Pigeon Toed is a fanon episode of HTF and the fifth installment of Olympic Hullabalooza. In this episode, things get messy between Wooly and a pigeon.

Who's the bigger bird brain here?





Wooly puts up a statue for the Olympics in front of the stadium. A pigeon perches on top of it and makes a "coo" sound. Wooly believes the pigeon made fun of him, so he talks back to it. A passing-by Mime calls him crazy as he thinks he is arguing with the statue.

After the arguement, the pigeon flies off, leaving poop on the statue. Wooly climbs it and cleans it up. As he does so, the pigeon pecks on the ground. Mistaking it for an insulting gesture, Wooly pecks the ground with it, slurping up a worm. He yells at the pigeon again, and it flies away.

Wooly mockingly waves goodbye to it. As he turns around, he gets covered by a large shadow. He looks in the sky and sees hundreds of pigeons in a huge flock. Wooly runs away as a rain of poop is aimed at him. He runs through a door in the stadium, unnoticed by the sleeping guard Elliott.

In the playing field, Guddles performs a high jump. He runs and balances himself on the long pole. He is interrupted by Wooly running past him, as he knocks over the pole and causes Guddles to split his head in half with the crossbar. Wooly looks around, thinking he is safe. However, he sees the pigeons perched across the top of the stadium, with their rear ends facing the inside. Within moments, the entire stadium is filled with pigeon poop.

Trippy runs toward the doors of the stadium. He opens them up and gets killed by a white blast. A flock of pigeons flies down and starts pecking on Trippy's remains.


"Birds of a feather flock together."


  1. Guddles' head is split in half by the crossbar.
  2. Wooly and numerous generic tree friends are crushed or drowned in the pigeon poop.
  3. Trippy is killed by the blast of poop.


  • The moral is the same one used in the episode All Flocked Up.
  • The Mole was originally in the episode before being replaced by Elliott.

Olympic Rings Watch

  • The rings are seen as a statue by the stadium
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