenacious Ten - Blown up by inflatable raft.
  70. Globo-geddon - Killed in explosion.
  71. Allergy Alert - Killed by glass bottle.
  72. You're Joshing Me - Impaled in the eye.
  73. Snore Losers - Blown up by loud music.
  74. Maid to Serve - Jumps off cliff.
  75. Ant-i Bullying - Disintegrated by burning gasoline.
  76. The Point of Friendship - Impaled by glass shards.
  77. Artful of Frauds - Cut in half by garage door.
  78. Long Live the Pharaoh - Electrocuted by lightning.
  79. Cut-Off Claws - Head cracked.
  80. It's A Bushy Loss - Murdered by Scoopy.
  81. You Sting So Bad - Killed by a killing spell.
  82. Food Fight - Squashed by melon.
  83. Boil and Trouble - Impaled by scissors.
  84. Ire For Desire - Drowns in water spout (not seen but confirmed).
  85. Zit Scream - Burnt by jack-o-lantern fire.
  86. Revenge of the Porcupine - Ran over by Flippy.
  87. Get Humpy - Sliced by a ladder.
  88. Split End - Hit by car.
  89. The Bully Games - Breaks his neck.
  90. Spitballs Away! - Eye melted off.
  91. No Longer a Bully - Ran over by Lumpy.
  92. Rock of Rages - Stapled to death.
  93. Rocks n' Rollers - Sliced by telephone wires.
  94. Curse You! - Face sliced off by guitar string.
  95. Little Chop Of Horror - Sliced by Random.
  96. Cub-Napped - Sliced by ice.
  97. Piercing Pain - Veins and arteries are ripped out of his body.
  98. Sqeals on the Bus - Shredded to death.
  99. Ticket or Leave It - Ran over by Lifty and Shifty.
  100. No Quill to Live - Head pierced from the inside.
  101. Bake and Take - Killed by dough explosion.
  102. This Won't Hurt a Bit - Possibly dies of blood loss or extreme pain (debatable).
  103. Risen From the Ashes - Ran over by Hippy's bike.
  104. Call of Pony: Mane Warfare - Shot multiple times.
  105. Shrike Two - Impaled on narwhal tusk.
  106. Tea o the Mountain - Crashed into aerobatic plane.
  107. The cursed iphone - Shot by a plasma ball.
  108. Paw And Oder - Lifty and Shifty crash their van into him.
  109. Scammers Gonna Scam II - Falls to his death
  110. Reap What You Sow - Hit by lightning
  111. Snow Where You're Going - Beheaded.
  112. Not So Incognito - Hit by a plasma bolt
  113. No Internet Day - Electrocuted
  114. Lost Treasures - Killed by Nova and raised as a ghoul
  115. More Than Words - Face smacked into the bench and has his hand ripped off.
  116. Winter Magic - Burnt to death.
  117. Biting Resistance - Killed by The Clams.
  118. Just Beak-cause - Impaled by Wilt's horns.
  119. Let Me Be Your Ears - Head explodes.
  120. Sweater Late Than Never - Ripped in half.
  121. Pain-Ball - Drowns in the large wave.
  122. Scrapping It Off - Shot by a rubber band.
  123. Trick or Tweets - Nailed to a wall.
  124. Prickly Cravings - Head bashed in.
  125. Nowhere to Run (Part 1/2) - Crushed by anvil.
  126. The HTF Clown Killings - Decapitated by Sanity's knife.
  127. Martial Pressure - Kicked in the mouth by Matoba (debatable).
  128. Chirping Out Loud - Electrocuted.
  129. Evict the Dragon - Burns to death.
  130. Long Time, No Sea - Head gets grilled.


  1. Gimmy my Lunch Money - Cut by coins and bills.
  2. Hawk Attack - Stabbed and dismembered.
  3. Big Bully - Choked by rope and has quills ripped off.
  4. Have Some Class - Cut by paper.
  5. Imperfect Chemistry - Wedgied with his lower skin.
  6. Adventures In Babysitting - Skin of his back is ripped off.
  7. Naughty or Naughtier - Quills ripped off by underwear.
  8. Rough Raccoons - Pierced by his cut off quills.
  9. Frenemy With a Horn - Faints.
  10. Rocks n' Rollers - Hand sliced off (before death).
  11. Piercing Pain - Piercing impales his arm veins.
  12. This Won't Hurt a Bit - Quills plucked out and salt poured in wounds.
  13. Stick Your Tongue Out - Arms ripped off.
  14. Bee Gone - Stung in the face, arms, and stomach
  15. Sleepless Night II - Stung by bees
  16. Math Test from Hell - Passes out from drinking alot of soda.
  17. Substitute Creature - Flattened.
  18. The HTF Clown Killings - Eye shoved out.

Number of Kills

  • Giggles: 1 ("Sleepy-Time's Over")
  • Toothy: 3 ("Best of Brute-ish", "Locked In" along with Flaky, "Risen From the Ashes" along with Renee)
  • Lumpy: 2 ("Best of Brute-ish", "Mistaken Eye-dentity" along with Cuddles)
  • Nutty: 2 ("Sleepy-Time's Over", "Push It to the Limit" along with Handy and Stacy)
  • Sniffles: 2 ("Bully gets Bullied", "The Bully Games")
  • Flaky: 2 ("Your Biggest Fan", "No Quill to Live")
  • Lifty: 1 ("Buried Pleasure" along with the alligator)
  • Howdy: 2 ("Big Bully", "Your Biggest Fan; along with Gutsy")
  • Trippy: 4 ("Puffing Paint", "Strike!", "Best of Brute-ish", "Bully gets Bullied")
  • Hatchy: 2 ("Walking on Eggshells", "Pipe Down" along with McPipes)
  • Minttles: 1 ("Walking on Eggshells")
  • Gutsy: 1 ("Your Biggest Fan")
  • Hippy: 1 ("Best of Brute-ish" along with Bulky)
  • Fungus: 1 ("Sleepy-Time's Over")
  • Crafty: 1 ("Sleepy-Time's Over")
  • Freezy: 1 ("That's Gonna Costume!")
  • Slushie: 1 ("Slushie the Snowman")
  • Hoppy: 1 ("The Tenacious Ten")
  • Bulky: 2 ("The Tenacious Ten", "Just Beak-cause" along with Flynn)
  • Snooty and Cranky: 1 ("Ire For Desire")
  • Ulysses - 1 ("Ire for Desire")
  • Munches - 1 ("Food Fight")
  • Doppler - 1 ("The Bully Games")
  • Jerky -1 ("The Bully Games")
  • Vanilla - 1 ("Squeals on the Bus" along with Mole)
  • Prongs - 1 ("Shrike Two" along with Shrikes)
  • Generic Tree Friends - 1 ("Evict the Dragon" along with Choppy)
  • Others - 1+ (He was responsible with Farty for a huge fire that killed everybody in "Breaking Wind - MarioDude2848's Version")


  • He is similar to Duncan from Total Drama Island.
  • Originally a bully-type character, this aspect of his personality would later decrease to avoid competition with Jerky (while Jerky is a bigger jerk their personas were virtually the same). Instead more episodes would focus on his other aspects. 
  • He seems to have his own theme music (rock music is heard whenever he appears).
  • He usually doesn't seem to care about others' deaths or injuries. Sometimes, he laughs at them.
  • He secretly likes unicorns and rainbows.
  • He has a soft side towards small children (like Cub) and certain animals like puppies and kittens.
  • He does yoga, as shown in his smoochie.
  • He has been to juvie approximately 17 times.
  • His house is first shown in Pranks for the Memories. This is also the first episode where he survives.
  • He is the first victim of Snowie, Hawkeye, Bonny, TrixieFizzles, Chuckles, and Slushie, Pow Pow and Snooty.
  • He will appear in the Ka-Pow spin-off Bros to the Most.
  • Despite his rude and unpleasant nature, he can co-operate with other characters on occasion. An example is in A Clothes Call, where he worked with the others to find Lifty and Shifty (although it didn't work out as he later tried to bully Pranky).
  • Pierce can cry on occasion when things don't go his way, as seen in Strike! and Pierce Makes A Band.
  • He sometimes likes to photocopy his butt, as seen in the Specy Spooktacular episode "Office-sive".
  • As a regular goof, he sometimes appears with normal buck teeth instead of sharp buck teeth.
    • He now has normal buckteeth instead of pointed ones.
  • Most of his deaths involve being skinned or sliced.
  • Pierce shares some similarities to Kanji Tatsumi from Persona 4. They both may be tough punks, but they secretly love cute things.
  • In fan version episodes, he takes a place of Disco Bear.
  • As of No Quill to Live, he is the third character to reach his 100th death, after Josh and Trippy.
  • According to the Tree Friend Comedy Montage, Pierce thinks that Dynamite Hack is heavy metal.
  • As of January 26th 2019, he now wears jeans with a pocket chain, has an extra piercing on his nose (later removed), and a redesigned skull on his shirt.


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