Gender: Male
Interest(s): Gardening, being left alone, silence, and oceans
Species: Deer
Color: Dull teal
Relatives: None revealed
Age: 25
Size: Average
Friends/Allies: Unnamed green mouse
Enemies/Rivals: Unnamed black eagle, unnamed yellow cat and unnamed red dog
Love Interest(s): None
Kill Count: 2
Deaths: 0 N/A
First Appearance: Black and Blue
First Victim: 2 Pinwheel and Huffy (Mallow and Vervain's characters)
First Death: N/A
Plat is a fictional (in the universe of HTF they're fictional) deer from the show Woodchops, a murder mystery show broadcasted in Happy Tree Town. His name is based off of the flower Platycodon. He's acted by Aster.


Plat has dull teal colored fur and darker colored spots beneath his eyes and even darker spots on his ears and his fringe. He has two antlers on the side of his head that somewhat resemble crab claws as well as a wrapped up arm, implying he lost his arm somehow. He wears a bright teal sweater.


Plat, from what's shown in the scenes he's in, seems to be very timid and antsy, as he's startled easily by the others. Most of the other characters on the show seem to be hostile towards him, but this may be cause it's revealed he killed two members of his group.

Plat is the main target of Rosmarinus's affections and obsessions as she seems to be heavily fixated on him to the point of attempting to stalk Aster and writing several letters to him under an anonymous lettering.

He was inspired and based off of the creator's fictional crush Lawrence from BTD 2, but the creator has attempted to make some changes to the base design to make him a bit different then his source material.

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