Pineapple is going on with music but not for long!

Pineapple’s Music Smmochie is a music special.

Idle Animations

Pineapple smiles and waves her tail.

Pineapple stretches her arms and yawns.

Option 1-Piano

Pineapple sees a piano and a stool. She sits on the stool and plays a piano really loud that it hurts her ears, and she dies.

Option 2-Flute

Pineapple takes out a flute and tries to make it sound good, but it’s so loud it hurts her entire body. She also dies.

Option 3-Violin

Pineapple holds a violin and a violin bow. She tried to play on it, but it is so bad it hurts her entire body, leaving her to die.


1. Pineapple dies from the loud piano noise.

2. Pineapple dies from the loud music from the flute.

3. Pineapple dies because she plays a loud piece of music from the violin.


  • Option 1 is similar to Star’s Smoochie.
  • Pineapple’s death from option 2 is similar to Fart Cushion’s one from “Just Think About It”.
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