"Playing Rough" is the fourteenth episode of HTFF's season 120. Brony debuts in this episode.


Brony is skipping around town when she sees a new Japanese doll in the store window. It seems to cost a bit too much for her wallet, so she rushes to her parents to get some money. She buys it and then comes to Sweetitches to show her the new toy, but leaves it to use the bathroom. Suddenly Ningyo jumps to life and finds out Sweetitches looks cuter than her. Ningyo then jumps up and shanks her, then returning to her original position. Brony comes out of the bathroom only to see Sweetitches dead and her toy exactly the place she left it. Shocked as she was, she takes Ningyo and goes out of the house. Then the episode ends.


  • Sweetitches is shanked.


  • This is the debut episode for Brony and Ningyo.
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